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Which Sig Sauer P226 Airgun is the Best?

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In this comparison video I look at a variety of different Sig Sauer P226 Airguns and compare them to each other to determine which one I feel is the best Sig Sauer styled Airgun. Of course my choice may not be your choice :) 

Some of the airguns I consider in this comparison video are the: Umarex HPP BB Pistol, the Sig Sauer P226 Pellet Pistol, the Cybergun/KWC X-Five BB Pistols in Standard and Sight Rail versions, the Cybergun KJWorks KP01 P226 Airsoft Pistol, and the KJWorks KP02 P229 Airsoft Pistol.

So which Sig Sauer P226 did I like the best? Make sure to watch my YouTube Video and find out!

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Cybergun KWC Colt 1911 Rail Gun M45 A1 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Shooting Review

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Another Airgun Shipping Container (Sea Can) Shooting video and for this indoor filed test I put the KWC - Cybergun M45A1 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol through its paces.

What I am super happy about is that my Chrony Chronograph seems to be working really well as I tested a pellet, steel BB and Airsoft pistol out today and every single round through my Chrony got a reading :)

Now back to the Field Test Shooting Review at hand... I started off by placing 5 shots through my Chrony Chronograph using a brand new CO2 with .20 gram Airsoft BB's and got a really consistent reading for all 5 shots with an average of 357. The lowest shot was 353 and the fastest shot was 364 so all shots where really close in velocity. The container temperature was a near perfect shooting temperature of 23 degrees Celsius which was ideal for optimal CO2 velocity testing.

During my accuracy portion of this Field Shooting Test. I used my new seated in the back and sand bag rested up front shooting position which is about 30 feet back from my paper target. I did notice during my Chrony testing that the Cybergun KWC Colt 1911 Rail Gun M45 A1 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol liked to shoot a bit high, perhaps the hop-up needs a bit of twerking? So for my accuracy testing I shot at the bottom ring of the target, this helped me get more shots on the paper for sure but the Airsoft BB's still moved around a bit vertically. I was able to get about a 4-5 inch 10 shot grouping which is totally acceptable for a close range Airsoft sidearm and in an Airsoft battle I would think even shooting at about 50 feet or so I could easily hit a persons mid section consistently.

The Cybergun KWC Colt 1911 Rail Gun M45 A1 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol has a ton of blowback kick to it and a super nice single action trigger like all the KWC 1911's The modern Tactical coloration and trimmings makes this pistol a great choice as a present day side arm. It's real looker for sure with performance to match!

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SHOT Show 2017 KWA Booth

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And finally my last YouTube video from SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas! Sorry there is no Interview this time with KWA but I did talk a lot with the KWA folks over at SHOT Show this year and I even got to test out their Laser Targeting System designed to be used with several specifi KWA guns by laser-ammo.com.

Unfortunately we don't carry the KWA brand in the replica Airguns store, a few models sneak in when being distriubted by another company like ASG in the case of the ASG MP9. I would love to carry KWA Airsoft Products in the future since they really do make very high quality Airsoft guns.

KWA has a great selection of Airsoft pistols and rifles in both Gas Blowback and AEG formats. The quality reminds me of the KJWors Airsoft guns we sell in the Replica Airguns Canada Store, you can really feel the quality when you pick them up and hold them for yourself.

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My 2016 Favorite Replica Airgun Picks of the Year

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It's been a great year for Replica Airguns and I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorites that I reviewed this year. In this YouTube Video I show some of my top Replica Airgun picks for 2016 and talk a little bit about each one and what I like about it.

Here is a list of the Replica Airguns in this lineup:

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Why is My CO2 Airgun Not Working?


One of the most common types of question I get on my Replica Airguns YouTube channel has to be something like… Why is my Airgun not working? Most of the time the amount of info about the problem is limited to something like… “It was working yesterday but now it’s not working anymore” or something like “when I pull the trigger nothing happens”. My personal favorite is… “I took my gun apart and now it doesn’t work!”

I just made a similar video for Blank Guns and as I said in that video, trying to trouble shoot a mechanical or technical problem over the internet is very difficult, this goes for cars, guns, computers or what have you…

In this Why is My CO2 Airgun Not Working video I will however cover some of the more common and obvious problems I have seen relating to why a CO2 Airgun may not be working properly. I really don’t get a lot of questions about Spring Piston or Pump Airguns so I will be focusing on CO2 Airguns in this video. There will be a lot of crossover with CO2 Airsoft guns so this video may be helpful for some of you Airsofters out there

First let’s get the super obvious stuff out of the way! 

  • Did you put a new CO2 cartridge in it and is it pierced all the way?
  • Did you load BB’s or Pellets into the Airguns magazine and is the magazine in the gun correctly?
  • Is the safety off?
  • If the gun is a blowback semi auto single action Airgun then did you pull the slide back prior to the first shot?

CO2 Related Problems:

Not all CO2 cartridges are created equal, they often have slightly different shaped nubs on them and some brands will work better than others in different Airguns. If the shape of the CO2 nub does not fit properly into the valve area then it may not pierce or it could pierce but then not allow you to tighten it all the way losing all the CO2 in the process. If the CO2 is coming form the airguns handle to CO2 Valve area then this is an indication that your problem is related to the area where the CO2 enters the airgun.

There is a seal where the CO2 cartridge buts up to the valve, this seal can be damaged or even deformed from usage or even leaving your CO2 in the gun for too long. The outside CO2 Valve seal can also take the shape of a specific CO2 nub so when you use a different brand CO2 the seal may not properly make concat with the new CO2 type you are using, again causing leaking or even the total loss of all your CO2. Watch my YouTube video on “How to Fix Leaking CO2 in an Airgun”.

CO2 Valve Related Problems:

Again, make sure that Outside CO2 Valve Seal is in good condition and any leaking is not being caused by this problem, if you have checked the Out Side Seal and everything is OK with it then perhaps there is a problem with the CO2 valve?

One indication that your CO2 Valve might be the culprit is the total loss of all your CO2 when you try to insert and tighten a new CO2 Cartridge. Usually all the CO2 will exit the barrel, not the handle or valve area. What may be happening is the valve is stuck open or the internal seal is broken or deformed. If this is the case you will have to remove the valve and have a look inside, this is a lot easier on CO2 airguns that have the CO2 valve in the magazine, if the CO2 valve is in the actual Airguns then a lot more disassembly may be required and I would recommend an Airgun technician take care of this for you.

If the gavel is in the magazine then you will have to unscrew it, you may require a special tool for this? Once the valve is out of the magazine  take a look inside and examine the internal seal, also look for any bits of metal shavings as they can disrupt the action of the valve causing leaking. Give the inside of the valve a good clean and then lubricate it with some silence spray. hopefully that fixes your problem!

BB’s getting Stuck in the Blowback Gas Tube:

I have actually made a dedicated video for this problem so I will put a link to it in the description of this video. The main reason people may have this problem is because we all like to rack that slide on our full blowback Airguns, but if you have a fully loaded magazine then each time you reach that slide without shooting the gun, you are inadvertently trying to load another BB into the breach area, the breach is only designed to hold one BB at a time so after a few racks of the slide the newly loaded have no place to go but into the Gas Tube where they can get stuck and cause having to the operation of your Full Blowback CO2 Airgun.

BB’s Rolling Out of the Barrel of Your CO2 Airgun:

This is not actually a fault of the gun but happens because of the way the gun is designed. This situation can happen with certain CO2 Airguns when the gun user pulls the trigger really slowly while the gun is point slightly in a downward position. What is actually happening is the first part of the trigger is made to draw a BB from the magazine into the breach of the gun. If the barrel of the gun does not have a rubber hop-up stopper in it then the BB is free to roll down the barrel and out of the gun. How do you fix this problem? Be more committed to your trigger pull and or shoot at a target that is not so low. Perhaps place your targets slightly higher than the gun so the barrel is not pointing down, especially if you like to take your time with the trigger :)

A Little Maintenance Can Go a Long Way!

Sometimes a good cleans is all you need to do to get things working as they should, again I have already made video Tutorial Showing “How to Clean Airguns and Blank Guns”.

What about stuff like My Airgun is jammed or my trigger is stuck or some random part fell out of my gun?

There is only so much I can cover in this video, most other problems are going to get a bit more complicated to fix and I suggest if your Airgun is not working and the suggestions I have made in this video do not solve your problem, then consider taking your gun into a gun tech.

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Airsoft Gun Power Source Pro’s & Con’s


Power Sources Covered in this review: CO2 - Green Gas / Propane - Spring - AEG / AEP (Automatic Electric Gun - Airsoft Electric Pistol)


  • CO2 Airsoft Guns allow for fast repeat shooting, great for action shooters, generally CO2 Airsoft Guns will have a little more power then Green Gas Airsoft Guns. There is no need to pump or cock your CO2 powered Airsoft gun in-between shots and a CO2 power source can allow for a very realistic action of the gun you are shooting. 
  • Green Gas (Propane) Airsoft Guns operate much the same as CO2 Airsoft guns so they all make for great action shooters and the Green Gas powers the mechanical operation allowing for very realistic operation. Green Gas (Propane) Airsoft Guns can cost a little bit less to operate that a CO2 Airsoft Gun especially if you plan to use Propane as it can be cheaper to buy than the smaller 12 gram CO2 Cartridges.
  • Spring Airsoft Guns are generally fairly basic and low cost so they are the usually the most affordable Airsoft guns to buy. There is no need to buy CO2 or Green Gas or even a Battery and Charger Setup so the cost to shoot Spring Airsoft Guns is only going to be subject to the Airsoft BB’s you plan on buying.
  • AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) have the most consistent power as they use a spring internally that the electric motor draws back before each shot, the internal spring will essentially apply the same force to the Airsoft BB’s with each shot. AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) are a great option when you are wanting a Full Auto Airsoft gun since there is no cool down effect and as long as your batteries are charged and you have Airsoft BB’s in your magazine, the gun will simply keep shooting. AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) allow for the highest capacity magazines and often hold as many as 500 Airsoft BB’s in a single magazine. So if you’re looking for raw firepower an AEG or AEP Airsoft Gun is your best option. Once you have purchased your AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) and a battery and charger setup, they are fairly inexpensive to operate since no CO2 or Green Gas is required.


  • CO2 Airsoft Guns require the additional cost to buy the CO2 cartridges as they will not function without it. CO2 Airsoft Guns have a limited power output and lose power as you shoot and use up the CO2. CO2 Airsoft Guns are effected by hot and cold temperatures and will have less power in colder temperatures and may not even work in super cold environments. CO2 Airsoft Guns will have a more conservative ammunition capacity since too high of a capacity magazine would freeze up the magazine and even the gun.  
  • Again since Green Gas (Propane) Airsoft Guns work much like CO2 Airsoft Guns, they are effected by cool down and lose power when shoot quickly or as the Green Gas or Propane runs low. Green Gas does not expand as much as CO2 so it will not be as powerful and even less effective in colder temperatures. Green Gas Airsoft Guns will have a more conservative ammunition capacity since too high of a capacity magazine would freeze up.
  • Spring Airsoft Guns are not the best action shooters since you need to manually operate the slide to pullback the spring prior to each shot, this does work well with Pump, Lever and Bolt Action Airsoft guns but is not the best option for pistols since most real steel pistols operate in semi auto mode.
  • If you plan to use your AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) in a battle then it will require a multi battery setup which does cost a bit more upfront. AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) are know to not operate as realistically as a CO2 or Green Gas Airsoft gun since CO2 and Green Gas Guns do allow for the same realistic mechanical operation which can give very believable blowback operation, this is hard to replica with an AEG Airsoft Gun.
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When is an Airgun Better than a Real Gun?

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This is not to say that a “Real Gun” is not as good as an Airgun or better in other ways, in this video I’m just pointing out how an Airgun in some cases can actually be better suited than a Real Gun.

Availability: What I mean by this, is that in many countries Real Guns can be very hard to acquire and often require safety course and applications before one can purchase a Real Gun. I have no problem with this but it is a reality that must be considered. Having an Airgun versus not having a gun at all makes it a better option for people that live in countries that have strict gun laws. Here in Canada we are allowed Real Guns, even pistols but we do have restriction on our pistols and so I can only get certain guns in an Airgun version. As a collector this is better than not having the gun at all.

Price to Buy: Generally speaking you can pickup an enter level Airgun for much less money than a real gun.

Cost to Shoot: Real gun ammo prices have been steadily increasing to the point that a day out shooting can cost several hundred dollars just on the ammunition alone.

Comparison of Price: 

  • 50 rounds of 9mm ammo will cost around $18.00
  • 6000 rounds of 4.5mm Steel BB will cost about $18.00
  • CO2 is a bit less than $1 per 12 gram Cylinder which can yield up to 100 shots each.
  • To shoot 100 rounds of 9mm will cost close to $40 versus 100 shots of 4.5mm steel BB at around $1.
  • For this reason alone an Airgun can make a lot of sense even for Real Gun owners looking to get more cost effective practice time.

Access to Shooting Locations: Depending on where you live you will have to consider your local laws and where you are allowed to shoot both types of guns but typically you can shoot an Airgun safely just about anywhere as long as you implement some backstop safety precautions. Here in Canada we can only shoot a pistol at designated gun ranges, where as Airguns have a lot more allowances to shot them as long as you are not braking any city bylaws.

Training Guns: Even if you plan to eventually step up to a Real Gun at some point, an airgun is a great option to first learn proper gun handling skills since if you where to make a mistake, the consequences are much less severe. Airguns are also a lot less intimidating than a real gun since they are much quieter and have less recoil, you don’t even need to wear ear protection with most Airguns which means an instructor can communicate to his pupil on the range a lot easier.

Prop Guns: Since Replica Airguns look so much like real guns these day, they can often be used as a safer substitute for use in Movie, TV or other Photo and Video productions. Using a Real Gun on set generally requires a certified “Gun Wrangler” be on hand as Real Guns must be transported, stored and handled using very strict regulations. Airguns generally do not need to follow the same rigid regulations that Real Guns are bound to.

Tactical Training with Live Targets: Obviously shooting a real gun at a live target would not fair well for anyone involved, so that is completely out of the question. Airsoft Airguns are however perfect for Tactical Training and other weapons based simulations. All that is required for safety when using Airsoft guns is the use of eye protection and generally some heavy clothing.

I am sure there are some more areas in which Airguns may have the advantage over a Real Gun but these are the main ones that I could think of.

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My Favorite BB Pellet Airsoft and Blank Replica Guns

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It has been a while since I picked out some of my favorite guns, after all my favorite gun picks change on a daily basis since there are so many awesome guns out there to pick from.

This YouTube video is a little different since I pick out my favorites from a bunch of mostly replica gun categories including Steel BB, Pellet, Airsoft, Revolvers and Blank Pistols.

You may notice most of my picks happen to be blowback guns but to me airguns are all about being as realistic as possible and having blowback operation to me help to simulate the realism that much more. The exception in this video is in the pellet gun category since I decided on a pellet gun that was more about function and purpose over being any type of real replica.

Hopefully you take the time to watch my entire YouTube video since I also bring out some close runner ups but here is a list of my top picks on this day, tomorrow it could be a completely different list of guns ;) 

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KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Field Test ReviewPHOTO2

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In this Field Test Shooting video I test out the KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol to determine what the real work velocity is and also how well it performs in terms of accuracy. To test velocity I use a my Chrony Chronograph and do my best to get 5 good readings which I then average out. I always use a brand new 12 gram CO2 cartridge and generally use .20 gram plastic Airsoft BB's for my entire Field Testing. To test accuracy I set myself up 30 feet back using a semi rested position, to do this I place a sand bag to rest my hand and gun on and then stand securely in the back while I place 10 rounds on a paper target. There is obviously some humane factor involved but I can usually get a good idea on how accurate a given gun is.

During the Velocity or Feet Per Second Chronograph testing, I did manage to get 5 good readings, not all in a row but all within the first 10 or so shots. The KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol shot hard and averaged 420fps again using .20 gram Airsoft BB's.

For my accuracy testing, all 10 shots placed within about 3 inches and they where fairly well centered left to right but did shoot a little bit high, this could be corrected using the hop-up adjustment to bring the Airsoft BB's down just a little.

I was rather surprised at how loud the KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is, it is by far one of the loudest CO2 Pistols I have shot to date other than the Umarex Desert Eagle Pellet Pistol. The KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol also has a lot of blowback kick which makes it a lot of fun to shoot. Don't expect a lot of shots per CO2 since it uses a lot of CO2 per shot but in my books it is worth it for the added blowback recoil.

The KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol may shoot a little bit hot for indoor Airsoft close quarters games but if you plan to use it outdoors at longer ranges it would definitely send Airsoft BB's out to further away targets. You could also pickup a Green Gas Magazine to lower the FPS about 50fps or so which would calm the KJWorks KP-11 down enough for indoor shooting.

Make sure to also checkout my full Table Top Video Review for more info on specifications and features for the KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol.

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VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol.

Manufacturer: Cybergun - VFC.

Model: FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical

Materials: Metal and Polymer.

Weight: 2.09 pounds (950 grams).

Barrel: 4 inches, metal non-rifled.

Propulsion: GBB - Green Gas or Propane.

Action: Semi auto, single & double action with full blowback.

Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 25 round full size drop out metal magazine.

FPS: 366+ with extended barrel.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol is surprisingly light in single action mode, there is also minimal takeup. When shooting in double action the trigger pull length is much longer and heavier and has a bit of a stickiness too it but since this is a blowback pistol most of your shooting will be in single action mode where the trigger feels great!

Accuracy: I haven't done a dedicated Field Test Shooting Video yet for the VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol but I did get the chance to play around with it when I did my I.C.U. 2.0 HD Action Camera review. In terms of power and accuracy it feels pretty good and you can expect to get decent power and accuracy out of it, we will have to wait and see how it performs on paper targets and when tested on the Chrony.

Build Quality: The VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol is well made overall, I have found pretty much all the VFC airguns I have gotten my hands on seem to be well made and very realistic. you will find metal parts where they would be on the real Steel version of this pistol and same goes for plastic parts like the frame in this case. The finish seems to be holding up nicely too for me.

Realism: VFC really seams to pay a lot of attention to every detail of their Airsoft guns and the VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol is no exception. All the mechanical working parts on this Airsoft version work as they would on the real .45 ACP FN Herstal FNX45, even the extractor is a separate part not moulded into the slide like you would find on most Airsoft pistols. You also get Interchangeable Back Straps to accommodate different hand sizes and of course it's fully FN licensed!

Purchase it from:The Replica Airguns Store


  • Excellent reproduction of the real steel FN Herstal FNX45 in looks and operation.
  • Very Crisp Firm full blowback operation.
  • Excellent fit and finish.
  • Everything is Ambidextrous so great for lefties too.
  • High Rise sighs suitable for the addition of a moc suppressor.
  • Comes with two interchangeable internal barrel lengths.
  • Fully field strip-able.
  • Fully FN Herstal Licensed.


  • Comes with a red tip.
  • Magazine is kind of shiny
  • My serial number plate fell off while shooting it so make sure yours is on tight.


Like I have mentioned throughout this review, VFC not only makes super realistic Airsoft guns, they also make a really high quality product. The VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol is another example of this and offers everything you would hope to expect in an Airsoft Replica! The only down side is the orange tip  but that can be sorted out easy enough after you get it. It's definitely not a small gun so keep that in mind when deciding on buying it, overall the VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol is a really nice Airsoft gun at a reasonable price point.

My YouTube Video Review for the VFC FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol:

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KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: Blowback Airsoft Pistol.
Manufacturer: KJWORKS.
Model: KP-11 M1911 Hi-Capa
Materials: Metal slide with Polymer frame.
Weight: 2 pounds (930 grams).
Barrel: Metal non-rifled smooth bore.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Blowback, Single action only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 28 rounds.
FPS: 360+ fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KJWorks KP-11 1911 is very good since it is modeled after a real steel 1911 which makes it short and crisp with a nice light trigger pull. There is a very slight take-up at the very beginning of the pull but once your get past this the release is crisp and predictable. Since it is not a double action trigger you will need to either rack the slide for your first shot or pull the hammer back if you have already chambered a round.

Accuracy: I have not done my actual Field Test Shooting video review for the KJWorks KP-11 M1911 Airsoft Pistol so I do not have any definitive feedback for you but based on my experiences shooting other KJWorks 1911 styled Airsoft CO2 Pistols I expect it to have great blowback action recoil, a nice trigger and good overall FPS and accuracy. In terms of reliability, KJWorks pistols are solid in this department.

Build Quality: As expected, the KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol build quality is exactly like all the other KJWorks Airsoft guns I've tested so far, Build quality for the price point is top notch with tolerances between the moving parts like the slide and frame are extremely tight showing excellent workmanship and machining from KJWorks. The finish is always a step above other similar styled Airsoft and BB guns, youn really don't have to worry about the finish coming of as easy.

Realism: The KJWorks CO2 KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 Blowback Airsoft Pistol copies the real steel very popular even today Colt 1911 45 caliber pistol, it can be field stripped very similarly to a real 1911 Semi Auto pistol and all parts function virtually the same including a working safety, grip safety, slide catch-release, magazine release and hammer. This Hi-Capa version has a more tactical look with a wider frame for what would be a double stack hi capacity styled magazine.

Available in the: Replica Airguns Store


  • Has really good weight but not too heavy since it has a polymer frame..
  • Expect to have typical KJWorks crisp and firm full blowback operation.
  • Excellent fit and finish. I like the mat textured finish which looks to bed super durable.
  • Nice bright white dot sights, really easy to see.
  • I like the look of the tactical hammer and trigger.
  • Nice high capacity magazine with a little extra zing for the CO2 Mag.
  • Fully field strip-able.


  • Is not really setup up for left handers with no real ambidextrous components.
  • CO2 magazine is long to accommodate the 12 gram CO2.
  • Grips may be a bit thick for smaller hands.

I love 1911 pistols and enjoy shooting them, there is something about how they feel in the hand that is different form most other pistols. They always feel so solid. The KJWorks Airsoft versions capture that feeling exactly and again the little bit more you may pay for a KJWorks 1911 over some other lesser quality Full blowback 1911's is worth the cost in my books. This Hi-Capa 1911 version with it's tactical look and finish would make a great game player for sure!

My YouTube Table Top  Review of the KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol:

Buy the KJWorks KP-11 1911 Airsoft Pistol in Canada

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Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph Field Test Review

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Recently I picked up my new Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph to replace my F-1 that has not been working so well for me in past videos... I wanted to get outside and give it a try shooting a few of the airguns that I was not able to test out properly. Now I know that under my patio deck, the lighting is not optimal even on sunny days and because of this I have never expected to get perfectly consistent fps recording but as many of you know, my old Chrony F-1 was pretty much not working at all near the end there.

I have ordered a light kit which will help out a lot especially when summer is over and the sky becomes more overcast. But for now I decided to test my Chrony Beta Chronograph under my deck roof as I have been testing all along and see if I can get better results with this newer Beta version.

So makes sure to watch my YouTube video testing of my Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph shooting a selection of airguns.

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KJWorks Beretta M9 Differences Explained

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I was personally confused about some of the similarities and differences between several models of KJWorks Beretta M9 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistols, so I decided to make a video where I go over 4 models of KJWorks M9 Pistols and point out the commonalities and differences between them.

Here are the 4 versions of KJWorks Beretta M9 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistols:

KJWorks M92 VE Airsoft CO2 Blowback Pistol:

Here is a list of the commonalties between them:

  • All are based on the Beretta M9.
  • All shoot 6mm plastic Airsoft BB’s. 
  • All of them come with interchangeable 25 round CO2 Magazines.
  • All of them shoot around 360+ fps.
  • All have a metal slide and frame.
  • All weigh close to the same weight (2.1 - 2.4 pounds).
  • All shoot in single and double action.
  • All have ambidextrous safeties. 
  • All have white dot sights.
  • Prices range from $184 -$200.

Here is a list of the differences between them:

  • The VE, Vertex and M9A1 come in a semi gloss finish while the Tactical is more of a matt black.
  • The VE and M9A1 have rails for accessory attachments while the Vertex and Tactical do not.
  • The Vertec, Tactical and M9A1 have laniard loops while the VE does not.
  • Some slight trigger guard differences between the models but very subtle. 
  • The Vertex and M9A1 share the same style classic Beretta pistol grip, The Tactical has a tactical finger pistol grip and the VE has it’s own unique pistol grip.

Make sure to watch my YouTube video where I cover this information in detail:

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KJWorks KP-11 - Cybergun FNX -45 Tactical Airsoft Pistol Preview

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Another Airsoft Pistol Preview Video to share with everyone. First up we have a nice lighter weight CO2 powered 1911 from KJWorks called the KP-11 The lower receiver is polymer which helps to keep this gun a little bit lighter all around but it still has good weight to it coming in at a little over 2 pounds, the grips are larger than some 1911's since the KP-11 has a double stack style full size drop out metal magazine. You will also find some nice Tactical upgrade like adjustable white dot sights, a lower rail for accessories and milled trigger and hammer.

I also show off an interesting and not all that common pistol from Cybergun, the FNX -45 Tactical in Gas Blowback. For import into Canada it ships with a longer barrel  which stick out of the front of the gun but it also comes with a shorter barrel you can install after your receive it. The Longer barrel gives the Cybergun FNX -45 Tactical Airsoft Pistol the extra velocity to allow it to be Canada import ready. The FNX -45 Tactical is a really detailed and well built Airsoft Pistol. By the way the FNX -45 Tactical is also availabl in Dark Earth color.

Here are some of the specifications for the KJWorks KP-11 and Cybergun FNX -45 Tactical Airsoft Pistols:

KJWorks KP-11 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol :

  • Ammo Type: 6mm Airsoft BB's.
  • Ammo Capacity: 28 Rounds.
  • Action: Single action only Semi auto.
  • Power Source: 12 gram CO2.
  • FPS: 366.
  • Weight: 2.2pounds (980 gram).
  • Length: 8.66 inches.

Cybergun FNX -45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol :

  • Ammo Type: 6mm Airsoft BB's.
  • Ammo Capacity: 25 Rounds.
  • Action: Single and double action Semi auto.
  • Power Source: Green Gas.
  • FPS: 380 with long barrel.
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds (820 gram).
  • Length: 8.66 inches.
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KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine

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Type: Airsoft Rifle.

Manufacturer: KJWorks

Model:KP-02 Version 2

Materials: Metal and Nylon Fiber build.

Weight: 5.84 Pounds (2650 Grams).

Barrel: 13 inch metalnon-rifled smooth bore.

Propulsion: Green gas or 12 Gram CO2 dependant on magazine used.

Action: Blowback,Single action only.

Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 29 rounds.

FPS: 410-440 fps

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine is pretty much exactly like a real Ruger 10/22, nice and short, not to light or heavy, crisp and single action only. If you already have a Ruger 10/22 and want to pickup this Airsoft version for some anytime shooting then you will not be disappointed in the trigger since it is already what you are used to.

Accuracy: I decided to setup my paper target a little further out than my standard 30 feet, so I took it back to around 50 feet and put around 24 shots into it in a fairly quick succession from a rested position. The KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine grouped continently and well centred on target getting around a 3 inch grouping. This was using a red dot scope but with the out of the box hop-up setting in place. I was a little bit surprised by my fps results as my Chronograph recorded an impressive 445 average 5 shot fps using the lower powered green gas magazine. All shot where within only a few fps of each other too! I can only imagine how hard this gun would shoot using the alternative CO2 Magazine. Blowback action was just enough to give some feedback and of course allowed for the bolt to cycle giving the KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine a true single action trigger pull.

Build Quality: The build quality for all KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine is very good with a nice weight and feel to it, It really does feel like I am holding a real Ruger 10/22 and it is one of the most popular semi auto 22LR rifles out there for a reason. Mechanically this Ryger 10/22 copy works great, super consistent and very responsive. The fit and finish as with all KJWorks guns is top notch.

Realism: The KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine is for all intents and purposes simple an Airsoft version of the Ruger 10/22 and even though I have no way to confirm this, I would imagine many 10/22 after market accessories may actually work with the KJWork 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine. Everything works just like it would on a real 10/22 without the loud noise and ejecting shells.

Available in the:Replica Airguns Store


  • Built on the very popular 10/22 platform so lots of people are going to be very familiar with this rifle and may want an Airsoft version they can shoot just about any time they feel like it.
  • Good weight and feel to it.
  • Blowback semi auto action with true single action trigger.
  • Lots of rail access points for tons of add on accessories.
  • Pop-up fully adjustable sights stay out of the way but are ready to go when needed.
  • Easy to adjust Hop-up.
  • Available magazines in both CO2 and Green Gas.
  • Adjustable AR styled rear stock with AR pistol grips.
  • Sling mounts included.
  • Works with standard Airsoft screw on flash hider or suppressors.
  • Awesome FPS and consistency.
  • Very accurate even at 50 feet, around a 3 inch 25 shot grouping.


  • No full auto mode.
  • Higher capacity mag would have been nice.
  • Would be nice to have a higher capacity magazine for it.


I am really impressed with the KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine! It feel and shoots a lot like the real steel version but with less noise and recoil. For back yard shooting fun and practice you can not find a cheaper gun out there to simulate shooting your real 10/22 and of course this rifle used on an Airsoft field would be a perfect fir for almost any shooting environment since it is light, compact, accurate and powerful. I think I found my newest favorite Blowback Airsoft Rifle :)

My YouTube Table Top  Review of the KJWork KC-02 Version 2 10/22 Gas Blowback Airsoft Carbine:

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Mike's Personal Guns for Sale - Airsoft Pistols

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Some more of my Personal airgun pistols for sale! I am showcasing here on the Replica Airguns website and over on the Replica Airguns YouTube channel a series of videos I am making for the purpose of selling some guns out of my personal collection. I simply have to make room for the new guns I will be testing and reviewing for everyone, my collection has gotten a little bit out of hand and needs to be thinned down a bit :)

In this 6th Mike's Personal Guns For Sale video, I am offering three of my Airsoft pistols, the super popular Dan Wesson 6 Inch Silver in pretty much brand new condition complete with the box, manual, speed loader and shells. I also have tow rather hard to get Airsoft guns that are in somewhat limited working condition and need a little TLC. But the simple fact that they are not easily obtained here in Canada does bring up their value a little bit.

Make sure to watch my above YouTube video to see these Airsoft Pistols I am selling and instructions on how you can take part in the sale and purchase of them. By the way I am only selling to Canadian residents since shipping cross borders is a little sketchy.

Here is a list of the Airsoft Pistols I am selling from my personal gun collection:

ASG Dan Wesson 6 Inch Silver Airsoft Revolver - $145

Tokyo Marui GBB Desert Eagle .50AE Airsoft Pistol - $150

KSC M11A1 GBB Airsoft Machine Pistol - $150

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SHOT Show 2016 - ASG Airguns Interview

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In this 2016 SHOT Show Interview I talk with Bob Li from Action Sport Games. Bob shows me some of the new products this year from ASG. Some of ASG's newer pistols are the Dan Wesson 715, the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, the CZ P-09. New to the rifle line is the CZ Bren 80, also a couple of sniper rifles, the M40A5 and M40A3. ASG is also coming out with a an Inferno HPA version of their CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1.

The ASG Dan Wesson 715 has ot me my favorite product from ASG, you need to hold it in your hand to really understand how solid this pistol really is at close to 3 pounds. Everything about it is an improvement over previous Dan Wesson models including the trigger and hammer action, crane setup and the more actuate frame length with the new more compact internal CO2 valve. The ASG Dan Wesson 715 will be shipping in 4.5mm Steel BB, 6mm Plastic Airsoft and .177 caliber pellet versions.

ASG's two new Full blowback CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, the CZ P-09 pistols should be coming out shortly, both will be available in 4.5mm Steel BB and 6mm Plastic Airsoft. Both pistols feature a metal slide and frame with full size drop out metal magazines and will have CO2 and Green Gas magazine configurations. The CZ P-09 will have a threaded barrel and barrel protector.

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SHOT Show 2016 Teaser Video

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This is my SHOT Show 2016 Teaser Video! You will get to see some new gun highlights from companies like Umarex, ASG, Crosman, Sig Sauer, KWA and ISC. I will be following up this video with some interview videos very soon so do make sure to check back for those uploads. All I can say about the show is it’s huge! So much to see, so much walking and too much to take in…

As always, ASG had some new products this year. The all new Dan Wesson 715 357 Magnum shell loading Revolver! This gun feels absolutely amazing in the hand and will be available in Steel BB, Airsfot and even Pellet shooting versions. Also new are the CZ P-09 and CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Full Blowback BB and Airsoft Pistols.

Big at Crosman this year was their PCP Airbow, Crosman put a lot of focus on this product and even had a lot of crossbows on display to go with their new PCP Airbow. Crosman also introduced their low cost entry level Benjamin Maximus PCP rifle in .177 and .22 calibers offerings. Not really much in the way of replica pistols from Crosman this year, but then again last year was kind of the same?

Sig Sauer:
I finally made it to the Sig Sauer Booth this year to checkout their new CO2 Pellet gun line. All new Sig Airguns are made true to size and weight with similar trigger actions as their real steel versions. The Sig MPX is their more compact (shorter barreled) pellet shooting CO2 rifle with internal blowback and belt fed 30 round magazine. The Sig MCX is the longer barreled rifle version but built much the same as the MPX. Sig also introduced two new pellet shooting CO2 Blowback Pistols, the P226 and the P250. Both use similar double ended rotary magazines as the Umarex PX4.

Umarex always seems to have some new exciting Airguns products to offer at SHOT Show. The PPK is back with a few updates including no more ugly CO2 tab sticking out of the bottom! And yes the Beretta Model 92A1 will finally be shipping soon, I believe in February! My favorite product this year from Umarex would have to be the Full Blowback, Full size drop out magazine S&W M&P 40 CO2 BB Pistol. Umarex released yet another 1911 on the market, this version does come with a stick mag and sports pretty high fps and more shots per CO2 then the KWC based 1911’s. The super popular Colt SAA Revolver is now available in a pellet shooting version with a rifled barrel :) Umarex had on display another low cost revolver, the ultra futuristic looking Brodax CO2 BB Revolver.

KWA always has really nice high quality products to showoff at there booth each year, we may even start carrying some of KWA's products this year, fingers crossed on that one… New to the KWA line are some AEG rifles with simulated blowback action, I really liked the Blowback AEG AK they had on display. KWA also released a new Airsoft shell loading revolvers that had some of the nicest looking brass and aluminum shells. On display under a glass cover was a very solid Gas Blowback Thompson Machine-gun with real wood stock, it was absolutely gorgeous!

ISC known for their top quality AEG internals, had their full line of high quality Airsoft rifles on display. And new this year to ICS was their first ever Airsoft pistol, the blowback BLE Alpha. The BLE should be out mid year and looked and felt really nice. The trigger on it was super short and light.

I have some really awesome Interview videos I’m working on, I will be uploading them shortly so stay tuned for those…

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Airgun Do’s & Don’ts

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When I say Airguns, I am referring to pretty much all BB, Airsoft, Pellet, Paintball and even Blank guns for most of the topics listed here.


  1. Treat your Airgun just like you would a real gun. If something goes wrong, perhaps the outcome will not be as severe but do you really want to take a trip down to your local emergency ward to get a BB or Pellet removed?
  2. Always assume your airgun is loaded, for some reason it always seems those empty guns are the ones that do the most damage.
  3. Be discrete, If it looks like a gun other people will think it is a gun so don’t flash your airguns around in public. Keep it in a case when transporting and shoot it in an area that will not alarm other people.
  4. Always wear eye protection when shooting your Airgun. Do you really want to shoot your eye out? No Joke!
  5. Be aware of your surroundings like windows, hard objects that could make your ammo bounce back at you. Make sure you are shooting your Airgun in a safe direction at all times, know your target and beyond.
  6. Use Airguns to teach others and learn how to safely and effectively shoot a gun. Airguns can be less intimidating then a real gun (Not so loud and very little recoil) and make for great start out and transitions guns.
  7. Use Airguns to get more inexpensive trigger time and become a more experienced shooter. Airguns cosy only pennies per round to shoot and can be shot in way more areas than a real gun can, practice makes perfect so get shooting!
  8. Use Airguns in areas where real guns may not be allowed or safe to use. Again, Airguns can be shot in all kinds of places, in your back yard or even in a properly setup indoor home range.
  9. Use Airguns with adequate power for safe and humane pest control where real guns may be prohibited.Airguns are quiet and less likely for the bullet to travel long ranges which makes them ideal for close range pest control in areas where real guns are too loud and to powerful.


  1. Do not assume because it is an airgun it is not dangerous or simply a toy. Many Deaths have been caused by Airguns along with a lot of pain and suffering so treat your Airgun with respect. It is not a toy or you would find them in the toy department at your local store along with yo-yos and stuffed animals.
  2. Do not point or shoot at people unless of course you are using an Airsoft gun in an Airsoft field or facility. Yes Airsoft guns are meant to shoot at each other (with appropriate attire like eye protection and full body clothing), but steel BB and Pellet can cause serious injury especially at close range and on direct skin contact.
  3. Do not leave your Airgun loaded, you never know who is going to come across it and accidentally discharge it. Remember, a loaded gun is a dangerous gun in the wrong hands. You may know better than to assume the gun is undulated but children and even adults without any gun training will most definitely handle the airgun without consideration of the danger it poses.
  4. Do not use an Airgun for self protection. See my related video. Simply put, Airguns are not practical for self defense because they rarely have enough Stopping Power. The ones that do have enough power need to be pre-charged and in most cases are only single shot meaning if you miss or don’t get the job done no the first shot then you are done.
  5. Do not use an underpowered Airgun for pest control. See related video. Using a low powered BB pistol for pest control is cruel, you will only injure the animal making it suffer unnecessarily. Use a high powered pellet rifle to get the job done.
  6. Do not take your gun apart, in most cases this will void the warranty and the reality is that airguns rarely need to be cleaned since no dirty gun powder is used. lead pellet rifles may require occasional barrel cleaning to keep the rifled barrel free of debris.
  7. Do not over oil your Airgun, a little goes a long way and too much oil will just attracted dirt, use the right airgun oil and just enough to keep part functioning smoothly.
  8. Do not over pump an Airgun. Over pumping an Airgun can cause damage to valves and seals and in a worse case situation a rupture the air pressure reservoir or even cause the airgun to explode!
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Can I use Airsoft BB's in my BB Pistol?

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Can I use Airsoft BB's in my BB Pistol? I would have to say this is by far the number one question I get asked in the comments section of my YouTube videos. I have made several videos where this question gets addressed within the video but so far to date I have not made a stand alone video just covering Airsoft BB use in BB Guns.

So here it is, and now I have a video I can link to this so very common question, if you where wondering about this yourself than please watch my YouTube Video on this topic as it goes into a fair amount of detail about it.

The short answer to this question is no, you can not use 6mm Airsoft BB's in a 4.5mm Steel BB Pistol or Rifle. For the simple reason that 6mm is larger than 4.5mm and so the physical diameter of a6mm Plastic Airsoft BB is just to large to fit inside of a 4.5mm Steel BB magazine or barrel.

People have commented about using a 4.5mm plastic Airsoft BB in a 4.5mm BB gun and yes this could in theory be an option but I discuss why I feel this is not a good idea based on size and mass.

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