Zoraki R1 (2.5) Blank Revolver on its way.


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I'm generally not a big revolver fan, but I kind of like the look of this little snub nosed 9mm Blank shooting revolver by Atak Arms. (Thanks to Rob who who sent me a comment about this gun being available in Canada)

To be honest, I find it weird that a bunch of these Zoraki blank guns are allowed in Canada, and I have a feeling it may all come to an end, so my plan is to acquire all three before the party's over! I already have the Zoraki 914 Semi/Full Auto in Gloss Black and I just ordered up a Zoraki R1 (2.5) Revolver in Satin with Black grips from CanadaAmmo.com. So all that's left is the Zoraki 925 Semi/Full Auto. The 925 is basically a re-skined 914 that looks like a small compact UZI machine-gun and it even has an optional 25 round magazine!

So hopefully I get my Zoraki R1 next week some time and I can include it in my October field test where I plan to fire off all my Blank guns. The plan is to have this coincide with all the Halloween fireworks noise.

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