Thompson 1928 Tommy Gun & ICS SG-551 SWAT AEG Airsoft Rifle Previews

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I was really excited to show you my two latest Airsoft rifle additions, the King Arms Thompson Chicago Style 1928 AEG Submachine Gun and the Cybergun ICS SIG SG-551 SWAT AEG Rifle. So I made a quick preview update video to share them both these guns with you.

The video is just a quick preview but you get to see the guns up nice and close and at the end I also show off my 9mm bullet Casing Ear Bud Headphones and talk a bit about what I like about them.

Without further ado here is My YouTube video featuring the Thompson M1928 Submachine Gun, ICS SIG SG-551 SWAT and 9mm Bullet Digital Stereo Earbuds:

Thompson 1928.jpg
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