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Replica Airguns Silent Auction of Hard to Get Canada Blank Guns

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I have some harder to get here in Canada Blank Guns that I am selling from my personal collection by way off Silent Auction. These Blank Guns are more for the Canadian collector and perhaps not so much for the first time buyer. I would recommend for the first time Blank Gun buyer that you checkout our selection off brand new ROHM Blank Guns that we sell in our Canada Replica Airguns Store so check those ROHM Blank Guns out as they are excellent German made Blank Guns in a variety of styles.

Getting back to the Blank Guns in my personal collection. They are all previously owned, most only test fired once for review. Below is a listing of the Blank Guns I am offering in this Silent Auction with what I feel is there approximate value:

Here is how the silent action system works… First of all I will only be shipping these guns within Canada to a Canadian addresses and all funds are in Canadian Funds. You will need to email me and let me know which Blank Gun or Blank Guns you are interested in bidding on and let me know what your best price is. In approximately a weeks time when I feel enough offers have come in, I will then contact the winning bidder and give them 24 hours to pay up. If they do not pay me the amount they offered within the 24 hours I will then move on to the next highest bidder.

If you are bidding on more than one gun then I will take this into consideration since collecting money and shipping product to one buyer is easier than multiple buyers so this will help you with your offer.

I also will be charging $20 for shipping per gun, if you are buying multiple guns then I will discount the shipping a little bit so I will not charge you $20 per gun.

Email me here:

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Which is Better - Plastic or Metal Airguns?

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We often think that something that is more expensive and perhaps built with what we consider to be better materials is going to be the best option. That's not always the case! In this YouTube Video I talk about some of the Pros and Cons to buying a Plastic Airgun versus a Metal Airgun. Of course this applies to BB, Airsoft and Pellet shooters.

In most cases a Plastic Airgun is going to be less expensive, so if you have limited funds then your only option may be a Plastic Airgun and at the end of the day both airguns are going to probably get the job done much the same.

Generally speaking, most Metal Airguns are going to have more moving parts, often times with working slides and even blowback operation. This is not always the case but even a Metal Airgun that has few working parts will still feel more realistic simply because of the additional weight to the Airgun. Metal has that cold hard feel to it that makes you feel like you're holing something of substance. Plastic Airguns on the other hand can feel light and cheap and usually are very simple in design with less working parts.

Shooting an Airgun with blowback operation simulates the recoil action and in many cases allows for true single action operation of the trigger and hammer. This is going to feel a lot more realistic than shooting a non-blowback Airgun which again is generally what you get with Plastic Airguns.

Most people assume that because an Airgun is Meta, it is going to be stronger and more durable. This would be true if the Metal used in the Airgun was actually hardened steel but with almost Metal Airguns, they are made using a zinc alloy metal (Pot Metal) that is much softer then hardened steel and can wear and break a lot easier. When you also consider a Metal Airgun is going to be a lot heavier than a Plastic Airgun, a drop onto a hard surface will have a lot more impact which can cause breakage a to a heavy Metal Airgun versus a Plastic light weight Airgun.

Plastic surfaces are also a lot less prone to showing scratches since the Plastic material will usually be black all the way through versus a Metal Airgun that has a painted surface that when scratched hard enough will show through right to the bare metal. You also get wear marks on painted Metal Airguns that will make it look used and older, some people like this look but other do not.

Again people are going to assume a Metal Airgun is going to be more reliable simply because it has more metal parts and metal parts are stronger right? Not the case if the parts are made out of zinc alloy. Now some companies will upgrade some high use parts in Airguns to hardened steel but it's hard to know for sure. You can use a magnet to determine what parts are Metal and what parts are hardened steel.

As we mentioned before, Plastic Airguns are generally pretty simple in design, less working parts means less to go wrong at the end of the day so just because you have a Plastic Airgun it doesn't mean it's going to break on you quickly. Actually it may even outlast your Metal Airgun since all those working parts will eventually wear out.

Now I am the first person to admit that I prefer Metal Airgun over Plastic Airguns, I don't mind spending the extra money for more realism and I'm willing to accept the fact that it's not going to last forever but the fact remains, a Plastic Airgun does have some advantages going for it so don't rule them out completely.

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ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver Table Top Review

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Type: Blank Revolver.
Manufacturer: ROHM (RÖHM).
Model: RG-49
Materials: Mostly Metal.
Weight: 439 grams 15.5 ounces.
Barrel: Removable - Front firing designed for flares.
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Single & double action.
Ammunition Type: .22 caliber crimped.
Ammunition Capacity: 7 rounds.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver in single action is very light having virtually no take up at all. The double action trigger pull is much heavier with a smooth release. Mechanically the trigger feels really good.

Accuracy: NA.
Build Quality: The overall build quality for the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver is excellent, being German made it's built to last and the fit and finish is typical German quality. There are steel parts where they need to be like in the barrel, pins, screws and reenforcing parts, the rest of the gun is generally made out of a zinc metal with only the simulated wood grips being made out of plastic.

Realism: The ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver is not exact replicas of any given gun in production as this would make importing it into Canada even more difficult, but it is styled after a Smith & Wesson Snub Nosed Revolver. As for looking like and working like real guns, the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver looks and sounds like a real gun, with the exception of the dangerous bullet coming out of the barrel!
Purchase from: The Replica Airguns Canada Store.


  • German made Quality.
  • All metal gun with reenforced steel in some areas.
  • Front firing and capable of shooting flares.
  • .22 caliber blanks are less expensive and not as loud to use.
  • Comes with removable Flare adaptor & Cleaning rod.
  • Super compact and portable.
  • Highest capacity ROHM Revolver with 7 round cylinder.


  •  Smaller caliber blanks are not as loud or powerful.
  • Can be considered a bit expensive due to blank guns in general being hard to get and in high demand in Canada.

The main purpose of the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver is to make noise along with the added ability to shoot flares and that's exactly what you're getting here. The ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver may not be as elegant as the other ROHM revolvers with their nicer barrels but with the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver you are getting the most compact 7 round shooter and at a bit lower price than the other full sized ROHM Blank Guns. 

My YouTube Full Video Review for the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver:

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Umarex Ace in the Hole Contest Giveaway Winner Results

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Wow, we had a great contest giveaway for the Umarex Ace in the Hole Single Action Army Revolver. We received 406 participants with close to 2000 separate entries, so thank you everyone that got involved. Unfortunately for the other 405 participants there can only be one winner and to see who that winner is you're going to have to watch my Contest Giveaway announcement video...

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Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver Field Test Review

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Before I get into this Field Test Shooting Review for the Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver I did want to mention again that we do have a Contest Giveaway going on till the end of this month where we will be giving away an Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver to a Canada or US Winner. Sorry we can not ship outside of Canada or the US due to airgun and import regulations. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this review to enter the contest.

Back to the Field Test Shooting Review! Rather than just testing the 3.5 inch barreled Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver by itself, I also compare it to two other Umarex SAA Revolvers, in 5.5 and 7.5 inches version. I wanted to see how the barrel length effected power and accuracy and I was kind of surprised at the results.

I shot three rounds from each Umarex SAA Pellet Revolver through my Chrony Chronograph and averaged them out for each gun. Umarex claims the Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver to get around 340 fps and it shot an average of 323fps with a brand new CO2 and using 8.2 gram lead pellets, not bad at all considering the pellet weight and colder temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius. next I shot the 5.5 inch Umarex SAA Pellet Revolver in the same manner and averaged 347fps which is kind of what I was expecting die to the anger barrel. SO when I came to the 7.5 inch Umarex SAA Pellet Revolver I was expecting even higher results but was surprised by my results which where exactly the same as the 3.5 inch version coming in at 323fps? Perhaps the valve was a bit detuned on the 7.5 inches version, I am not sure?

Moving on to the accuracy performance for the Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver. Again I sued the same 8.2 grain RWS flathead pellets and emptied a full cylinder into my paper target positioned 30 feet downrange. My accuracy result for the Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver where decent with my 6 shoot group getting around a 2 inches and well centered on the target, just a lad high but not by much. I am pretty sure I pulled one of the shots so I think I should of gotten closer to 1.5 inches. Next I Shot the 5.5 inch UmarexSAA Pellet Revolver but seemed to struggle a bit with it. I found the 5.5 inch Umarex SAA Pellet Revolver shot to the left and my 6 shot grouping was a lot more spread out exceeding 2 inches by a bit. Lastly I tested out the 7.5 inch Umarex SAA Pellet Revolver and it was the clear winner placing all 6 rounds wishing the black bullseye getting close to a 1 inch grouping. I love it when that happens :)

So in the end the 5.5 inch Umarex SAA Pellet Revolver had the most power, the 7.5 inch Umarex SAA Pellet Revolver was the most accurate and that leaves us with the Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver which had the best compromise of power and accuracy at the end of the day.

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Contest and Review - Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver


Let's start this review off by first stating that this is also a contest, I know it's been a while but I am happy to announce that we will be having way more regular contests for our viewers and subscribers! To kicking things off with this new contest trend we are giving away an Umarex SAA Ace in the Hole CO2 Pellet Revolver to one lucky either Canada or US winner. Sorry for legal and shipping reasons we have to stay within Canada and the US.

And we're gong high tech with this contest implementing Gleam to allow a  number of ways for you to get involved and have more chance to win! Go to the bottom of this post to get involved!

So I guess I better include a written review here to :) We'll keep it short this time since I am sure we are all mostly interested in the contest!

Type: Pellet Revolver.
Manufacturer: Umarex.
Model: Ace in the Hole.
Materials: Full Metal.
Weight: 885 grams (1.95 pounds).
Barrel: Rifled
Power Source: CO2.
Action: Semi-Automatic.
Ammo Type: .177 Pellets.
Ammo Capacity: 6 Rounds.
FPS: 340 using lead pellets.


  • Short barrel increases draw speed.
  • Thumb spur hammer primed for rapid fire.
  • Realistic heavy metal frame with weathered finish.
  • Authentic rotation cylinder with loading gate.
  • Interchangeable clip-op front sights.
  • Has good combination of accuracy and power for a short barreled revolver.
  • CO2 Allen Key built into pistol grip.


  • Shells must be loaded one at a time but can be kept in the cylinder.
  • Plastic sights detract a bit from realism.

The Ace in the Hole has more than one trick up its sleeve. This CO2 pellet gun is an original take on the classic Single Action Army revolver. The oversized thumb spur allows you to fan the hammer with your palm, like a real gunslinger. Swap in the sight that works best for your aim, or remove it entirely and shoot from the hip.

Overall I found it to be one of my favorite of the Umarex SAA Colt Revilers. I like that it's a pellet shooter and the Umarex Ace in the Hole is even capable of shooting decent weight led pellets at close to the claimed fps. The size and weigth of this CO2 Revolver feel perfect coming in at almost 2 pounds in an all metal airgun.

The weathered finish with the Ace logo imbedded in the pistol grips looks really great, the only distraction from the realism would be the plastic removable front sights. I am not sure why Umarex did this but it will help in quick draw situations. Overall the Umarex Ace in the Hole is a super well built and ultra realistic SAA Revolver that will not disappoint any old west airgun collector. get your while we still have them.

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Which Airgun Revolver is the Best?

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In this Revolver comparison video I look at a variety of different types of Revolver Airguns and compare them to each other to determine which one I feel is the best Revolver styled Airgun. My final choice is of course based on my own personal opinion.

Some of the Revolver Styled Airguns I consider in this comparison video are the: Colt Single Action Revolver Series, Webley MK VI, Gletcher NGT, Crosman 357, Umarex Python, KWC 357Dan Wesson Classic and Dan Wesson 715.

So which Old and New Revolver did I pick as my favorite? Make sure to watch my Which Airgun Revolver is the BestYouTube Video and find out!

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Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle Field Test Shooting Review

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Another revisit for an inexpensive and fun BB shooter, the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle! I have done some previous video reviews and comparisons for the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle so make sure to check them out. I also recently did an update Field Test Shooting Video for the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun which is a very comparable airgun to the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle.

Here is a quick overview of the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle, it's designed for younger smaller shooter with it's short stock but it's still fun of all ages! You can store 700 4.5mm Steel BB's in its internal magazine and Crosman claims a max velocity of 350 fps. Like the Daisy Red Ryder the power source is a spring piston that is activated by the lever action.

Now let's talk about how the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle performed in my Sea Can Field Test Shooting test...  Crosman claims a max fps of 350, my Chronograph results came in at a 5 shot average of 316 fps which is not bad compared to the Daisy Red Ryder that also has a claimed fps of 350 but only shot around 240 fps.

So the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle is the clear winner in terms of velocity over the Daisy Red Ryder but what about accuracy? That's a different story, the Crosman did not perform all that great for me shooting at a paper target 30 feet away using a rested shooting position. I shot 10 rounds at my paper target and got about a 5-6 inch grouping, there was an underlying smaller tight group that was closer to about 3 inches but a god 3-4 of the BB's came out of it spreading out the group significantly.  Compare that to the Daisy Red Ryder with a nice tight 2 inch group.

So what do you want? Power or accuracy? I figure since the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle is really targeted of the younger more entry level shooter that it should have good accuracy so they know when they are doing it right and less concerned on if the gun is performing as it should. Sure power is fun and smashing your targets does give a certain satisfaction but you have to hit the target first :)

Both the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle and Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun are fun airguns for sure, I guess it just comes down to which one you want to buy...

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Shooting Airguns in the Finished Shipping Container

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Well the Shipping Container Office and Airgun Shooting Range is finally all ready to use and so for this first ever airguns shooting video in it,  I simply wanted to try out a couple of airguns and see how this new setup worked. I also wanted to play around with some camera position setup to see how it all looked and if there will be any additional lighting or placement considerations.

In this video I do a walk around to show off the new completed Shipping Container setup and then I shoot my 6.75 inch barreled Umarex Colt Single Action Army SAA Pellet Revolver followed by my ASG X9 Classic Beretta M9 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol.

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Umarex Colt Single Action Army SAA Pellet Revolver Table Top Review

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Type: Pellet air revolver.

Distributed by:UmarexUSA.

Model:Single Action Army Revolver with Colt licensing

Materials: Mostly metal with plastic grips.

Weight: 2.35 pounds (1070  grams).

Barrel: 6.75 inches rifled.

Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.

Action: Revolver, single action only.

Ammunition Type: .177 cal. pellets.

Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds.

FPS: 380.

Trigger Pull: Trigger pull on all the Umarex Single Action Army BB and Pellet Revolver is really great. Being that these Single Action Army Revolvers are single action only, most of the work is done while you pre-cock the hammer with your thumb. The trigger single action pull is under 2 pounds and has virtually no take up with a crisp release. I love the ratcheting sound of the cylinder as you pull back the hammer just like using a real SAA Revolver!

Accuracy: I have not yet tested the Umarex Colt Single Action Army Nickel & Gold Pellet Revolver so far but expect it to perform very similarly to the 4.5 inch barreled pellet shooting version I tested a while back. On that Field Test Shooting review I was abel to get pretty close to the claimed fps with an average of 378 fps. During my accuracy portion shooting from 30 feet back onto a paper target I got a very respectable .75 inch 6 shot grouping using a semi rested position. I do expect the slightly longer barrel on the Nickel and Gold version to perhaps improve fps slightly.

Build Quality: All of the Colt Single Action Army BB and Pellet Revolvers have a mostly all metal construction other than the plastic grips and any seals. The fit and finish is excellent with a great overall weight in the hand. The mechanical action of the hammer and trigger feels just like it would on a real single action army revolver. I really like the two tone nickel and Gold finish on this longer barreled SAA revolver.

Realism: In terms of replicating a real steel Colt Single Action Army Revolver, again these Umarex old west 6 shooters are absolutely amazing replicas. It's really hard to tell the airgun version apart from the real steel version, with the exception of the smaller diameter shells and the discreet safety switch located under the frame. Even the barrel is nicely recessed and has some fake rifling twists in it to give the appearance of a large caliber barrel opening. The CO2 is well hidden with the Allen key built into the handle so no ugly CO2 screw tab hanging down.

Available in the:Replica Airguns Store


  • Still the best airgun reproduction of the Single Action Army Revolver, a very accurate replica of the real steel old west version.
  • Nice large caliber Recessed barrel.
  • Great weight and feel in the hand.
  • Shell loading design that loads from the back so no need to remove shells if you wish not to.
  • Hammer and trigger action is about perfect, no take-up, very crisp and super light (under 2 pounds).
  • Nickel and Gold finish looks really great!
  • Colt licensing via Umarex.
  • Very well concealed CO2 with built in Allen key.
  • Discreet safety location under the frame.
  • Longer barrel is unique and should get a bit higher fps than the standard  shorter barreled versions.


  • A lot more expensive than the standard barrel length in standard finishes.
  • Real version would shoot 45 caliber, dummy shells are actual closer to 357 so a bit smallish.
  • The safety in all of these ghost is really firm and hard to change.


We have pretty much established that these Umarex Colt Single Action Army pistols are fantastic airgun copies of the old west real steel 6 shooters in pretty much every way. For this reason they have been super popular! The Umarex Colt Single Action Army Nickel & Gold Pellet Revolver is yet another rendition of this same airgun but with a longer barrel and the tow tone Gold and Nickel finish. You will pay a bunch more for the longer barrel and two tone finish, is it worth it? If your on a budget perhaps not but if you want something that really stands out and may even perform just a little better than pony up the extra bucks and pick one of these beauties up.

My YouTube Table Top Review for the Umarex Colt Single Action Army Nickel & Gold Pellet Revolver:

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X9 Classic - Scorpion EVO 3 - Colt 1911 Rail Gun - SAA Nickel Gold Update Video

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I have some new guns for everyone to checkout which is always good for everyone, especially me :)

In this update video I show you around three pistols one Arisoft Rifle. With the pistols we have a mixed bag of Pellet, steel BB and plastic Airsoft. First off I take a look at the ASG X9 Classis Beretta M9 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm Steel BB pistol, which by the way is actually made by KJWorks so we know this it's going to be a quality gun! I then switch things up and showoff the new long barrel CO2 powered Umarex Colt Peacemaker SAA pellet revolver that sports a Nickel and Gold finish. Last for the pistols we take a look at the 6mm Airsoft firing Colt 1911 Rail Gun in the Dark Earth finish, it's basically a KWC 1911 but with a little extra bling.

Last but now least to show you in this update video is the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1. This product was developed by ASG in cooperation with CZ and is made to give the Airsoft Player the closest shooting experience they can possibly get to handling and shooting a real CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1!

ASG X9 Classic Beretta Blowback CO2 BB Pistol:

  • Full metal
  • 4.5mm steel BB's
  • Full blowback action
  • 2.1 pounds
  • 16 Round full size drop out metal magazine
  • 312 fps
  • Single & double action

Umarex SAA Colt Peacemaker Nickel & Gold Co2 Pellet Revolver:

  • Full metal
  • .177 caliber pellets
  • Gold highlighted cylinder, hammer & trigger
  • 6.75 inch barrel
  • Shell loading 6 shooter
  • 380 fps
  • Single action only

Colt 1911 Rail Gun Dark Earth Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol:

  • Full metal
  • 6mm Airsoft BB's
  • Comes with red tip but can be removed with some work
  • Full blowback action
  • 2.1 pounds
  • 17 Round full size drop out metal magazine
  • 345 fps
  • Single action only

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle:

  • Metal & plastic build
  • 6mm Airsoft BB's
  • Comes with red tip but can be removed easily
  • AEG: single shot, 3 round and full auto shooting modes
  • 5.3 pounds
  • 75 Round magazine
  • 394 fps
  • Full CZ licensed
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My Favorite Picks From SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas

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This year at SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, I found there wasn’t a lot of new Airgun products but as always there are some that stood out for me. If you want more info on each Airgun Company then make sure to watch my full interviews for this years SHOT Show 2017. So without prolonging this video any longer let’s get right into it…

Umarex Legends MP CO2 Full Auto German MP40 Replica Machine-gun:

What’s not to like about the Umarex Legends MP? It has lots of metal parts weighing in at 7.7 pounds, a 60 round steel BB magazine with a dual 12 gram CO2 system. You also get your choice of shooting either in semi auto or full auto at up to 400 fps. Personally the Umarex Legends MP was the most interesting Airgun at the show this year for me and I really think it is going to be a hit!

Umarex SA10 Blowback Pellet and BB CO2 Pistol:

Another interesting product from Umarex this year was the SA10, I am not really sure what it is exactly styled after, it’s more of a futuristic looking gun with slide venting and a thread barrel for adding a mock suppressor or compensator. What appealed to me most about the Umarex SA10 was the new magazine design that incorporates a full size drop out metal magazine with 4 rotary 8 round magazines that can be loaded with either pellets or BB’s. When you empty one 8 shot magazine you simply drop the entire mag out and swap your empty 8 shot rotary magazine for a full one. The SA10 has a nice weight of around 2 pounds and shoots up to 426 fps.

Sig Sauer ASP P320 CO2 Blowback Pellet Pistol:

Sig Sauer introduced their new Sig Sauer ASP P320 CO2 Pellet Pistol this year that will be replacing the P250. Like the P250 the Sig P320 has a metal slide and polymer frame but instead of a double sided 16 shot rotary magazine, the Sig ASP P320 has a newly designed and very unique 30 round belt fed magazine. That’s nearly double the capacity without having to flip the magazine around part way through shooting. It’s great to see innovations like this happening in the airgun market.

Crosman Remington 1875 Shell Loading CO2 Pellet and BB Revolver:

Crosman introduced their own Single Action Old West Revolver this year in the form of the Remington 1875. Like the super popular Umarex Single Action Army Revolvers, the Remington 1875 is also shell loading and uses 12 gram CO2. You have the option of shooting either Pellets or BB’s out of its smooth bore barrel. I expect the Crosman Remington 1875 Shell Loading Revolver to be another popular Old West Airgun Revolver.

Crosman PSM45 Single Shot Spring Powered BB Pistol:

The Crosman PSM45 at first glance may not seem that interesting, after all it’s all plastic on the outside and only shoots about 200 fps! On the plus side it kind of looks like a Glock and we all know how hard it is to find airguns these days that resemble a Glock. I also like the fact that there is no need for any CO2, and most springers out there look like springers while the Crosman PSM45 looks like a real semi auto pistol. The PSM45 even has pretty decent weight to it since there are lots of internal metal parts and a full size drop out metal magazine which was a real surprise in such an entry level low cost pistol. If you’re looking for a fun inexpensive replica plinker than the Crosman PSM45 should fit the bill. On a side not the PSM45 would also make a really great low cost prop since the slide does work and it has that full size drop out magazine!

ASG Dan Wesson 715 2.5 and 4 inch Shell Loading CO2 Revolvers:

The ASG Dan Wesson Revolver has always been a popular choice, and then the Dan Wesson 715 came out improving on the design by adding extra weight and smoothing out the mechanics. How do you top that? Well by giving us some more options like barrel lengths. You now have your choice of a 2.5, 4 or 6 inch barrel for the Dan Wesson 715 and of course you will be able to buy your 715 pick in 4.5mm Steel BB, 6mm Plastic Airsoft or .177 Caliber Pellet ammunition versions. My personal choice may be the 4 inch Dan Wesson 715 since it has the addition of an integrated accessory rail machined into the outer barrel for lasers or tach lights.

Gletcher M1944 Mosin Nogant CO2 BB Rifle:

The Gletcher M1944 Mosin Nogant CO2 BB Rifle is not a new replica gun this year but it has been a hard one to get your hands on. In fact up until SHOT Show 2017 I had never seen one in person and so the Gletcher M1944 is new to me. I was very impressed with the quality of the Gletcher M1944 Mosin Nogant, it has a lot of metal parts including the swing out bayonet and even the simulated wood stock looks like real wood. I even had to take a second look and ask before confirming that the stock is in fact plastic on the Gletcher M1944 Mosin Nogant. I am looking forward to reviewing this rifle in the future when I do finally get one!

Of course there where other interesting products at SHOT Show 2017 this year but those are the products that stood out the most for me. Again make sure to watch my full interview videos to find out more about all the new products at this years SHOT Show.

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SHOT Show 2017 Gletcher Interview

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My last Interview for SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, well at least till next year and I am already looking forward to going back and doing it all over again :) I met with Boris Shekhman from Gletcher and Boris showed me several of their Gletcher Airguns along with a new accessory introduced this year.

Probably the highlight at the Gletcher booth was the Gletcher M1944 Mosin Nagant CO2 4.5mm Steel BB Bolt Action full stock air rifle! I already reviewed the Gletcher M1891 short stock version but have been really looking forward to seeing the Gletcher M1944 Mosin Nagant in person. Interestingly, Boris was asked by the SHOT Show staff to remove the Gletcher M1944 Mosin Nagant from his display because the real metal swing out bayonet was a concern for them. Boris was kind enough to bring out the Gletcher M1944 for me to see and video for everyone. The full stock however is not real wood but you need to look super close to figure this out as the reproduction is incredible.

We took a look at another Gletcher Airgun I have reviewed in the past, the Gletcher NGT and Gletcher NGT R which are very acurate Steel BB and Pellet shooting reproductions of the Belgian Nagant Revolver. Both these BB and Pellet shooting NGT's are getting a slight make-over with the addition of a safety on them, the real steel versions do not have a safety but some dealers felt it was a concern so Gletcher moving forward will be including a safety on all new NGT's. So if you want a more original Gletcher NGT Nagant Revolver then hurry up and pickup the older non-safety versions while they are still available!

Last on the list of new products from Gletcher are some really great looking leather holsters that not only work for several Gletcher airgun products but can also be used for the same real steel versions. Some of the pistols these new leather holsters will accommodate are the Gletcher TT Tokarev, 1911, Grach, PM 1951 Makarov, and the Stechkin.

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SHOT Show 2017 Crosman Interview

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Enjoy my latest SHOT Show Interview with Jesse Caster from Crosman. Jesse shows me Crosman’s latest old west single action revolver, the Remington 1875 which shares a lot with the super popular Colt Single Action Army revolvers. Jesse also goes over some new airgun pistols with me, a CO2 powered non blowback 1 to 1 replica of the Remington RP45, a very interesting single shot spring piston “Glock-ish looking pistol called the PSM45. And last but not least, Crosman has now got on the Beretta / Taurus bandwagon and added the PFAM98 to their lineup.

Crosman’s new Remington 1875 should be a welcome addition for anyone looking to add something new to their Old West Airgun lineup. The Crosman Remington 1875 like the Colt Single Action Army Revolver is shell loading, shoots in single action only and has that super slick ratcheting cylinder we all love. The Crosman Remington 1875 shoots both .177 caliber pellets and 4.5 mm steel BB’s from its smooth bore barrel, but Jesse has gone on record to claim that the pellets work well and shoots pellets and BB’s accurately at ranges typical for this type of Airgun.

Another Remington Licensed Airgun from Crosman this year is the Remington PR45. The PR45 is a 1 to 1 replica of the real steal Remington RP45 but in a CO2 non-blowback 4.5mm BB shooting version. The Crosman PR45 has a metal slide and polymer frame with a drop out all metal stick magazine. Some other notable features for the Crosman PR45 are a working trigger safety and white dot sights front and back.

If you are looking for something a little different from Crosman this year then checkout the single shot spring piston PSM45. This super affordable air pistol kind of looks "similar" to a Glock and lord knows how many times I get asked what is available in an airgun that resembles a Glock. The Crosman PSM45 is not going to win any fps awards (shoots around 200 fps), but there is no need to buy any CO2 and you can shoot this airgun in virtually any temperature for only the cost of steel BB’s. The frame and slide on the Crosman PSM45 are plastic but it does have decent weight do some internal metal parts and an unexpected full metal full size drop out magazine.

Crosman this year is adding a Beretta/Taurus full metal and full blowback CO2 BB Pistol to their product lineup. You may have already guessed it, it’s essentially a KWC Beretta / Taurus which really isn’t a bad thing since the KWC Blowback Beretta / Taurus has been very popular with replica airguners. A nice little treat with the Crosman PFAM98 Beretta / Taurus is that right out of the box it shoots in both semi and full auto using the ambidextrous selector safety switch.

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SHOT Show 2017 ASG Interview

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Another SHOT Show 2017 interview video, this interview is with Bob Li from ASG (Action Sport Games), Bob shares with me some updates to the super popular Dan Wesson 715 along with the reintroduced EVO Scorpion Inferno powered Airsoft Rifle. Bob finishes up with a new X9 Classic which is a Beretta M9 in 4.5mm Steel BB.

You may have thought the Dan Wesson 715 was already pretty much perfect as is so what could ASG to make it even better? How about different barrel lengths. ASG has introduce the Dan Wesson 715 in both a new 2.5 inch and 4 inch version. Both lengths will be hitting stores shortly and will come in .177 caliber pellet and 4.5mm steel BB options. 6mm Airsoft will be out later on. The 4 inch version also includes an integrated accessory rail machined into the outer barrel for those of you wanted to add items like lasers and tactical lights to your Dan Wesson 715.

Last year at SHOT Show ASG introduced the EVO CZ Scorpion 3 A1 Inferno powered Airsoft Rifle but is again reintroducing it this year since they decided to take their time and get it perfect before releasing it in stores this March. The EVO CZ Scorpion 3 A1 is Inferno powered using an HPA system with a custom chip set that allows for a three round burst option an empty magazine detection.

ASG has sourced out not just any 4.5mm Steel BB shooting M9, they are actually getting their new ASG X9 Classic built by KJWorks. KJWorks is known for their Airsoft guns and I have reviewed several of them to date. If you have been looking for a KJWorks M9 but would prefer it to be in 4.5mm Steel BB then the new X9 Classic 4.5mm Steel BB KJWorks M9 exclusive to ASG is where you can get one!

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My 2016 Favorite Replica Airgun Picks of the Year

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It's been a great year for Replica Airguns and I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorites that I reviewed this year. In this YouTube Video I show some of my top Replica Airgun picks for 2016 and talk a little bit about each one and what I like about it.

Here is a list of the Replica Airguns in this lineup:

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Why is My Blank Gun Not Working?


First off I want to say it’s hard to trouble shoot technical or mechanical problems over the internet regardless of if ithas to do with guns, cars, computers or pretty much anything where unless you are there in person it’s really hard to figure out the problem.

But I will attempt to address some of the more common issues why a blank gun may not be functioning properly.

Why is my Semi Auto Blank Gun Not Cycling or Ejecting Shells?
One very common reason a blank gun may not be cycling the shells properly is because the owner has removed the barrel restrictor plug. People usually do this to make the barrel opening look more realistic but the barrel restrictor is a necessary component to increase the back pressure allowing the slide to cycle fully to the rear position so it can eject and pickup a new shell.

The blanks you are using may not have enough gun powder in them. Some blank guns require banks with more gun powder than others, again this additional internal pressure forces the slide all the way back, if the blank does not have enough gun powder in it then only a partial slide motion happens and so the discharged shell may not eject properly, in this case the user would have to clear the blank gun manually so another shell can then be picked up and loaded into the breach.

If your blank guns is dirty or not lubricated then it may act sluggish again restricting the full movement of the slide which will effect correct operation. Make sure to thoroughly clean and lubricate your blank gun, that may be a quick fix for you!

You may have a faulty extractor? The extractor is like a hook that grabs the discharged shell while the slide is in the reward position pulling or extracting the shell out of the breach. If the extractor is worn or broken then the empty shell will not be ejected from the breach so when a new shell is picked up from the magazine it has nowhere to go and usually you will get a jam-up in the ejection port area.

One final situation that can cause your blank gun to not cycle properly is to strong of a slide spring, some blank guns out of the box just come with a really heavy slide spring, so much so that even blanks with lots of gunpowder in them are still not strong enough to make the slide operate full motion. Your only option here would be to replace the heavy slide spring with a lighter one.

Why Are My Blanks Not Firing?
This is a situation where you pull the trigger and nothing happens. Lets get the obvious causes right out of the way here… Did you put blanks in your gun and are they new blanks? Did you chamber the first round in your semi auto pistol?

So now that that’s out of the way let’s look at some other reasons why your blank gun may not be firing a blank. Perhaps the firing pin is broken? Most blank guns are not made out of carbon steel and even the firing pins can be lesser quality than what you would find in a real gun so blank guns are more prone to breaking than real guns. I have seen broken firing pins in blank guns first hand so make sure to check the firing pin and that it is fully operational.

Try changing up your blanks to another brand? Again blank gun ammunition is not made to the same higher standards that real firearm ammo is made and some primers may require a little more pressure than your gun is providing. Even with real guns an ammo change may help the gun operate better.

Why is the Trigger or Hammer Not Operating Properly?
I have come across blank guns where there are mechanical problems in the trigger and hammer areas, you may be able to address this yourself but I would recommend taking your blank gun to a gunsmith since you will have to take the gun pretty much full apart to fix a problem in the trigger and hammer areas.

Of course make sure your gun is clean and lubricated, this can help a lot with the mechanical areas of your blank gun.

One problem I saw with a few EKOL Special 99’s was specifically with the single action potion of the trigger, when I would pull the hammer back it would not lock back and the hammer would often slip and fire randomly, this is rather dangerous. When I took the gun apart I found that the table top or step that the trigger was supposed to catch on was worn down on the edge so it would simply slip off. I was able to fix this by filing a new edge on the step area. Again this can happen because blank guns are not made out of as high quality metal materials as real guns.

Why does the Flame Come out the Top of My Blank Gun and Not the Front?
If you find that the flame or discharge comes out of the top of your blank gun and not the barrel, this usually does not mean anything is wrong with your blank gun. All it means is you own a top venting blank gun and not a front firing blank gun. In some countries front firing blank guns are not allowed but front venting blank guns are. The same may also be reversed in some countries, for instance here in Canada we can only import front firing blank guns with flare adaptors since our blank guns are imported under the assumption that they are to be used as signaling or flare devices.

Can I Convert my Top Venting Blank Gun into a Front Venting Blank Gun?
I really don't recommend altering a blank gun in any way as it may be a violation of your local laws and it could cause the blank gun to malfunction in a very bad way causing serious injury or even death!

In theory I suppose it may be possible to convert your Top Venting Blank Gun into a Front Venting Blank Gun but again you would need to allow for just the right amount of back pressure so a wide open barrel would not work unless it was a revolver. You can not simply remove the red plug and bingo you have a front firing blank gun because in most cases the barrel will be completely plugged in the frontal region. Not only would you need to drill out the plugged portion of the barrel but you would also have to somehow fill in the top venting area and again makes sure to allow for just enough back pressure to cycle the slide back and forth.

Hopefully this has helped some of you with blank gun issues. If you’re looking for a blank gun make sure to come down to www.ReplicaAirguns.ca and www.ReplicaAirguns.us and have a look in our blank gun area of our online stores.

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Airsoft Gun Power Source Pro’s & Con’s

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Power Sources Covered in this review: CO2 - Green Gas / Propane - Spring - AEG / AEP (Automatic Electric Gun - Airsoft Electric Pistol)


  • CO2 Airsoft Guns allow for fast repeat shooting, great for action shooters, generally CO2 Airsoft Guns will have a little more power then Green Gas Airsoft Guns. There is no need to pump or cock your CO2 powered Airsoft gun in-between shots and a CO2 power source can allow for a very realistic action of the gun you are shooting. 
  • Green Gas (Propane) Airsoft Guns operate much the same as CO2 Airsoft guns so they all make for great action shooters and the Green Gas powers the mechanical operation allowing for very realistic operation. Green Gas (Propane) Airsoft Guns can cost a little bit less to operate that a CO2 Airsoft Gun especially if you plan to use Propane as it can be cheaper to buy than the smaller 12 gram CO2 Cartridges.
  • Spring Airsoft Guns are generally fairly basic and low cost so they are the usually the most affordable Airsoft guns to buy. There is no need to buy CO2 or Green Gas or even a Battery and Charger Setup so the cost to shoot Spring Airsoft Guns is only going to be subject to the Airsoft BB’s you plan on buying.
  • AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) have the most consistent power as they use a spring internally that the electric motor draws back before each shot, the internal spring will essentially apply the same force to the Airsoft BB’s with each shot. AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) are a great option when you are wanting a Full Auto Airsoft gun since there is no cool down effect and as long as your batteries are charged and you have Airsoft BB’s in your magazine, the gun will simply keep shooting. AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) allow for the highest capacity magazines and often hold as many as 500 Airsoft BB’s in a single magazine. So if you’re looking for raw firepower an AEG or AEP Airsoft Gun is your best option. Once you have purchased your AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) and a battery and charger setup, they are fairly inexpensive to operate since no CO2 or Green Gas is required.


  • CO2 Airsoft Guns require the additional cost to buy the CO2 cartridges as they will not function without it. CO2 Airsoft Guns have a limited power output and lose power as you shoot and use up the CO2. CO2 Airsoft Guns are effected by hot and cold temperatures and will have less power in colder temperatures and may not even work in super cold environments. CO2 Airsoft Guns will have a more conservative ammunition capacity since too high of a capacity magazine would freeze up the magazine and even the gun.  
  • Again since Green Gas (Propane) Airsoft Guns work much like CO2 Airsoft Guns, they are effected by cool down and lose power when shoot quickly or as the Green Gas or Propane runs low. Green Gas does not expand as much as CO2 so it will not be as powerful and even less effective in colder temperatures. Green Gas Airsoft Guns will have a more conservative ammunition capacity since too high of a capacity magazine would freeze up.
  • Spring Airsoft Guns are not the best action shooters since you need to manually operate the slide to pullback the spring prior to each shot, this does work well with Pump, Lever and Bolt Action Airsoft guns but is not the best option for pistols since most real steel pistols operate in semi auto mode.
  • If you plan to use your AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) in a battle then it will require a multi battery setup which does cost a bit more upfront. AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) are know to not operate as realistically as a CO2 or Green Gas Airsoft gun since CO2 and Green Gas Guns do allow for the same realistic mechanical operation which can give very believable blowback operation, this is hard to replica with an AEG Airsoft Gun.
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Airgun Power Source Pro’s & Con’s

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Power Sources Covered in this review: CO2 - Spring Piston - Variable Pump -HPA (High Pressure Air)


  • CO2 Airguns allow for fast repeat shooting, great for action shooters, generally CO2 Airguns will supply a medium power range. No need to pump or cock your CO2 powered weapon in-between shots and a CO2 power source can allow for a very realistic action of the gun you are shooting.
  • Spring Piston Airguns are best suited of single shot situations, they can provide low to high power output depending on the spring used. Spring Piston Airguns are very low cost to operate since you only need to buy the Pellets or BB’s. Spring Piston Airguns are not greatly effected by outside temperatures.

  • Variable Pump Airguns allow you to decide how much power your gun will have and can offer very high power output depending on the Airgun. Variable Pump Airguns are very low cost to operate since you only need to buy the Pellets or BB’s. Variable Pump Airguns are not greatly effected by outside temperatures. Variable Pump Airguns generally have very low recoil and vibration.
  • HPA (High Pressure Air) Airguns generally do not require pumping or cocking in-between shots and some even come in semi automatic or bolt action. HPA Airguns can have very high power output and even be used on larger game using large caliber ammunition. HPA Air Rifles have lower recoil and low vibration. HPA Airguns can be charged ahead off time so they are ready for use when you need them.



  • CO2 Airguns require the additional cost to buy the CO2 as they do not function without it. CO2 Airguns have a limited power output and lose power as you shoot and use up the CO2. CO2 Airguns are effected by hot and cold temperatures and will have less power in colder temperatures and may not even work in super cold environments.
  • Spring Piston Airguns require cocking before each shot. Spring Piston Airguns can have a lot of recoil and vibration, so much so that special optics must be considered when buying an optical sight. The action of the spring recoil can effect accuracy, especially if you are not use to the vibration and recoil or have spent some time practicing using a Spring Piston Airgun.

  • Variable Pump Airguns will require multiple pumps to achieved maximum power output which can take some time in-between shots. So you are going to have to work for each shot.
  • HPA (High Pressure Air) Airguns require the use of a manual pump to fill their built in air tank to maximum pressure and it does take a lot of time to manual fill an HPA tank. Alternatively you can have the air tank filled at a shop or buy a pressurization system similar to a scuba tank out paintball setup, the cost of this setup can be very high but will save you the castle of manually pumping air in to your HPA Airgun. HPA Airguns are generally a little more bulky then other Airgun systems since they have to accommodate fairly large air pressure tanks.

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