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Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: CO2 Bolt action pellet pistol.
Manufacturer: Distributed by Webley.
Model: Webley Nemesis.
Materials: Metal & Polymer.
Weight: 2 pounds (907 grams).
Barrel: 6.25 inches metal rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x 1.
Action: Bolt action repeater, single action only trigger.
Ammunition Type: .177 / .22 caliber pellets.
Ammunition Capacity: 14/ 12 round double sided rotary magazines.
FPS: Claimed 430 / 370.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol is rather good, there is just a little bit of take up with a light and crisp release. You will have to work the bolt to engage the internal hammer for single action only shooting.

Accuracy: This is one of those times when I actually have already done my Field Test Shooting Video for the Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol and it performed well. My test version was the .177 caliber model with a claimed fps of 430 and I got exactly that with a 5 shot average sting on my Chronograph. I was using 6.9 grain lead pellets so not the lightest or heaviest pellets. I then placed 14 rounds into my paper target setup 30 feet down range and proceeded to get a 1.5 inch 14 round grouping. That’s with no previous time shooting this Airgun so I know it is for sure capable of sub 1 inch grouping with open sights. Keep in mind you can mount a laser, red dot or optical sight on this Airgun very easily for even better potential accuracy!

Build Quality: The Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol on the outside is pretty much an all plastic Airgun but it does have good weight to it at 2 pounds so there must be a fair amount of internal metal parts. The barrel and bolt for sure are metal! The plastic does seem very good quality with nice fit and finish throughout the Airgun.

Realism: The Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol is not styled specially to look like any particular one gun but I have to say it does have an overall Glock look to it but in a much larger form factor. For a CO2 bolt Action Pellet Pistol it is fairly modern looking compered to other target styled pellet pistols out there.
Available From: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • First multi-shot rotary mag CO2 Pellet pistol I have come across.

  • Good accuracy and power!

  • Can add a red dot or optical sight to it using the top built in Dovetail rail.

  • Can add a laser or tac light using the bottom built in Weaver Picatinny rail.

  • Has a nice modern look to it for a target pellet pistol.

  • Rifled steel barrel.

  • Fiber optic sights adjustable for windage.

  • Nice light and short single action trigger.

  • Allen key and magazine storage compartment built into airgun.

  • Would be good for small pest control because of decent fps and good accuracy.


  • Doesn’t like all pellet sections.

  • Sights are not adjustable for elevation.


The Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol is not really a Replica Airgun so to speak but it’s nice to shoot a dedicated target pellet pistol once in a while and the Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol is that for sure but with a more modern and cool looking exterior than most. The Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol is also one of the first bolt action Air pistols I have come across that has a rotary magazine which combined with decent power and accuracy could make it usable for small pest control since you do have quick follow up shots just in case the first shot doesn't get the job done. I will say the Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol is a bit pellet picky especially if the skirting on your pellet choice is narrow. I would advise you to choose a more chunky pellet with a wider skirt which will make magazine indexing smooth and consistent.

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Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol Field Test Review

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Make sure to watch my Preview Table Top Review for the Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol if you’re looking for more specifications and details.

The Webley Nemesis is a really interesting CO2 Pellet Pistol, so far I have not reviewed an Airgun like it. Yes I have reviewed bolt action CO2 Pellet Pistols in the past but not one with a rotary magazine for much quicker followup shots. This is by no means as quick as a semi auto shooter but being able to quickly work the bolt action without having to manually place a pellet in the breach area sure does speed things up.

On the box Webley claims up to 420 fps with the ,177 caliber version the Webley Nemesis is a really interesting CO2 Pellet Pistol I was testing and I was able to get an average of 430 fps using a brand new CO2 along with RWS 6.9 grain lead pellets. I did find the RWS pellets I was using did not feed all that well perhaps because they had a fairly narrow waist on them which does effect the way pellets are held in the rotary magazine. The temperature was fairly normal at right around room temperature.

For my accuracy portion of the Field Test Shooting Video for the Webley Nemesis is a really interesting CO2 Pellet Pistol, I switched to Sig Sauer .177 caliber lead pellets and they worked much better in terms of chambering cleanly for me. I found the Webley Nemesis is a really interesting CO2 Pellet Pistol shot a bit high on my paper target placed 30 feet away, so I set my sights on the bottom ring which placed almost all my 14 shots right in the bullseye. My 14 shot string was grouping around 1.5 inches but I am sure the Webley Nemesis is a really interesting CO2 Pellet Pistol could shoot quarter sized objects at 30 feet downrange all day long once you get use to it.

The trigger on the Webley Nemesis Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol is one of the highlights of this air pistol, it really feels great. Combine this with nice high consistent fps and excellent accuracy and the Webley Nemesis is a really interesting CO2 Pellet Pistol is a great target shooter with potential for up close small pest control.

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Webley Nemesis and G&G GPM1911 Unboxing Preview Video

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I keep getting more and more really cool airguns to review and it’s been hard to keep up with them all and get out Table Top and Field Test videos for each new product. I at least want to be able to get the word out so to speak for some of the new Airguns that come across my tassel even if I may not be able to get to their full reviews right away.

That said I have two new Airguns that we have in our Replica Airguns Stores to show everyone, the Webley Nemesis in .177 Caliber Pellet and the G&G GPM1911 GBB Airsoft Pistol. Both could not be any more different for sure but I really like each of them for their own reasons.

The Webley Nemesis is a very unique CO2 powered pistols since it is bolt action like many of the corpsman pistols but the Webley Nemesis .177 Caliber Pellet Pistol comes with a duel sided rotary magazine that holds 7 rounds on each side, the .22 caliber version holds 6 rounds on each side. The .177 caliber version can shoot up to 450 fps while the .22 caliber version has a claimed fps of up to 370. I look forward to testing and reviewing the Webley Nemesis .177 Caliber Pellet Pistol as soon as I can.

I also showcase the G&G GPM1911 GBB Airsoft Pistol which is a well priced basic A1 styled 1911 that is really well built and about one of the heaviest full metal 1911’s I have come across to date hitting the scale at nearly 2 pounds and 4 ounces. Another Replica Airgun I look forward to treating out!

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Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Pellet Revolver Field Test Review

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I’ve already full reviewed the BB version of the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Revolver so make sure to check both my Table Top and Field Test Shooting Reviews for the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver.

In this Filed Test Shooting Video Review I test out the Pellet version of the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Revolver to see how well it performs in the Indoor Airgun Shooting Range. I first put 5 shots through my Chronograph to see what the real world fps is and then I shoot a full cylinder of pellets at my paper target setup 30 feet down range so we can get an idea on how accurate the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Pellet Revolver really is.

For my Chronograph velocity portion of this test I used a brand new CO2 with 8.18 grain Sig Sauer lead pellets, the indoor temperature was around 18 degrees Celsius or 64 degrees Fahrenheit. My Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Pellet Revolver was about to average 351 fps with fairly heavy lead pellets, not bad! IN warmer conditions or using lower weight higher velocity pellets I am sure the fps will get up and over 400 feet per second.

Next I reloaded the 6 round cylinder with the same 8.18 grain Sig Sauer lead pellets and placed them in on target 30 feet down range. I was shooting in Single Action for best accuracy and also using a rested seated shooting position with a sand bag up front to rest my hands on. I was very impressed with who well centered the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Pellet Revolver shot, I even got 3 rounds right in the bullseye, 3 of the rounds go outside the bullseye just a bit to the right resulting in about a 2 inch 6 shot grouping. I am sure I could tighten this up with a bit more trigger time using the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Pellet Revolver

If your looking for a more beefy shell loading revolver than for sure consider the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading Revolver line, both the BB and pellet versions perform well and the break barrel design makes them super easy to reload without even having to take the shells out if you choose not to. Accrued and power is up to par and the over quality is also very good.

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Which Airgun Revolver is the Best?

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In this Revolver comparison video I look at a variety of different types of Revolver Airguns and compare them to each other to determine which one I feel is the best Revolver styled Airgun. My final choice is of course based on my own personal opinion.

Some of the Revolver Styled Airguns I consider in this comparison video are the: Colt Single Action Revolver Series, Webley MK VI, Gletcher NGT, Crosman 357, Umarex Python, KWC 357Dan Wesson Classic and Dan Wesson 715.

So which Old and New Revolver did I pick as my favorite? Make sure to watch my Which Airgun Revolver is the BestYouTube Video and find out!

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Which Shells Work in Which Shell Loading Revolvers?

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I have often been asked which of the Shells for the Shell Loading Revolvers work in which Shell Loading Revolvers? After all many of them look a lot alike so can you mix and match Shells for the various types of Shell Loading Revolvers?

In this YouTube Instructional Video I test out a bunch of Shells to see which ones actually will work or not work in several of the most popular Shell Loading Revolvers.

Some of the Shell Loading Revovers Tested in this Instructional Video are:

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My Favorite BB Pellet Airsoft and Blank Replica Guns

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It has been a while since I picked out some of my favorite guns, after all my favorite gun picks change on a daily basis since there are so many awesome guns out there to pick from.

This YouTube video is a little different since I pick out my favorites from a bunch of mostly replica gun categories including Steel BB, Pellet, Airsoft, Revolvers and Blank Pistols.

You may notice most of my picks happen to be blowback guns but to me airguns are all about being as realistic as possible and having blowback operation to me help to simulate the realism that much more. The exception in this video is in the pellet gun category since I decided on a pellet gun that was more about function and purpose over being any type of real replica.

Hopefully you take the time to watch my entire YouTube video since I also bring out some close runner ups but here is a list of my top picks on this day, tomorrow it could be a completely different list of guns ;) 

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Webley MK VI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver Table Top Review

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Type: BB air revolver.

Manufacturer:Webley & Scott.

Model:Webley MK VI .455.

Materials: Mostly metal with plastic grips.

Weight: 2.4 pounds. (1089 grams)

Barrel: 4.5 inches, non-rifled.

Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.

Action: Revolver, single and double action.

Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds.

FPS: 427fps.

Trigger Pull: Trigger pull on the Webley MK VI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver is great in both single and double action, for a shell loading revolver the double action is the best I have come across with next to no friction like I would usually find with shell loading revolvers when shot in double action mode.

Accuracy: I tested the Webley MK VI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver on my pool deck first off shooting 6 rounds through my Chronograph. The claimed fps is 427, I got really close to 400 fps in my testing so there is the potential for this revolver to shoot up into the low 400's. When I stepped back 30 feet and shot 6 rounds form my semi rested position, I got a really tight 1 inch group with almost all the rounds landing in the bulls eye. My shots where just a hair to the right but not by much which is good since the sights on this pistol are none adjustable. You can check-out my full Field Test Shooting Video here!

Build Quality: The Webley MK VI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver is pretty much an all metal construction other than the plastic grips and any internal seals. The fit and finish is excellent with a great overall weight in the hand. The only complaint I have is that the grips being a thin plastic seem kind of low quality compared to the rest of this otherwise high quality Webley CO2 BB Revolver.

Realism: In terms of replicating a real steel Webley MK VI .455, Webley did a really great job with their CO2 BB firing version. Webley even includes a Small Arms Training Manual based off of the real steel variant. Webley based the BB CO2 MK VI from the original blueprints and the licensing is form the original 1915 version. The only real tell that this is a CO2 BB revolver would be the small safety switch on the lower right side frame and the CO2 valve located right behind the hammer.

Available in the:Replica Airguns Store


  • Looks amazing and is a very accurate replica of the real steel Webley MK VI.
  • Great weight and feel in the hand at 2.4 pounds
  • nice deep Recessed barrel with true .455 caliber opening.
  • Break barrel design makes it really easy to load the dummy shells.
  • Hammer / trigger action is great in single and double action.
  • Webley Licensed.
  • Well concealed CO2.
  • Fairly discreet safety location.
  • No ugly warning instructions on the gun!


  • One of the higher cost shell loading revolvers we sell.
  • Sights are none adjustable.
  • Real version would shoot .455 caliber rounds, the dummy shells are actually closer to 357.
  • Could be a bit loud for some back yard shooters?
  • Plastic grips seem a bit cheap compared to the rest of this high quality gun.


Another classic shell loading CO2 BB Revolver, nothing wrong with that, I remember a time when finding a realistic revolver, even a modern version was hard to do. Now we have a growing selection of super realistic revolvers that replica their original real steel variation with ultra realism. The Webley MK VI .455 CO2 Shell Loading CO2 BB Revolver is no exception and makes for yet another option if you want a well designed, super functional and ultra realistic classic BB revolver.

My YouTube Table Top Review for the Webley MK VI .455 CO2 Shell Loading CO2 BB Revolver :

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Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver Field Test Review


In this Field Test Shooting Review I put the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver through my Chronograph and Target Tests to see how powerful and accurate the Webley MKVI really is!

Starting off with the the velocity Chronograph test, I shot 6 rounds through my Chrony using a brand new CO2 and RWS 5.1 grain zinc coated steel BB's in my Webley MKVI .455. My 6 shot string averaged just under 400 fps right at 397. Pretty decent for a shell loading BB revolver, not to mention very consistent shot to shot!

Next up was the accuracy component for this Field Test and as per usual, I setup my sand bag 30 feet away from my paper target and unloaded a full 6 round cylinder in to my ammo trap. I use a semi rested position, standing in the back resting my hands on a sand bag up front. This has proven to be a fairly stable shooting platform for me but there is some human factor involved. I was impressed with my 1.5 inch 6 shot grouping (right in the bulls eye) that could as easily been a 1 inch group if the one flyer had stayed a bit tighter but still really good performance for a none rifled BB shooter!

The hammer and trigger on the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver are very smooth in both single and double action with single action shooting being the shortest and lightest for best accuracy. It is still nice that this old school revolver offers double action shooting when you want to unload on your target quickly.

I also like the top break loading design which makes loading fast and easy on this 2.4 pounds all metal CO2 BB Revolver.

Buy the Webley MKVI .455 in Canada

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Colt Python Polymer - HK45 - Webley & Scott MK6 - Colt SAA Blued CO2 BB Pistol Preview

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Some more new guns I will be checking out, well one is just a different finish of the Umarex Colt SAA Revolver but for sure worth taking a look at in this Preview Video.

All the guns in the YouTube Preview Video and CO2 4.5mm BB Pistols, three are styled after revolvers and one is based on a semi auto modern pistol.

Starting with the revolvers I show off the absolutely gorgeous blued finish on the Umarex Colt Single Action Army BB Revolver and it all I can say is it really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate how great it looks. I was not expecting the blued version to look nicer than the Nickel version but in my opinion it is my favorite of the two. And that's not to say the Nickel version is not a great looking pistol in it's own right.

I've been waiting a while to see firsthand the Webley & Scott MK6 CO2 BB Revolver and it finally came this week. Another really well built and designed classic Revolver to add to the list of shell loading CO2 BB Revolvers. I was really impressed with the trigger and hammer action, both single and double action feel super smooth and the position of the hammer makes for really easy draw for single action shooting. The 2.4 pound all metal weight give the Webley & Scott MKVI great balance and realism, while the top-break design makes for super easy loading.

Not to be mistaken with the Full Metal Shell Loading Umarex Colt Python 357, I take a look at the more affordable Umarex Polymer Colt Python 357 that fits the bill nicely when looking for a BB Revolver with a nice hammer and trigger, fully adjustable sights, and higher than average capacity magazines than your standard revolver.

Last but not least I look at another fairly affordable CO2 BB Pistol, the Umarex HK45. It's a pretty basic CO2 BB pistol but looks really good and has decent weight with its metal slide. The HK45 features white dot sights, a Picatinny rail, an all metal drop out stick magazine and full Heckler and Koch licensing.

Maks sure to check these guns out in our Canada Replica Airguns Store.

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Most Powerful Air Pistol Shootout

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In this "head to head to head" pistol shootout I compare three of my more powerful, or you could say effective air pistols against each other. Shooting at some pop cans from about 30 feet away to see how destructive each one is. I don't generally recommend air pistols for pest control simply because they tend to be less accurate and powerful than rifles, especially out at the longer ranges where a magnified scope is required and notably where the pesky vermin like to hang out.

I would have to say out of the three tested in this video comparison, the Webley Alecto in .22 caliber and the Modified Drozd Full Auto BB Gun would for sure get the job done at closer ranges. The Webley Alecto simply because it can hurl a heavy grain .22 caliber lead pellet right around the 500 fps mark which will take down small pests, again at close ranges.

My second choice or even first choice depending on how active the pest are would be my modified full auto 1200 rounds per minute Drozd that hurls 4.5mm Steel BB's at over 500 fps (under 4.2 foot pounds) at a rate of 20 BB's per second! A 4.5mm Steel BB traveling at 500 fps will penetrate fur and feathers very well and with most of the 20 BB's hitting a target in a matter of 1 second, that is going to humanly put a small to even medium sized pest down for sure. And yes the Drozd becomes a pistol when yuo take the rear stock off ;)

My last choice for the job is the Xisico XSP180 in .177 caliber since like the Webley Alecto it is only a single shot, so you got to make it count and being that it has less overall energy than the Webley Alecto again I would prefer the Alecto over the XSP180.

Watch my "head to head to head" YouTube video to see how these three pellet pistols compare:

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Webley Tempest Ultimate Back Packer Pellet Pistol Review

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A classic air pistol with its roots going as far back as the 1920's, the Webley Tempest still holds its own with todays modern sprig piston air pistols. And perhaps in one category (Back Pack Pistol) it may even outshine most of them!

Even though for the most part this website and YouTube channel are dedicated to replica style airguns, there are still many of us who plain and simple like all types of airguns and both appreciate and at times even need more of a single purpose target / hunting airgun for either pest control or taking with us while in the back country.

If you plan on spending some time in the wilderness and may even be required to fend for yourself in terms of food, you would, I am sure appreciate something like the Webley Tempest in your backpack. It will add an additional 2.1 pounds plus the weight of a tin of lead pellets but you never know, it could even save your life if you get lost or injured and need to camp out till help arrives.

The really great part about the Webley Tempest is that it is considered an uncontrolled firearm here in Canada because it just squeezes under our Canada limits in terms of fps and power so you can legally pack it around with you while out hiking, camping, backpacking or what have you. With that said I feel the Webley Tempest still has enough fps, foot pounds of energy and accuracy to wrangle up some small game at close range.

In this YouTube video I demonstrate the effectiveness of the Webley Tempest at taking down 6 "small game" sized targets at a distance of 30 feet or so shooting free hand. I also put a couple of rounds through the Chronograph using some RWS 11.9 grain lead pellets to show you that it has some decent power for such a small compact spring piston air pistol.

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Webley Alecto and Tempest Back in Stock - Update Video

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Two of our most popular single shot target/hunting pellet shooters are back in stock again after what has been a rather long delay. The truth of the matter is we just didn't have a supplier for them anymore here in Canada until now. Webley as a company has been through some pretty big changes over the past several years and now hopefully it has all been worked out and supply will be steady.

Don't worry about the quality, that is still top notch! We now have the Turkish made Webley Alecto and Webley Tempest (both available in .177 and .22 caliber pellets) back in stock and I am happy to say the Alecto has even been improved with an upgraded Air Reservoir and even higher fps than before which means the Webley Alecto and the Webley Tempest now shoot right up to our maximum fps here in Canada before becoming restricted firearms so no need for an R-PAL which means happy shooting in places other than a gun range!

I would even rcomend both these Webley pistols for small pest control especially in the .22 caliber versions as they have the power and accuracy to get the job done.

Buy Webley Airguns in our Canada Store - Buy Webley Airguns in our US Store

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Webley Tempest Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review


Type: Apring piston air pistol.

Manufacturer: Webley.

Model: Tempest.

Materials: Mostly metal with minimal plastic parts.

Weight: 2.1 pounds.

Barrel: 6.9 inches, metal rifled.

Propulsion: Spring-piston-operated.

Action: Single shot.

Ammunition Type: .177 & .22 caliber pellets.

Ammunition Capacity: 1 pellet.

FPS: 400-499.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Webley Tempest is very good, being that it is single action, there is next to no take-up and the pull itself is very light, yet not so light that you would accidentally shoot the gun. This helps a lot with accuracy. And to top it off, you can even adjust the trigger pull weight to your liking from 3-5 pounds!

Accuracy: Being that the Webley Tempest is a spring piston design, there is a noticeable amount of felt recoil when the spring snaps backwards, and I say backwards because it compress towards the front of the gun. With many spring piston rifles the spring snaps forwards almost giving a reverse recoil effect. The Webley Tempest recoil hits you in a familiar direction which made the airgun feel a bit more natural and I believe helped me to get a nice 1.5 inch 5 shot grouping from 30 feet out in a semi rested position. I also got a 400 fps average rating form my .22 caliber 11.9 grain RWS pellets which took me right up to the Canadian limit of 5.7 Joules to stay just within the limits of the uncontrolled firearm status for an airgun. FEW!

Build Quality: Build quality is very good, most of the gun is all metal with a few plastic parts, basically the nose cap and hand grips, everything else is metal on the Tempest. The Webley Tempest has a nice compact size for a spring piston design and has a nice weight to it making it feel very solid but not overly heavy. I do have to say the cocking effort is very heavy and you will have to try a few different techniques until you find a way that works for you.

Realism: This is not a replica airgun so to speak of but the basic pistol grips and trigger are designed to replicate a revolver more than anything. The Tempest is very unique and its basic design roots go back to the 1920's.

Purchased From: the Replica Airguns Store.


  • Very accurate for a spring piston air pistol.
  • One crank - one shot.
  • Mostly metal and very solid!
  • Fully adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
  • Small and compact yet very effective power.
  • Trigger pull adjustable from 3-5 pounds.


  • If you're left handed the grips will not be as comfortable for you.
  • Sight adjustment will take some time to get right.
  • Spring recoil takes some getting used to so practice - practice - practice.
  • Cocking effort especially on the .22 caliber model is very heavy.


Some people may qualify the fact that this "new version" is now made in Turkey but with that said I have been selling the Turkish made Webley Alecto for some time now and it has been one of my most trouble free airguns in the web-store. The Tempest looks to me to be just as well made and a nice perk with the Turkish made Tempest is its jump in velocity with the .22 actually hitting 400 fps and the .177 getting right around 500 fps, not bad at all for a fairly short barreled pistol. I also really like the small size this airgun has, it's no larger or heavier than say a Beretta 92 yet somehow it has to cram all the mechanics for the spring piston design into it and still get good performance. The only real reason I would not recommend this gun to some people is if you are of slight build or perhaps have some hand or wrist problems because it does take some effort to cock this gun, if this is a factor for you, you may want to go with the .177 caliber version as it does have a lighter cocking effort.

Webley And Scott .177.jpg
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New Lower US Store Webley Alecto Pricing!

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When it comes to Airguns and Blank Guns, it's not often that an item is actually more money to buy in the US but with the Webley Alecto, it was actually more money in the US so I got to thinking, why not ship our Canada version to our US customers so they can save a few bucks! Both the US and Canada Webley Alecto are the same with only one exception, the Canada version has been detuned but this can be easily rectified with a simple valve modification (Instructions delivered after purchased from Replica Airguns).

Of course you can still buy the Alecto here in Canada at the already low Canadian price.

Buy Webley Alecto in Canada   -   Buy Webley Alecto in the US

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Crosman M4-177 Pellet-BB Rifle & Old West M1873 Blank Revolver Update Video


It's always good to start the week off with an update video so everyone knows what's happening short-term and long-term...

I recently acquired a couple new items that I will be reviewing in the near future (along with several other reviews that I will be trying to get to ASAP!) First off is the Crosman M4-177 which is basically a multi-pump pellet and BB shooting replica of an AR or M4 styled carbine used by the US military. The Crosman M4-177 is mostly plastic on the outside but on first inspection seems to be built fairly well. It has removable metal sights and the magazine is also detachable but is not used as a magazine but rather a compartment for storage. The unit I have is the Canadian detuned version which shoots .177 caliber lead pellets and 4.5mm steel BB's at under 500 fps.

I don't currently sell the Crosman M4-177 in the Canada Replica Airguns Store but I do have it available for purchase in the US Replica Airguns Store for my US customers.

I also received my first old west blank shooting revolver (M1873), I have wanted one of these for a while and finally got my hands on one :) Unfortunately this one has a plugged barrel so it vents out of the cylinder area which may get a bit messy. I may see about making this one a front venting gun if possible and of course as long as it's within the law as I plan to make sure the cylinder stays semi plugged so no actual rounds could ever be shot out of it. The Old West M1873 Blank Revolver holds six .380 crimped blanks and is an all metal and wood construction. This should be a fun review!

I also touch upon a few other guns on the list of items I need to review and by the way in an attempt to get caught up I will be doing my Table Top and Shooting reviews combined.

Here are some of the guns that I will be reviewing over the next while...

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Kimar M85 & Lady K - Webley Tempest - Daisy Powerline 5501 Update


I wanted to make a quick video to showcase a few items I will be reviewing and some of which are also for sale in the Replica Airguns Store.

First off we have a few of the new front firing Kimar Model 85's (Orange Slide) left in Canada. I stated out with 9 and I am not down to 3 so hurry on this one if you want one in Canada. If you are in the US, I also have them for sale in my US Replica Airguns Store in both Black and Nickel.

Next up I just wanted to show you a Kimar Lady K that will show up some time down the road in a video review, this item is now in my personal collection and sorry it is not for sale in either my Canada or US store at this time.

I have had lots of requests to review the Daisy Powerline 5501 and to be honest I have wanted to get this one for some time and even though it is available for sale in our US Replica Airguns Store I have not had the opportunity to pick one up until now so look forward to that review again some time down the road...

Last but not least I wanted to give you a closer look at the new Turkish made high powered Webley Tempest I have available in the Canada Store, these ones shoot as hard as legally possible within our Canada limitation to be classified as uncontrolled firearms and they make  great compact pest control pistols that you can keep handy for when required.

OK, so that's it for now and be sure to watch the full reviews of these guns when I get to them shortly!

 Buy the Kimar M85 in the Canada Store  Buy the Kimar M85 in the US Store

Buy the Daisy Powerline 5501 in the US Store

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Higher FPS Webley Tempest Now Available in Canada Store


The classic Webley Tempest is now available in the Replica Airguns Canada Store and let's set the record straight right from the start. This is a the latest made in Turkey version and it really smokes! From most peoples reviews the fit and finish are comparable to previous versions and we will just have to take their word for it as I have never had a Webley Tempest to compare one to? I can tell you the new Turkish made Webley Tempest is very well made air pistol and when it comes to power this gun take it right to the edge in terms of what is legal as an unregulated airgun in Canada.

I tested both the .177 caliber and .22 caliber Webley Tempests and they both shot very hard, keep in mind, with added velocity there is also added cocking effort and the .22 caliber definitely uses a stronger spring as it also has more energy behind the fast moving .22 caliber pellets. The .22 is not for everyone because it take a lot for work to cock this bad boy!

These are the results I got shooting the Webley Tempests using my Chronograph:

  • .177 Caliber
  • 6.9 grain pellets used
  • 499 fps
  • 3.8 foot pounds
  • 5.2 Joules
  • .22 Caliber
  • 11.9 grain pellets used
  • 400 fps
  • 4.2 foot pounds
  • 5.7 Joules

Here is some more info on the new Turkish Webley Tempest:

This is the latest and most powerful (made in Turkey) version of the original barrel over cylinder design that made Webley pistols world famous. Positively locked barrel using the famous Webley revolver type stirrup.
The Webley Tempest is a spring-operated, single shot; break barrel air pistol fitted with a precision-rifled barrel primarily suited to waisted lead pellets. The gun is available in either .177 or .22 caliber. The gun incorporates many additional design features, which include: adjustable trigger, manual safety catch (i.e. selective use), adjustable rear sight with vertical and horizontal adjustment. Handle is designed to fit the hand, with a thumb rest and checkered grips.
  • .177 or .22 cal. pellet versions
  • Spring-operated, break barrel
  • Single shot
  • 400fps .22 - 499fps .177 (REALLY!)
  • 2 pounds
  • 6.89 inch steel rifled barrel
  • Adjustable sights & trigger
  • Manual safety
  • Comes with manual
  • Strong Cocking Effort!!

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Webley Alecto HP-01 .22 cal. Air Pistol Shooting Test


The Webley Alecto (AKA: Zoraki HP-01) may not fit in exactly as a "Replica" Airgun, although it does resemble a bloated Dessert Eagle! But it is an Airgun worthy of spending some time reviewing an this is now my third YouTube Video review for the Webley Alecto. My first Video Review was a Table Top Review where I covered most of the Webley's basic operation. My second YouTube Video was a Chronograph Test to see what my Webley Alecto could do performance wise for FPS.

I really wanted to do a video of this gun just shooting because that's what it does best, put lead down range very accurately! So I setup three cameras to capture it all from just about every angle I could think of and I set up 30 feet away from my target and shot 5 rounds in a rested position using a Red Dot Scope. The results where not surprising - pretty close to a 1/2 inch grouping!

If you're looking for a compact, hard hitting, accurate target or small pest control Air gun then look no further, the Webley Alecto has the goods!

Watch the full Multi-angle YouTube Video of my Webley Alecto Shooting Test:

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Webley Alecto - Zoraki HP-01 .22 Caliber for Pests and Vermin Control


I want to say first off that I don't take any pleasure in killing animals, even the ones that invade my home and eat my crops, but unfortunately there are times when you have to do what you have to do and restore order.

I live on six acres of land and only really have a problem with two pests, and that would be Rats and Flying Rats, (otherwise known as Crows). The Rats get into my garbage and even into the house at times and chew and eat things that don't belong to them making a big mess. The Crows on the other hand eat the cherries and plums on my fruit trees and seem to take pleasure in killing the Blue Jays and Robbins that are trying to make a home on my farm.

I have purchased a dedicated .22 caliber Crosman Quest 800 pellet gun that is capable of 800 fps for the humane elimination of the Rats and Crows that are not welcome on my land. I use this Pellet Rifle most of the time to quickly and humanely dispose of the pests and vermin.

I recently purchased the Webley Alecto (Zoraki HP-01) in .22 Caliber and thought it would make a great compact pest control gun as it has good power and accuracy and is available in .22 caliber which puts more raw energy into the target. It is the time of year again when the young Crows that have not yet learned to stay away from my property start coming around and causing a nuisance, so I thought this would be as good a time as any to try out my Webley Alecto.

The target was a medium sized crow about 40 feet away. My Webley Alecto was sighted in and ready to go with 18 grain Beeman Crow Magnum hollow point pellets. I pumped it up to the max and took aim, the crow immediately went down and landed in my pool area. Unfortunately I winged him, I really mean it because his wing was obviously broken. I waited for him to settle down (there was nowhere for him to go in the fenced off area) and put one last round into him, again from at least 40 feet away. The second shot was a head shot and it was game over.

I was shooting a bit far out for open sights in this case but even so I put both shots into the Crow. Adding a low power Scope or even a Red Dot would make extended range shooting with the Webley Alecto a bit more precise. The Webley Alecto is definitely up for the job of taking care of the Pests and Vermin around your home or farm. My father is even going to pick up a Webley Alecto for his hunting trips to use as a grouse gun when he is out hunting larger game. The Webley Alecto is fully legal to carry in Canada (non-controlled firearm) and very compact.

Well hopefully I have not offended anyone? Just remember, this is a gun website and guns get used for many things, one of which is taking care of business - just as they where designed to do!

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