Zoraki 914 and Kimar Lady K Blank Gun Review


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I received these Blank Shooters at different times. The Kimar Lady K (Walther PPK Replica), I acquired before the Canadian Blank Replica ban and the Zoraki Mod.914 I purchase just recently from Vinzer Sports. I don't often get the chance to shoot these guns because they are just so darn loud! I even though I live on a farm, I still get nervous shooting off a couple rounds in fear that the cops might show up... 

Some of the Blank Gun specs:

  • The Zoraki Mod.914 shoots 9mm P.A.K. blank ammunition
  • The Zoraki Mod.914 has a 14 round magazine
  • The Zoraki Mod.914 can shoot in either semi auto or full auto modes
  • The Zoraki Mod.914 vents from the front of the barrel
  • The Zoraki Mod.914 is NOT considered a replica because it does not closely resemble any other guns
  • The Kimar Lady K shoots 8mm P.A.K. blank ammunition
  • The Kimar Lady K has a 6 round magazine
  • The Kimar Lady K can shoot in semi auto mode only
  • The Kimar Lady K vents from the top of the barrel
  • The Kimar Lady K IS considered a replica and therefore is prohibited in Canada

Here is a quick summary of these Blank Guns…

The construction of these Blank Guns is very different, the Zoraki Mod.914 is made with standards close to a real firearm and looks and feels very much like a real gun. The Kimar Lady K is not nearly as refined and lacks the fit and finish but still functions very well as a blank shooter.

The Zoraki Mod.914 has a double stack magazine that holds a staggering 14 rounds but this does make the handle a bit on the thick side. The Kimar Lady K has a single stack magazine that only holds 6 rounds but this makes the handle much thinner and easier to tuck away.

Both guns vent out of the barrel but only the Zoraki Mod.914 vents out of the front making it more realistic when shooting. The Kimar Lady K vents out of the top of the barrel which takes away from the realism and also makes the Blank Gun much louder to shoot as the sound tends to travel back towards the shooter.

The Zoraki Mod.914 can shoot in semi auto and full auto modes while the Kimar Lady K is a semi auto only shooter. That said, I don't think I'll be shooting in full auto mode too often as blank ammunition is actually more expensive than regular 9mm ammo!

If you live in Canada you really don't have too many option available, pretty much all I could find for blank shooters are the Zoraki Mod.914 and Mod.925 as both of these Blank Shooter are not considered replicas. In the US there are definitely way more options available if you're looking for a blank gun, the only downside to US blank guns is that they all have to vent from the top of the barrel.

Here is the YouTube Video of my Zoraki 914 and Kimar Lady K Blank Gun Comparison/Review:

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