ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 4.5mm BB Machine Gun Review


Type: BB machine gun.
Manufacturer: ZMZ.
Model: Tyrex PPA-K-01.
Materials: Steel.
Weight: 3.24 pounds.
Barrel: 4.83 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Semi & full auto, single action.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB.
Ammunition Capacity: 25 round magazine.
FPS: 328-394 fps.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 is a bit on the heavy side even though it is single action only. In full auto mode this doesn't really matter too much, but in semi auto the heavy trigger can slow down how fast you can shoot your followup shots. You quickly forget about it though because you are having so much fun shooting the Tyrex :)

Accuracy: I was very impressed with the Tyrex PPA-K-01 BB machine guns accuracy in both semi and full auto. I was actually expecting it to do poorly in this area because of the sights, they are inverted or in other words when you are shooting with the stock open, the peep sight would be best suited and when shooting with the stock folded, the pistol "V" sight would be best suited. Unfortunately the setup is backwards on the BB gun version, perhaps a mixup in manufacturing? I may attempt to switch this around at some point. Even with hard to use sights, the Tyrex shot a 1.5 inch 8 shot group in semi auto from 20 feet out and a very respectable full auto burst grouping.

Build Quality: The ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 is not going to win any beauty contests and it's a bit rough around the edges but everything about it is made to last. It's virtually all steel with the exception of the grips and when I say steel, I mean the real hard stuff they put in actual firearms. You won't find any zinc in this BB gun! The Tyrex feel solid and tight with no slop in the moving parts at all, and when you shoot it, it feels like the real thing, minus the loudness and extra recoil of course.

Realism: The Tyrex PPA-K-01 is a very close copy of the Kedr PP-91 (9 x 18 mm Makarov) which is also made in the Russian ZMZ factory. You can tell them apart visually by the grips but other then that they are virtually the same! Based on the quality of the steel used in this gun I would bet money that the BB gun version is made in the same assembly plant and using the same steel.
Purchased From: Private sale


  • All "Steel" construction - Good weight and very solid gun.
  • Fit of the parts is very good.
  • Heavy blowback action.
  • Semi and full auto selectable with a nice high rate of fire in full auto.
  • Good accuracy in both semi and full auto.
  • Very Accurate Kedr PP-91replica.
  • Pretty easy operation.
  • The folding stock works very well and is very secure.
  • Not too bad amount off shots for this style - About 2-3 25 round magazines.
  • If you can find one you will be the only kid on the block with a Tyrex for sure!


  • Non adjustable sights.
  • Peep and "V" sight should be the other way around.
  • CO2 access can be a bit finicky and be very careful when removing it!
  • Finish is a bit rough but about what you would expect from many Russian made guns.
  • Supper hard to find and if you do find one you will pay a lot of money for it.

I have been wanting to get my hands on the ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 BB machine gun for some time now and I was willing to pay dearly for it! I am very happy with this purchase not just as a collector piece but one that I plan to take out and shoot often. Here in Canada the real version of this gun is completely unobtainable so this will have to do and even better yet I can shoot it in my backyard! The Tyrex PPA-K-01 is very pleasing to shoot and sounds more like a suppressed real gun then a BB gun adding to the enjoyment of shooting the Tyrex. Perhaps one day I'll swap the rear sight around and really see how well this BB gun shots?

My YouTube Video Review for the  ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 4.5mm BB shooting machine gun:


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