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June Update with New Products from Sig Sauer - Crosman - KWC - Air Venturi - Pocket Shot

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Again I have some new products to show everyone. Some we got a bit of a preview of when I was at SHOT Show 2019 earlier this year but now I have them in my hands to show off and of course will be doing full Table Top and Filed Test for anything new as soon as I can get to them.

Starting with Sig Sauer, they sent me their brand new Sig Sauer P365 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol. This was probably one of my favorite new Air Pistols at SHOT Show simply because it is so small and somehow Sig was able to find a way to put a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the CO2 and BB’s in it. This is one I am really looking forward to testing out in the Indoor Sea Can Airgun Shooting Range.

Another fantastic product is Crosman’s DPMS Full Auto CO2 BB Rifle which was pretty much perfect the first time around. Well at SHOT Show this year Crosman updated it a bit mainly with some cosmetic changes and now is offering the Crosman MPW, a slightly shorter version of the DPMS and now with an AR Compatible Stock for customizing your Crosman’s MPW Full Auto CO2 BB Rifle.

Yet one more item I was drooling over at SHOT Show 2019 where the Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM Air Pistols being offered in GBB Airsoft and CO2 BB models along with 3.8 and 4.5 inch versions. It looks like the GBB Airsoft venisons where first out of the factory and I was able to get them in two styles, the Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM 3.8 GBB Airsoft and Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM 4.5 GBB Airsoft.

So maybe not as exciting… I also take a look at a NBB CO2 BB Makarov from KWC that is pretty basic but is much less expensive and will offer higher FPS and more shots per CO2 being that it is Non-blowback Airgun. It will be interesting to see how it compares performance wise to the KWC Full Blowback CO2 BB version.

Last but also super cool and I know it’s not really as Airgun related but still something I think everyone will be interested in is the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Pouch with D-Loop. I reviewed the Pocket Shot “Slingshot” a while back, this new product allows you to use standard Arrows with their new Arrow Pouch getting around 40 pounds of pull and it comes with a trigger release. By the way the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow system is legals to hunt deer with in most US States, I’m not sure about Canada but perhaps here too?

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Getting the 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport on the Road

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It’s been long time coming but here is the last bit of my journey to get my 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport licensed and on the road! I know not everyone is going to be interested in a motorcycle video since this is an Airgun channel but a lot of people did mention to me that they wanted to know more about my Ducati and how it was all going. Besides even if you have never owned a motorbike they are super cool to look at and listen to :)

In this “Getting the 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport on the Road” YouTube video I go through the final process I need to do to get my Ducati 750ss registered and licensed for road use. This final step requires me to get BC Vehicle Inspection done where an authorized mechanic inspects the vehicle to make sure it complies to all the road use standard in place here in Canada BC.

You may want to go back a few months and see where this all started but for now come along with me and watch and see if I make this happen?

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FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone Review

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You may be asking why a Airgun channel is doing a review of a hand-held microphone. Well part of making good video is also making sure you also record great sounding audio! It doesn't matter how Hi-Def the video is, if you can't hear what I'm saying because the audio is all muffled or drowned out by background sounds then you aren't getting much out of the video.

I have done some other audio product reviews before for similar reasons, I figure some of my viewers and followers may also be interested in making their videos sound better even if it's only a home video. When FiFine approached me a second time to review a product for them I quickly asked if I could review their FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone for those time when I do an interview styled video like at SHOT Show!

In this video review for the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone I show you what comes in the box and also test out the audio quality while making the video. You will hear various samples of audio from three different recording sources in this video. I start the video out using my Sure Lapel mic while I'm showing you around the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone, then I briefly switch over to my camera audio and then I finish with the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone to see how it sounds.

Here are some of the key features and specification for the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone:


  • Dynamic Mic with Cardioid pickup pattern. Uni-directional pattern & fine-tuned integrated circuit ensure optimal background noise rejection.

  • Frequency response 50-18KHz guarantees clarity of your vocals.

  • Metal construction.

  • USB 2.0 receiver with headphone jack serves as an external sound card for audio output and monitor.

  • Works on Mac, PC, Chromebook, (iOS and Android devices - Require adaptor).

  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency 565-584 MHz) gets longer range and more powerful signal than Bluetooth up to 80 feet away even with obstacles.

  • 20 selectable frequency channels ensures no problems with interference.

  • Easy-to-read LCD screen to indicate battery life and frequency channel.

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New Italian Addition to the Sea Can Airgun Shooting Range

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Since the new home for my Italian addition to the Sea Can Indoor Airgun Shooting Ranges is now situated in my gun range area, I figure you are going to see it beside my airgun target and start asking me about it. So I figured I would make a video all about it and let you know before hand. I do plan on moving the new addition to its permanent home in my garage but while I’m doing a bit of initial work on it and since my garage is in need of some reorganizing, it will have to stay in the sea can for now…

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1:4 Scale Mini Replica Guns Now in the Replica Airguns Store

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A while back I did review of the 1/4 Scale Mini Replica Guns distributed by Goat Guns. Goat Guns sent them to me for review and at the time we where not selling them in our Replica Airguns Store. Recently we got some of our own 1/4 Scale Mini Replica Guns that I would say are pretty much exactly the same as the Goat Gun Line but with different packaging since they are not distributed by Goat Guns.

The good news is you can get the same product from us now in our Canada and US Replica Airguns Stores! And ours are even pre-assembled for you but if you like you can take them apart similarly to a real gun.

These 1/4 Scale Mini Replica Guns are made out of a lot of metal where you wound find it on the real steel counterpart and most parts operate the same too like removable magazines, working triggers and safety’s, Even the dust covers on the M4’s open when you charge the mini gun!

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DJI Spark Fly More Combo Unboxing Video

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What? Another Drone? Is Replica Airguns becoming a drone review channel... No I am not going to be reviewing drones as a habit but I did decide to upgrade my Yuneec Breeze 4K to a DJI Spark for a number of reasons.

Reason number one it's a DJI and they simply make some of the best Drones you can buy for the money. The main reason I ultimately went with the DJI Spark is because it just takes better quality 1080p Video which is what I'm after. It does this because it has a dedicated 2 axis mechanical gimbal that smoothes out the video even before the internal stabilization gets to it and make the video look even smoother so the end video output is incredibly smooth!

Some other reasons I feel the DJI Spark Fly More Combo was a better option for me are: It's super small, it was not really a lot more expensive, it has better tracking technology and can even understand hand and arm gestures for flying without even using a remote of any kind. The DJI Spark can fly faster and much farther than the Yuneec Breeze and has a little bit better battery run time.

In this DJI Spark Fly More Combo Unboxing Video I open the box for the first time and take a look at what you get inside. I had not flown the DJI Spark or even checked it out yet so everything is new to me and I am seeing it first hand and for the first time. I can say it is way smaller than I thought it was going to be. Look forward to some cool drone video on the channel in some of my upcoming videos...

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New Toys for Even Better Future Videos!

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What some of you may not think about is all the stuff that goes behind the scenes when a YouTube video is being made. It's a lot more than simply grabbing a camera and saying what's on your mind although that can work sometimes.

Most of the time multiple cameras are used, tripods and special lighting are important and even how you record the audio source can make a huge difference as to the sound and what people hear in your final video.

With all that said I am always looking for a new way to help me out with the quality of my video recording and production. How can I make things look better or more interesting, how can I improve the sound quality and clarity of my videos?

Well today I show you two new products I picked up that I feel will help me out in these areas. First in the audio department I show you my new Wireless Headset/Lapel Mic system from a company called FiFine Technology. They actually sent me their FiFine Wireless Headset and Lapel Mic for free so thanks a lot for that! My plan is to use the FiFine Wireless Headset and Lapel Mic to record the audio portion of my videos rather than the built in mic in my camera since I will get less room noise and better direct voice audio recording. I think it will also be useful when doing outside shooting videos to get super clear audio with less outside noise at all times. For this testing I simply connected the FiFine Wireless Headset and Lapel Mic to my Samsung Android phone using a USB adaptor, the same can be done suing an iPhone.

Moving on now to a new video product, I have been wanting to get a Drone to capture more interesting video that I can shoot from multiple viewing angles and also be able to have a moving camera while I shoot outdoors videos. The problem is they can be kind of expensive for anything decent, because of this, so far I have not been able to justify bitting the  bullet and buying a drone. That was until I saw a great deal on the Yuneec Breeze 4k Selfie Drone at my local Best buy for half price ($249 CAN) What a deal!

Anyways, watch me fumble around while I try to figure things out with my Yuneec Breeze 4k Selfie Drone for the first time, there is always a learning curve when you get something new but I do hope to be able to utilize both of these new products in upcoming videos for everyone.

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Pocket Shot Slingshot Field Test Shooting Review

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I've already made a Table Top Video Review for the Pocket Shot Slingshot so make sure to check that video review out for details on the product and some nice closeup video.

I have been wanting to get outside and test out the Pocket Shot Slingshot since I was not confident in my skills and didn't want to shoot inside the See Can Indoor Shooting Range. Well today was the day and the weather was pretty much perfect, just a little bit overcast but still warm enough for some shorts and a light shirt, my kind of weather!

The overcast lighting helped me get some good Chronograph FPS readings for the 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch Steel Ball ammo I was using for my testing. The 1/4 inch Steel Ball was around 16 grain and I was able to get an FPS reading of around 270 feet per second, this gave me a foot pound energy of 2.66 foot pounds using the 1/4 inch Steel Ammo.

Stepping up to the heavier 3/8 inch Steel Ball Ammo, the FPS did drop a bit down to about 244 feet per second. Since the 3/8 inch Steel Ball are heavier at almost 55 grain, the Foot Pound energy went up to just over 7 foot pounds so more than double the energy of the 1/4 inch Steel Ball.

In terms of accuracy, shooting any Slingshot setup is going to come down mainly to the person using it and I am by no means an avid Slingshot user. That said I was able to hit several of the targets I setup about 20-25 feet away with my Pocket Shot Slingshot, some as small as a few inches in diameter so I was pleased with myself for at least hitting something on camera for you all :)

Let me know what you all think of the Pocket Shot Slingshots...

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Goat Guns Replica Mini Model Guns Review

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Todays Video Review is really something different from Replica Airguns but I felt that it might be something that our viewers and customers would find interesting and perhaps consider picking up something like this for themselves down the road? So make sure to let me know what you think and if I get enough positive feedback I'll take a look at getting some of these mini replica rifles in our online store.

The product I am reviewing today are there 1/3 scale replica rifles from Goat Guns. The M4A1, the AK47 and the Tommy Gun. They are non-firing highly detailed mini versions of the real steel guns they are models of. You even build them nearly the same since they come in a kit. All the metal parts you would find on the real steel version are metal in the Goat Guns replicas. You will even find working bolts and triggers, removable magazines, adjustable sights and they even include three small metals bullets you can load into the magazine.

If you're a gun person I'm pretty sure you will die these highly detailed miniature non-firing replica rifles from Goat Guns and the price is really not that bad considering what you get, only about $30-$40 US.

We carry several similar models in our Replica Airguns Canada Store:

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The Best Way to Hold Your Airgun

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I made a similar video about how to hold your airgun a while back but sometimes they get a bit buried in all the video I make. I feel it's really important how you grip your gun even if it's only an airgun with very little kick or recoil. Proper pistol grip is something you should use no matter what so that you can carry it forward to what ever gun you are shooting.

More kick or recoil means a firmer grip is required to hold the gun so when shooting a powder burner with lots of kick grip becomes even more important.

In this video I go over the proper two handed grip to use when holding a pistol, which hand to hold lose and which had to grip tight, how to overlap your fingers and thumbs.

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Pocket Shot Slingshot Table Top Review

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This is not a BB Gun Review or an Airsoft Gun review or a Pellet Gun review or a Blank Gun review or even an Accessory review? Heck it's not even a Nerf Gun review and I have even done that on this channel :)

What we have here is my first ever Sling Shot based review and even that is not the best description for the Pocket Shot but it's about as close as I can get and really the only product I can compare to the Pocket Shot is a Slingshot. Spoiler alert I think the Pocket Shot kicks but on most traditional Slingshot designs.

I did want to thank the team over at Pocket Shot for supplying me with their Pocket Shot and Pocket Hammer Grip for review, hopefully we can even bring this updated Slingshot design to our Replica Airguns Online Store.

What makes the Pocket Shot different than a standard Slingshot. Mainly the Pocket Shot utilizes a rubber stretchy cup or pouch rather than standard rubber tubes used on Slingshots. The benefit to the Power Shot design is that it is way more compact and much easier and quicker to load since you simply drop your ammo into the cup, pull back and release. So no having to place your ammo into a small pouch with each shot. The Pocket Shot is also more powerful than most Slingshots on the market, you can expect to get up to 350 fps using a Pocket Shot as compared to apron 200 fps from a Slingshot.

Pocket Shot also sent me out there Pocket Hammer Handle that allows the regular Pocket Shot to convert into a more traditional Slingshot grip system. This setup adds a little bit more bulk to the Pocket Shot but allows for a much easier draw.

Another huge advantage to the Pocket Shot is the ability to even shoot arrows by simply adding on their Whisker Biscuit Cap. Make sure to checkout the Pocket Shot website for more info and of course watch my Table Top Review for the Pocket Shot Slingshot. I will be making a Shooting video in the near future.


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Whistler BC Mountain Biking 360 Video

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I was away in Whistler BC for the last few days with my friend Steve doing some mountain biking before the weather turns cold. We stayed pretty close to the village but found some great single-track trails with a nice variety of terrain to get a great workout in and have a lot of fun riding.

I captured a few moments with my Samsung Gear 360 Video Camera to share my mountain biking experience with everyone. I did bail once pretty good but fortunately I was not wearing my Samsung Gear 360 at the time or it could have been damaged pretty good!

Here are some links to the rides we went on:

Gear used to make this video:

  • Samsung Gear 360 Video Camera.
  • Gear 360 Video Stitching Software for Import from camera.
  • ScreenFlow for Mac Video Editing Software for editing video.
  • Spatial Media Metadata Injector to add 360 video metadata.
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Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Full Review

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Type: Nerf Gun.
Manufacturer: Nerf Hasbro
Model: Rival Zeus MXV-1200.
Materials: Mostly plastic build.
Weight: About 3 pounds with batteries installed.
Ages: 14+ (My son is 10 and he is more than OK with this gun!)
Propulsion: Electric flywheel 6x C batteries.
Action: Semi auto.
Ammunition Type: Nerf High-impact round balls.
Ammunition Capacity: 12 round tube magazine.
Max FPS: 100.

Trigger Pull: The trigger on the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is a little long and requires a firm trigger finger but it is not overly heavy. When you press the trigger it allows a Nerf High-impact round ball to advance into the motorized spinning flywheel area where the ball is accelerated and shot out of the inline barrel .

Accuracy: Keep in mind the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is designed as a fun in home battle gun so long range accuracy is not really that important. At up to 30 feet or so you shoudl have no problem hitting a person sized target. The Nerf High-impact round balls do come out the the barrel with a fair amount of spin so some random hooking can happen, usually the spin is more of a backspin that helps keep the ammo targeting in a more linear trajectory.

Build Quality: The Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 like most Nerf guns is built to take a fair bit of a beating since the target audience has mainly been kids and we know they are rarely careful with anything ;) The Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is mainly plastic but as I mentioned it is high quality and so far has held up well to usage. Fit is good with all interchangeable parts working well and the finish has stayed pretty much pristine!

Realism: Nerf guns are not made to be too realistic since they are meant to be toys and not look too closely like a real gun, hence the brightly colored plastic and more futuristic design. I do like the addition of Picatinny styled rails in several locations where one can add accessories like magazine clips, red dots or even a tactical light or laser sight.


  • Not as extreme as a Paintball gun but a little more intense than a standard Nerf gun.

  • Good build quality overall.

  • Easy to quickly swap out a fresh 12 rode tube magazine.

  • Flip up sights

  • Picatinny raise for adding accessories.

  • Decent power and accuracy for a Nerf style gun.

  • Semit auto action for fast follow up shots.


  • Will use up batteries pretty quickly.

  • Flywheel will slow down when shooting close together semi auto shots.

  • Loading magazines does take some getting use to.

The Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is a great option for pretty much anyone looking for a fun battle gun you can use indoors in your home with no worries about breaking windows or messing up your house. not to mention leaving west all over your body! The Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is going to be a bit more extreme than a standard Nerf gun for sure but way more toned down compares to a paintball gun or even an airsoft gun so if you want some good old rainy day indoor fun then checkout the Nerf Rival line of Nerf guns.

My YouTube Table Top Full  Review for the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200:

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Why is an Air Rifle Better for Pest Control Than an Air Pistol?

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Generally speaking a longer barrel is going to allow for more power. If you compare most CO2 pellet pistols to CO2 Pellet Rifles, you will find that the CO2 Pellet Pistol will generally shoot about 300-400 fps using a standard lead Pellet. On the other hand many CO2 Pellet Rifles can get up to as high as 600 fps which is much better speed for humanly shooting some smaller pests.

If you are talking about Springer or Variable Pump Air Pistols versus their Air Rifle counterparts, again the Air rifles will generally shoot with much more power. I have seen some none CO2 Air Pistols shoot up into the 500-600 fps range but again compered to none CO2 Air Rifles, they can even double these numbers.

Some of you may ask about Steel BB Pistols and Rifles. I personally would never really sue this type of ammunition for pest control simply because most BB Rifles have much less raw power than Pellet Rifles and steel BB’s will not be as accurate at any type of longer distance.

When holding any rifle from the shoulder, you have three point of contact with your body spread out in a much longer distance than a two handed pistol grip. Holding steady even without a rested position is much easier using a rifle. Even when using a rested position, the rifle will more stable.

A big factor in accuracy is stability but there are also other factors to consider. Barrel length its self does not make the gun more accurate, you only need a few inches of barrel length to get constant accurate results from a gun. What makes longer barreled guns more accurate is the distance between the rear and front sight. The closer the sights are together, the more margin for error there is, the longer you spread out the sights from each other, the more accurate the sighting system becomes.

Overall More Humain:
When you consider Air Rifles tend to have higher power, better accuracy and overall more consistency than shorter barreled Air Pistols. The logical choice for humanly shooting a Pest is to use the Air Rifle. The last thing you want to do is make any animal suffer, even if it has been causing a lot of havoc around your home or farm or place of business.

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Daisy Powerline 400 BB Pistol - SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol - Stun Baton Flashlight Preview

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I try and make it to my local gun show which is held in Chilliwack BC about this time each year. It is put on by the Historical Arms Collectors Society of BC and there are generally a lot of used long guns (rifles) some pistols, lots of accessories, knives, hunting gear, knick·knacks and even some antique items. I tend to be looking for airguns or blank guns that are rare or a good deal.

This year I came across a few items that caught my eye. The first item was a Daisy replica 4.5mm BB pistol, I am not a big fan of Daisy replica gun in general as they are usually a far cry from the originals but this Daisy Powerline Model 400 was actually a really good copy of a Desert Eagle in size and looks. Sure it had a lot of plastic in it but it was made in Japan and even being around 20 years olds was holding up really well. This Daisy Powerline 400 even had Blowback which back then was not all that common.

The Daisy Powerline 400 BB Desert Eagle has a 20 round removable magazine that fits along the top of the barrel and it has a claimed fps. It is almost all high grade plastic with the exception of the single action only trigger, safety, hammer, barrel and several internal parts.

The next interesting item I found was a little compact 8mm blank shooter originally made in West Germany. So this blank gun is close to 30 years old. The SM Model 110 8mm Blank Pistol kind of reminds me of my EKOL Tuna in terms of size and functionality since both have the same half slide and magazine release system.

The SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol is front venting and pretty much all metal with reinforced steel areas, it has a 5 round single stack magazine and shoots in single action only.

My last purchase for this show was a new item, here in Canada we generally are not allowed much in the way of items specifically labeled for self defense. There are some work arounds for instance we can carry a knife as long as it is not concealed entirely and we only intend to use it as a tool. We can also carry pepper spray again only for use on animals. Generally speaking we have not been allowed stun guns or tasers here in Canada and even importing them can land you in a lot of trouble! Again it seems a work around has been made, as long as the Stun Gun or Taser is at least 480mm in length then it is not considered a concealable weapon and as long as you have it out on display and only intend to use it on animals that may be a threat to you then all is good :)

The Stun Gun I purchased is basically a baton with a flashlight on the front and a 1 million volt taser on the front of it. You have several options with this device if harm is eminent. You can try blinding the threat with the built in flashlight which is not all that powerful but good for finding your way in dark areas, you can give the attacker a whack with the baton baseball bat style and if none of that is working well let em have the 1 million volt sandwich! We should be getting some of these Stun Baton Flashlights in our Canada Replica Airguns Store at some point so stay posted for that item.

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SHOT Show 2016 - ASG Airbow Interview

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In this 2016 SHOT Show Interview I talk with Chip Hunnucutt from Crosman Corporation. Chip was eager to show off Crosman's new Airbow which is a essentially a hybrid PCP Air Rifles combined with a Crossbow. SO take away the bow and replace the power source with a 3000 PSI compressed air system that is capable of shooting standard archery arrows at 450 fps with 160 foot pounds of energy using 375 grain arrows.

The Crosman Airbow on a full 3000 PSI charge can deliver 8 consecutive shots @ the regulated 450 fps. The Airbow also weighs in at 7 pounds and being that it is a Bullpup design it is only 33.5 inches long so nice and compact for an arrow shooter.

Since the power is generated by the PCP compressed air system there is no heavy cocking rope so a simple lift of the ambidextrous cocking bolt is all that is needed to charge the Crosman Airbow. The Airbow also comes standard with a CenterPoint® 6x40 mm scope specially designed with the Airbow in mind.

Since the Crosman Airbow is technically an under 500 fps airgun, it should be considered an uncontrolled firearm here in Canada which means no PAL license will be required to buy and own the Crosman Airbow in Canada. In terms of using the Airbow for hunting as it is not a bow but rather an Airgun, that is yet to be determined here in Canada.

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Top 10 Most Common Airgun Questions and Discussions

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What is an Uncontrolled Firearm in Canada?


This Article and Video expresses my views and opinions on this matter and should not be taken as legal advice.

Main points covered:

  • Uncontrolled Firearms do not require a Firearms License within Canada to own and operate.
  • What is an Uncontrolled Airgun and Airsoft Gun?
  • What is an Uncontrolled Blank Gun / Starter Pistols?
  • What about Fully Automatic Airguns and Airsoft Guns?
  • What about Replica Guns?

NOTE: Controlled Firearms require a POL (Possession Only License) , PAL (Possession Acquisition License) or R-PAL (Restricted Possession Acquisition License) within Canada to own and operate. 


Firearm – a barreled weapon from which any shot, bullet, or other projectile can be discharged and that is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death to a person, and includes any frame or receiver of such a barreled weapon and anything that can be adapted for use as a firearm.

“Uncontrolled” firearms are those devices that, although falling within the definition of a firearm in the Criminal Code, are exempt from specific legal requirements of the Firearms Act and its regulations, as well as from other legislative provisions. “Uncontrolled” firearms should not be subdivided into any of the non-restricted, restricted, or prohibited classes. The following types of firearms are deemed “uncontrolled”:

Flare, blank, rivet and industrial guns: Any device that is designed exclusively for signaling, for notifying of distress, or for firing blank cartridges or for firing stud cartridges, explosive-driven rivets or other industrial projectiles, provided that the importer intends to use it only for the purpose for which it is designed.

NOTE: (Toy guns and starter pistols do not generally qualify as firearms. However, some toy or model guns and starter pistols may be designed with very realistic mechanisms or appearances (e.g., color, size, scale, translucency) and resembling a real make and model of a firearm. In such cases, they may be considered replica firearms even if they are made of plastic, die cast zinc, or other material.)

Low muzzle velocity/energy guns: Any barreled weapon that is not designed or adapted to discharge projectiles at a muzzle velocity exceeding 152.4 meters per second (500 feet per second) and at a muzzle energy exceeding 5.7 Joules, or to discharge projectiles that are designed or adapted to attain a velocity exceeding 152.4 meters per second (500 feet per second) and an energy exceeding 5.7 Joules. Both thresholds of 152.4 mps and 5.7 Joules must be exceeded for the firearm to be considered “controlled”. This requirement exempts firearms that fire below the threshold velocity with a standard projectile, but exceed the threshold velocity when fired with a high-velocity projectile. 

Airsoft guns and certain types of paintball guns or markers may qualify as a replica firearm, if the muzzle velocity of the projectile does not cause serious bodily harm and their external features are clearly designed to resemble a specific and readily identifiable make and model of a firearm. To be considered a firearm, within the meaning of the Criminal Code, an airsoft gun must have a muzzle velocity in excess of 111.6 meters per second (366 feet per second).

NOTE: This memorandum used to state when using a .20 gram BB but does not specify this BB weight anymore?

 NOTE: The term air gun is a colloquial term referring to BB or pellet guns. Such guns operate either as spring- powered, gas-powered, or electrically powered. If the muzzle velocity of the air gun is less than 152.4 mps (500 fps)/5.7 joules but still able to cause serious bodily injury to a person, it may be considered an “uncontrolled” firearm. Airsoft guns and certain types of paintball guns may qualify as a replica firearm (see paragraph 49 of this memorandum).

Replica firearms:

“Replica firearm” is defined as any device that is designed or intended to exactly resemble, or to resemble with near precision, a firearm, and that itself is not a firearm, but does not include any such device that is designed or intended to exactly resemble, or to resemble with near precision, an antique firearm.

For a device to be a replica firearm it must meet all three requirements: 

  • (a) it cannot be a firearm, meaning it does not discharge a projectile with sufficient energy to cause serious bodily injury or death to a person. If the device is a firearm, then it cannot be a replica firearm (and vice versa);
  • (b) it must resemble exactly, or with near precision, a real existing firearm of an identifiable make and model. With respect to visual examination, note that the maximum observing distance is one at which the equivalent make and model of the firearm can be identified. This distance will vary from one firearm make to the next. For example: A Luger pistol has a very distinctive silhouette as compared to other makes and is therefore more readily identified from further away. The examination of the object is something more than casual, but less than detailed. The device does not need to be so close that markings are identifiable; and
  • (c) it cannot be designed or intended to exactly resemble, or to resemble with near precision, an antique firearm. 

RCMP Website "Air Guns"

1. Air guns that are "Controlled" Firearms for purposes of both the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code

These are air guns with both a high muzzle velocity (greater than 152.4 meters or 500 feet per second) and a high muzzle energy (greater than 5.7 joules or 4.2 foot-pounds). The "muzzle velocity" is the speed of a projectile at the instant it leaves the muzzle of a gun, normally expressed in meters per second or feet per second. The "muzzle energy" is the energy of a projectile at the instant it leaves the muzzle of a gun, expressed in joules or foot-pounds. Air guns need to meet both standards to be classified as "Controlled" firearms for purposes of the Firearms Act.

These high-powered air guns are subject to the same license and registration requirements as a conventional "Controlled" firearm. Owners and users are also required to store, transport, display and handle them safely in accordance with the regulations supporting the Firearms Act.

Usually, the manufacturer's specifications are used to determine what muzzle velocity and muzzle energy an air gun was designed to have. This information may be available in the user's manual or on the manufacturer's website. If the information is not available, individuals can call the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) at 1-800-731-4000 and ask to speak to a firearm technician to find out if the air gun is considered to be a firearm for purposes of the Firearms Act.

High-powered air rifles are generally classified as non-restricted firearms. However, the classification depends on the exact design of the air gun. Air rifles manufactured to resemble an assault rifle could be non-restricted, restricted or prohibited depending on the exact model imitated. High-powered air rifles would also be prohibited firearms if fully automatic or if they have a sawed-off barrel. They could also be restricted firearms if they have a folding stock that reduces the overall length to less than 660mm. 

Additional thought on this subject: Even though Uncontrolled Firearms are not governed by the same laws that apply to Controlled Firearms within the Firearms act and do not need to be handled or stored similar in the same way you are required to handle, transport and store a Controlled Firearm, we need to treat our Uncontrolled Airguns, Airsoft Guns and Blank guns with care and go over and above what is expected when had handle, transport and store them.

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Pivothead Recon True Point-of-View HD Video Glasses Review

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I get asked about what cameras I use fairly often so a while back I made a video showing some of the cameras I used at that time. Since that video was made I have been using a newer pair of "HD Camera Glasses" called Pivothead Recons' which I really like and are very good quality and are perfect for that first person video camera angle.

In this video review, I show you around my pair of Pivothead Recon 1080p HD Camera Glasses and include some footage taken with them. I talk a bit about the specifications but have included the below specs right off of Pivothead's website to make sure it all gets covered:

OPTICS 4 ELEMENT GLASS LENS Largan Glass Camera Lens
  FOCUS Recon'sContinuosFocus | Auto Focus: 4”- | Fixed focus: 2.8’ – | Macro 4”- 28”
  FIELD OF VIEW 75 Degrees
VIDEO RESOLUTION 1080p@30fps | 720p@60fps | 720p@30fps
  EXPOSURE Auto | Bright | Dim
  VIDEO OPTIONAL SETTING Black & White | Face Tracking | Time/Date Stamp
  BURST OPTIONS 16 Shot Stills | 10 Shot Stills | 5 Shot Stills | 3 Shot Stills
  TIME LAPSE OPTION 1 Shot/1s | 1 Shot/30s | 4 Shots/8s
    4 Shots/30s | 10 Shots/30s | 5 Shots/60s
  FOCUS Auto | Macro
  EXPOSURE Auto | Bright | Dim
  ISO Auto | 200 | 800 | 1600
  PHOTO OPTIONAL SETTING Black & White | Face Tracking | Time/Date Stamp
INTERFACE USB CABLE USB 2.0 Cable for Charging and Data Transfer
POWER RECHARGEABLE Rechargeable 3.7VLi-Polymer/440mAh
  DC POWER USB power via Micro USB, 5V DC 500mA
PRE SET MODES   Active | Action Sport | Power Save
    Spectator | Hands On (Macro) | Social | Black & White

Make sure to watch my YouTube Video Review of the Pivothead Recon HD Video Glasses:

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