ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 4.5mm BB Machine Gun For Sale



I have had a lot of people ask to buy my Russian made ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 4.5mm BB Machine Gun and offer a lot of money for it and I have turned them all down, some may say I am crazy but the people offering the big bucks understand how rare this gun is here in North America and will pay what it takes to own one.

I was approached by the seller that I originally purchased my ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 from and he informed me that he has two brand new in the box units he has acquired and is willing to sell. So for those of you who wanted to buy mine from me, now is your chance to get one!

He is asking $850, "this is not a misprint", they are not cheap, they are a rare collectors item, if you can find one for less money then grab it quick.

Interested parties can send me an email and I will forward your information to the seller. You can work out the details with him. Good luck!

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