Zoraki R1 (2.5) Blank Revolver Arrives!


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WOW! That was fast shipping from CanadaAmmo.com!!! I ordered my Zoraki R1 (2.5) Blank Revolver on Tuesday the 28th and got it today the 30th! I got my tracking number today expecting it to have an estimated arrival day sometime next week and when I checked it out it said it was already at the post office waiting for me. I don't know exactly where CanadaAmmo.com is located but from my tracking info it looks like they may be located somewhere in Vancouver BC which is very close to where I live.

I will be posting a more thorough review with Video hopefully sometime next week on the Zoraki R1 (2.5) Blank Revolver but for now I wanted to give you my first impressions with a few photos.

The gun comes in a nice box wrapped inside a plastic bag to keep the other accessories from scratching it along the way. Mine was pretty greasy and needed a wipe down and then a re-oil but that's better than dry and rusty any day. Inside the case there is a manual, a cleaning rod and a flare adaptor. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that CanadaAmmo.com gave me a FREE pack of targets (with their marketing on it of course).

The gun looks great and I love the two-tone Satin/Black finish that I selected. Mine had a few tool marks on it but over all it's not bad and I am sure it will get more marks along the way...

The gun is a good size and weight, not huge or not small either. It does not feel cheap and looks more like a real gun than a blank gun. The Canadian Zoraki R1 (2.5) Blank Revolver discharges out of the front of the barrel like my other Zoraki Mod.914 which is always very nice and more realistic.

The Zoraki R1 uses 9mm blanks and can take the standard 9mm P.A.K rounds but they seem a bit loose and may not eject properly. I believe the right ammo to use would be the Crimped Blank 9mm rounds which I do not have. (If anyone knows where I can get some 9mm crimped blanks in Canada please let me know?)

I look forward to shooting this well made Zoraki Blank gun sometime in October amongst the other Halloween explosions...

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