King Arms Thompson 1928 Ultra Grade AEG Airsoft Tommy Gun Added to Canada Store


Another Airsoft Rifle Addition in the Canada Replica Airguns Store, this one from King Arms, the King Arms Thompson 1928 Ultra Grade AEG Airsoft Tommy Gun. Also with an introductory sale price!

The Thompson M1928 Chicago Style 1928 Submachine Gun with Drum Magazine is an awesome weapon that delivers semi & fully automatic fire at outstanding velocities in the battlefield. This gun has a polished full metal body that recreates the awesome look and feel of a real Tommy gun. The gun features a metal gear box & steel bushings, a high-capacity 450 rd drum magazine and a shot velocity of 390-450 fps (using .20g BBs).

The front charging handle allows you to control the gun and an adjustable BAXS shooting system improves the accuracy of the gun when shooting from long distances. Own your enemies and order today! This rifle also Includes: 8.4 V 2000 mAh Ni-CD battery, 300 mah charger (6.5 hrs charge time), cleaning rod & manual.
  • Comes with charger and battery!
  • Shoots 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's
  • Full metal body
  • Imitation wood stock
  • Fully Licensed
  • Front charging handle
  • Adjustable BAXS shooting system
  • Metal Gearbox/Gears
  • 8.10 lbs.
  • 390-450 fps
  • 450 round magazine
  • Adjustable rear sight (windage & elevation)
  • Semi & full auto selectable
  • Orange Tip (Can be removed with heat)

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