Replica Airguns Store FAQ

Is everything you sell legal to buy and own in Canada or the US, do I need a license to purchase from you?
Everything we sell is legal to sell, in the appropriate location where you are shopping in and without a license at the time we sell it. There may be instances where an item could be reclassified as a restricted or prohibited weapon but this does not happen very often and is beyond our control. If you are shopping in our US based store, you need to checkout the US Shipping Restrictions by Location.

I thought Replica guns where prohibited in Canada?
Yes replica guns are prohibited in Canada. However, Airguns that shoot metal or lead BB's or pellets, Airsoft guns that shoot a .20 gram plastic BB over 366 fps and blank firing signaling devices fall into a different category and are not considered Replicas. Please read the “Uncontrolled” firearms section of Memorandum D19-13-2 for more information on this.

How old do I have to be to buy an Airgun or Blank gun from you?
In Canada the legal age is 16 years old and in the US it is 21.

If I do something stupid with my air or blank gun, will the cops take it away?
Yes, and the police may charge you with something just for being stupid.

What methods of Payments do you take?
We accept PayPal and we also accept Email Money Transfers for our Canadian customers with EMT enabled bank accounts. Keep in mind that PayPal offers a variety of payment options and you don't need a PayPal account to use a credit card with PayPal.

Do you price match other online stores?
Yes we will do our best to price match other Canadian online stores whenever we can, this does not include items that are not in stock as some business will lower their pricing when they are out of stock. (this is a very sketchy practice and is shunned upon but unfortunately still happens!)

I pre-ordered a gun from you, when is it coming?
We sometimes offer "Pre-sale or "Pre-order" specials. This gives you the opportunity to purchase from us at a reduced cost before it is available in the Replica Airguns Store but will be arriving in the future. We generally have an estimated arrival date but these dates are not written in stone because there are many variables that can change the arrival date. In the event that a "pre-order or pre-sale" item becomes unavailable, we will offer you a refund or credit towards another item in the Replica Airguns Store.

Can I pickup my order from you directly to avoid shipping costs?
Sorry but we do not have a retail store for customers to visit as we are online based only.

Who do you use to ship your products?
We use Loomis and Canada Post to ship to our Canadian customers. We select the most appropriate shipping method based on where the order is going at our discretion. If you request a specific shipper we will consider your request but still ultimately make the final decision as to who we use. In the US we use a variety of shipping methods as we see fit.

How long does it take for my purchase to get to me after I place an order?
There are many factors involved in determining how long an order will take to get to you and I do not like to make promises because of this! Some of these factors are: The warehouse schedule as there are busy and slow times that effect how quickly an order can be picked and processed ready for shipping, this can take 1-4 business days! Another variable is the destination of the delivery.

What if an item gets lost or damaged while being delivered?
We are not responsible for an order once it is in the hands of the shipper, that said we generally place basic insurance on all orders and in the event that an order is lost or damaged while being shipped, we will assist you in the process of claiming the insured value for that item if it can not be found by the shipper.

Can I return an item if I don't like it?
We do not offer returns or exchanges because we do not sell used items and a returned item would be considered used. If you encounter a Manufacturer Defect with a purchased item within 30 days of purchase, we will have it fixed or replaced for you. This does not include tampered with items.

Also read our Terms & Conditions for additional information.