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Type: Blank Gun.
Manufacturer: Zoraki - Atak Arms.
Model: Zoraki R1 2.5.
Materials: All metal with plastic grips.
Weight: 1.7 pounds.
Barrel: 2.5 inches, semi plugged - front firing.
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Single and double action.
Ammunition Type: 9mm P.A.K. or 380 R Blanks.
Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is good overall, even in double action mode it is smooth and not too heavy, in single action mode it is even lighter and shorter.
Accuracy: NA.
Build Quality: The overall build quality of this gun is very good. The design and materials all seem to be good quality. The cosmetics look good but when closely inspected there are small imperfections such as tool marks and some finishing blemishes. Not a big deal but if you are picky about this kind of thing then it may turn you off a bit.
Realism: This gun in theory is not supposed to be a replica of any gun in production but it does resemble many common snub nosed revolvers available such as the Rossi Snub Nosed Revolvers. It would be hard to tell the difference between the Zoraki R1 and a real snub nosed revolver even side by side. The only real tell tale sign would be if you looked at the front of the cylinder, you may notice the front bullet ports are smaller than they should be, more like a 22 caliber. The Zoraki looks and feels like a real gun, so make sure to take precautions when using this blank revolver!
Purchased From: CanadaAmmo.com.


  • In Canada it is one of the few Blank guns available for purchase that is not prohibited.
  • All metal construction, with the exception of the grips.
  • Attractive styling, many finishing options available.
  • Well priced.


  • Finishing detail could be better.
  • Pistol grips are hard plastic, would be better in rubber.
  • 9mm P.A.K. Blank ammo is expensive.

The Zoraki R1 (2.5) is a nice addition to my Replica gun collection, if you are a Canadian then there are few options available to us if you want to legally own a Blank shooter. I do like the look of this Zoraki snub nosed revolver, especially in the two-tone configuration that I purchased. I'm not sure of the availability of Zoraki gun in other parts of the world but in the US there is another Snub Nosed Revolver that is virtually identical, made by the company Viper for about $99.

My YouTube Video Review for this Airgun:

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