I offer an economic alternative for the small and medium TV, Film or Online production looking for realistic looking guns to use on set.

Typically a "Gun Handler" is required adding tremendous costs as real firearms or prohibited weapons are often used and require special licenses, transportation, training and handling.

I have available for sale a large assortment of very realistic looking guns that do not require a Firearms license to transport or use on set, many of which function and look exactly like the actual firearm they replicate. If you require shell casings ejecting and muzzle flashes I also offer several Blank Guns that can be used in these situations.

To sum it up the guns for sale at Replica Airguns:

  • Do not require a license to purchase or operate.
  • Are far less expensive then real guns.
  • Do not require a gun handler on set.
  • Are much safer to use with less risk of injury or even death.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

Below are photo examples of some of the replica guns we sell for TV and Film use: