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ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver Field Test Shooting Review

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If you haven’t already watched My Table Top Video Review for the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver than make sure to do so for the full features and specifications.

My Field Test Shooting videos for blank guns are pretty basic! I can’t test for accuracy since there is no bullet hitting a target and similarly since there is no bullet I can not test the velocity or feet per second power. SO what is there really left to test?

I guess will the blank gun I am testing fire when I pull the trigger? That’s all there is to really test. You may ask why even make a Field Test Shooting Video for a blank gun if you can’t test accuracy and power. I’ll tell you why… Because it’s just fun and it looks good on camera :)

So watch my YouTube video of me popping of some .380 caliber blanks with my ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver inside the Sea Can Airgun Shooting Range.

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ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver Field Test Shooting Review

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Type: Blank Revolver.
Manufacturer: ROHM (RÖHM).
Model: RG-89
Materials: Mostly Metal.
Weight: 1.45 pounds (658 grams).
Barrel: Front firing designed for attaching a flare adaptor.
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Single & double action.
Ammunition Type: 9mm / .380 caliber crimped.
Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver in single action is fairly light weight with virtually no take up at all as you would expect from a revolver. The double action trigger pull is much heavier with a smooth release. Mechanically the trigger feels really solid.

Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: The overall build quality for the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver is excellent, being German made its built to last and the fit and finish is typical German quality. There are steel parts where they need to be like in the barrel, pins, screws and reenforcing parts, the rest of the gun is generally made out of a zinc alloy otherwise know as pot metal with only the moulded grips being made out of plastic.

Realism: The ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver is not an exact replica of any given gun in production as this would make importing it into Canada even more difficult, but it is styled after a Snub Nosed type Revolver. As for looking like and working like a real gun, the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver looks and sounds as loud as a real gun, of course with the exception of the dangerous bullet coming out of the barrel!

Purchase from: The Replica Airguns Canada Store


  • German made Quality.

  • All metal gun with reenforced steel in some areas.

  • Front firing gun.

  • Large caliber makes a bigger bang.

  • Higher 6 shot capacity over RG-59.

  • Chrome (Silver) finish is very nice.

  • Also like the moulded grips on the Chrome version.

  • Comes with Flare Adaptor & Cleaning Rods.

  • Comes in a nice foam lined plastic hard shell case.

  • Right now Rohm is the only blank gun brand we can get in Canada.


  •  Double Action trigger pull is a bit heavy.

  • Have to make sure you only shot them where you will not get in trouble. Very loud!

  • Expensive due to them being harder to get and in high demand in Canada.

I think the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver especially in the Chrome (Nickel) version is one of the nicest looking ROHM Blank guns we stock. The additional size over say a ROHM RG-59 makes it feel a lot more beefy in the hand, you also get the extra 6th 9mm / .380 caliber blank with the larger cylinder of the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver. Anther bonus with the Chrome or Nickel version is that you get moulded grips that again I feel looks and fells better in the hand. Along with the ROHM RG-88, the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver is one of my Top ROHM Picks!

My YouTube Full Video Review for the ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver:

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December Christmas Update Video 2018

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In this December Update Video I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you have other beliefs and perhaps don’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional Canadian fashion then I wish you a Happy Holiday!

I received a number of products lately and really don’t have time to do full reviews of them as the Holliday season is on us which is going to limit how many videos I can pump out over the next couple of weeks so hopefully this Update video will keep everyone excited about the future Replace Airgun Videos.

Here are the items I talk about in this December 2018 Update Video:

Sig Sauer ASP M17 CO2 Blowback Pellet Pistol

Sig Sauer Fake Suppressor for P226 ASP Pellet Pistol

Umarex Steel Strike Full Auto BB Rifle

ROHM RG-89 .380 Caliber Blank Revolver

Umarex Legends WildCard Airsoft SAA Revolver

Umarex WW2 Limited Edition P08 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol

Umarex WW2 Limited Edition M712 Full Auto CO2 Blowback BB Pistol

Webley Mark VI CO2 Pellet Revolver

John Wayne Signature SAA Revolver Solid Maple Wood Case

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Replica Airguns Silent Auction of Hard to Get Canada Blank Guns

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I have some harder to get here in Canada Blank Guns that I am selling from my personal collection by way off Silent Auction. These Blank Guns are more for the Canadian collector and perhaps not so much for the first time buyer. I would recommend for the first time Blank Gun buyer that you checkout our selection off brand new ROHM Blank Guns that we sell in our Canada Replica Airguns Store so check those ROHM Blank Guns out as they are excellent German made Blank Guns in a variety of styles.

Getting back to the Blank Guns in my personal collection. They are all previously owned, most only test fired once for review. Below is a listing of the Blank Guns I am offering in this Silent Auction with what I feel is there approximate value:

Here is how the silent action system works… First of all I will only be shipping these guns within Canada to a Canadian addresses and all funds are in Canadian Funds. You will need to email me and let me know which Blank Gun or Blank Guns you are interested in bidding on and let me know what your best price is. In approximately a weeks time when I feel enough offers have come in, I will then contact the winning bidder and give them 24 hours to pay up. If they do not pay me the amount they offered within the 24 hours I will then move on to the next highest bidder.

If you are bidding on more than one gun then I will take this into consideration since collecting money and shipping product to one buyer is easier than multiple buyers so this will help you with your offer.

I also will be charging $20 for shipping per gun, if you are buying multiple guns then I will discount the shipping a little bit so I will not charge you $20 per gun.

Email me here:

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Why is My Blank Gun Not Working?


First off I want to say it’s hard to trouble shoot technical or mechanical problems over the internet regardless of if ithas to do with guns, cars, computers or pretty much anything where unless you are there in person it’s really hard to figure out the problem.

But I will attempt to address some of the more common issues why a blank gun may not be functioning properly.

Why is my Semi Auto Blank Gun Not Cycling or Ejecting Shells?
One very common reason a blank gun may not be cycling the shells properly is because the owner has removed the barrel restrictor plug. People usually do this to make the barrel opening look more realistic but the barrel restrictor is a necessary component to increase the back pressure allowing the slide to cycle fully to the rear position so it can eject and pickup a new shell.

The blanks you are using may not have enough gun powder in them. Some blank guns require banks with more gun powder than others, again this additional internal pressure forces the slide all the way back, if the blank does not have enough gun powder in it then only a partial slide motion happens and so the discharged shell may not eject properly, in this case the user would have to clear the blank gun manually so another shell can then be picked up and loaded into the breach.

If your blank guns is dirty or not lubricated then it may act sluggish again restricting the full movement of the slide which will effect correct operation. Make sure to thoroughly clean and lubricate your blank gun, that may be a quick fix for you!

You may have a faulty extractor? The extractor is like a hook that grabs the discharged shell while the slide is in the reward position pulling or extracting the shell out of the breach. If the extractor is worn or broken then the empty shell will not be ejected from the breach so when a new shell is picked up from the magazine it has nowhere to go and usually you will get a jam-up in the ejection port area.

One final situation that can cause your blank gun to not cycle properly is to strong of a slide spring, some blank guns out of the box just come with a really heavy slide spring, so much so that even blanks with lots of gunpowder in them are still not strong enough to make the slide operate full motion. Your only option here would be to replace the heavy slide spring with a lighter one.

Why Are My Blanks Not Firing?
This is a situation where you pull the trigger and nothing happens. Lets get the obvious causes right out of the way here… Did you put blanks in your gun and are they new blanks? Did you chamber the first round in your semi auto pistol?

So now that that’s out of the way let’s look at some other reasons why your blank gun may not be firing a blank. Perhaps the firing pin is broken? Most blank guns are not made out of carbon steel and even the firing pins can be lesser quality than what you would find in a real gun so blank guns are more prone to breaking than real guns. I have seen broken firing pins in blank guns first hand so make sure to check the firing pin and that it is fully operational.

Try changing up your blanks to another brand? Again blank gun ammunition is not made to the same higher standards that real firearm ammo is made and some primers may require a little more pressure than your gun is providing. Even with real guns an ammo change may help the gun operate better.

Why is the Trigger or Hammer Not Operating Properly?
I have come across blank guns where there are mechanical problems in the trigger and hammer areas, you may be able to address this yourself but I would recommend taking your blank gun to a gunsmith since you will have to take the gun pretty much full apart to fix a problem in the trigger and hammer areas.

Of course make sure your gun is clean and lubricated, this can help a lot with the mechanical areas of your blank gun.

One problem I saw with a few EKOL Special 99’s was specifically with the single action potion of the trigger, when I would pull the hammer back it would not lock back and the hammer would often slip and fire randomly, this is rather dangerous. When I took the gun apart I found that the table top or step that the trigger was supposed to catch on was worn down on the edge so it would simply slip off. I was able to fix this by filing a new edge on the step area. Again this can happen because blank guns are not made out of as high quality metal materials as real guns.

Why does the Flame Come out the Top of My Blank Gun and Not the Front?
If you find that the flame or discharge comes out of the top of your blank gun and not the barrel, this usually does not mean anything is wrong with your blank gun. All it means is you own a top venting blank gun and not a front firing blank gun. In some countries front firing blank guns are not allowed but front venting blank guns are. The same may also be reversed in some countries, for instance here in Canada we can only import front firing blank guns with flare adaptors since our blank guns are imported under the assumption that they are to be used as signaling or flare devices.

Can I Convert my Top Venting Blank Gun into a Front Venting Blank Gun?
I really don't recommend altering a blank gun in any way as it may be a violation of your local laws and it could cause the blank gun to malfunction in a very bad way causing serious injury or even death!

In theory I suppose it may be possible to convert your Top Venting Blank Gun into a Front Venting Blank Gun but again you would need to allow for just the right amount of back pressure so a wide open barrel would not work unless it was a revolver. You can not simply remove the red plug and bingo you have a front firing blank gun because in most cases the barrel will be completely plugged in the frontal region. Not only would you need to drill out the plugged portion of the barrel but you would also have to somehow fill in the top venting area and again makes sure to allow for just enough back pressure to cycle the slide back and forth.

Hopefully this has helped some of you with blank gun issues. If you’re looking for a blank gun make sure to come down to www.ReplicaAirguns.ca and www.ReplicaAirguns.us and have a look in our blank gun area of our online stores.

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Mike's Personal Guns For Sale - Blank Guns

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I will be showcasing here on the Replica Airguns website and over on the Replica Airguns YouTube channel a series of videos I will be making for the purpose of selling some guns out of my personal collection. I simply have no more room for the new guns and in some cases I either have duplicate guns or very similar versions so there is no need to have both. Some guns I am less attached to and as I already stated I need to make room for some of the new stuff I will be reviewing.

To start this series off my first video is to highlight the blank guns I am selling, there are only 4 of them, all of which are really hard to get here in Canada so I am not going to let them go cheap. By the way I am only selling to Canadian residents since shipping cross borders is a little sketchy.

Make sure to watch my above YouTube video to see the blank guns I am selling and instructions on how you can take part in the sale and purchase of them.

Here is a list of the blank guns I am selling from my personal gun collection:

EKOL ASI 9mm Full Auto Front Firing Blank Machine Pistol $725

EKOL Lady Chrome 9mm Front Firing Blank Pistol $400

EKOL Arda 8mm Blank Front Firing Compact Revolver $200

Bruni ME Ranger 1873 SAA .380 Blank Revolver $300

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Airgun Do’s & Don’ts

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When I say Airguns, I am referring to pretty much all BB, Airsoft, Pellet, Paintball and even Blank guns for most of the topics listed here.


  1. Treat your Airgun just like you would a real gun. If something goes wrong, perhaps the outcome will not be as severe but do you really want to take a trip down to your local emergency ward to get a BB or Pellet removed?
  2. Always assume your airgun is loaded, for some reason it always seems those empty guns are the ones that do the most damage.
  3. Be discrete, If it looks like a gun other people will think it is a gun so don’t flash your airguns around in public. Keep it in a case when transporting and shoot it in an area that will not alarm other people.
  4. Always wear eye protection when shooting your Airgun. Do you really want to shoot your eye out? No Joke!
  5. Be aware of your surroundings like windows, hard objects that could make your ammo bounce back at you. Make sure you are shooting your Airgun in a safe direction at all times, know your target and beyond.
  6. Use Airguns to teach others and learn how to safely and effectively shoot a gun. Airguns can be less intimidating then a real gun (Not so loud and very little recoil) and make for great start out and transitions guns.
  7. Use Airguns to get more inexpensive trigger time and become a more experienced shooter. Airguns cosy only pennies per round to shoot and can be shot in way more areas than a real gun can, practice makes perfect so get shooting!
  8. Use Airguns in areas where real guns may not be allowed or safe to use. Again, Airguns can be shot in all kinds of places, in your back yard or even in a properly setup indoor home range.
  9. Use Airguns with adequate power for safe and humane pest control where real guns may be prohibited.Airguns are quiet and less likely for the bullet to travel long ranges which makes them ideal for close range pest control in areas where real guns are too loud and to powerful.


  1. Do not assume because it is an airgun it is not dangerous or simply a toy. Many Deaths have been caused by Airguns along with a lot of pain and suffering so treat your Airgun with respect. It is not a toy or you would find them in the toy department at your local store along with yo-yos and stuffed animals.
  2. Do not point or shoot at people unless of course you are using an Airsoft gun in an Airsoft field or facility. Yes Airsoft guns are meant to shoot at each other (with appropriate attire like eye protection and full body clothing), but steel BB and Pellet can cause serious injury especially at close range and on direct skin contact.
  3. Do not leave your Airgun loaded, you never know who is going to come across it and accidentally discharge it. Remember, a loaded gun is a dangerous gun in the wrong hands. You may know better than to assume the gun is undulated but children and even adults without any gun training will most definitely handle the airgun without consideration of the danger it poses.
  4. Do not use an Airgun for self protection. See my related video. Simply put, Airguns are not practical for self defense because they rarely have enough Stopping Power. The ones that do have enough power need to be pre-charged and in most cases are only single shot meaning if you miss or don’t get the job done no the first shot then you are done.
  5. Do not use an underpowered Airgun for pest control. See related video. Using a low powered BB pistol for pest control is cruel, you will only injure the animal making it suffer unnecessarily. Use a high powered pellet rifle to get the job done.
  6. Do not take your gun apart, in most cases this will void the warranty and the reality is that airguns rarely need to be cleaned since no dirty gun powder is used. lead pellet rifles may require occasional barrel cleaning to keep the rifled barrel free of debris.
  7. Do not over oil your Airgun, a little goes a long way and too much oil will just attracted dirt, use the right airgun oil and just enough to keep part functioning smoothly.
  8. Do not over pump an Airgun. Over pumping an Airgun can cause damage to valves and seals and in a worse case situation a rupture the air pressure reservoir or even cause the airgun to explode!
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Top 10 Most Common Airgun Questions and Discussions

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ROHM RG-89 & RG-99 Blank Revolver Update Video


We have added some more ROHM 380 Caliber Front Firing Blank Revolvers to the Replica Airguns Canada Store. Here is a quick Youtube Update Video showing the ROHM RG-89 and ROHM RG-99 side by side with my already reviewed ROHM RG-59 380 Caliber Front Firing Blank Revolver.

ROHM RG-89 & 99 Blank Revolvers.

  • Made by ROHM (Germany)
  • 380/9mm Crimped Blanks
  • 6 Round Cylinder
  • Front Firing
  • Metal with some Steel Parts
  • Come in Hard Shell Case with Cleaning Rod 

Watch my Update Video showing the ROHM RG-89 & RG-99 Front Firing 380 Blank Revolvers:

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Are Blank Guns Dangerous?


One question that comes up often is the danger attached to blank gun use and the most common question I get is about the danger of shooting a blank gun at a person. Blank guns have many uses, one of which is to be used as a prop in a movie or reenactment. In this situation one may want to point and shoot a blank gun at a person to make teh scene more believable it. If the person is far enough away there is usually no cause for concern but with that said I would personally point the gun just off to one side in the event that something might come loose within the gun barrel or perhaps a fragment of something where to be fired and cause an injury to the person the gun is directed towards. With creative camera angles you shouldn't need to actually point a blank gun directly at anyone.

People also assume that because a blank gun does not actually fire a bullet that it is relatively harmless. This is not true at all, in the larger caliber blanks there is about the same amount of energy to what your would find in a real bullet, this is so the blank gun will sound about as loud as a real bullet being fired. The difference with how the energy is released in a blank round versus a real bullet is that the bullet caries most of the energy with it and when the bullet hits its intended target, the bulk of the energy is transferred to that target.

Buy ROHM  Blank Guns in Canada  -  Buy Blank Guns in the US

The energy from a blank round dissipates almost immediately after it leaves the gun barrel but the energy right at the barrel tip is very similar to that of a real bullet, especially if it has nowhere to go but directly into an object. So yes a blank gun round can be lethal at very close ranges and unfortunately several people have paid with their lives finding this out for themselves.

With this newfound information about blank gun danger, some people might say... get rid of these dangers to society! Before we head in that direction think about how many other non vital things we have in our lives that I would have to say have claimed way more lives than blank guns could even come close to: Off-road pleasure vehicles, Skydiving, Skying, Pools, Real Guns to name a few! Blank guns also serve very useful purposes like being used to signal a warning or distress, send out flares, ward off wild animals, train people on how to use a real gun, and of course dog training. I am sure the good outweighs the bad here.

That's enough politics for now, juts watch the video and see for yourself why you should not point a blank gun at anyone, especially if the person is very close in proximity to you!

Buy ROHM  Blank Guns in Canada  -  Buy Blank Guns in the US

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ROHM (RÖHM) RG-88 and RG-59 Blank Pistol Full Review


Type: Blank Pistols.

Manufacturer:ROHM (RÖHM).

Model:RG-88, RG-59

Materials: Mostly Metal.

Weight: 1.3 / 1 pounds.

Barrel: Front firing semi plugged.

Propulsion: Gun powder.

Action: Single & double action.

Ammunition Type: 9mm P.A.K. / .380 Crimped.

Ammunition Capacity: 7 / 5 rounds.


Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the RG-88 and RG-59 in single action is very light with the RG-59 having virtually no take up at all while the RG-88 has some take up but then a noticeable and predictable release point. Both guns have medium to heavy yet smooth double action triggers.

Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: The overall build quality for the ROHM RG-88 and RG-59 blank guns is excellent, being German made they are built to last and the fit and finish is very good. There are steel parts where they need to be like in the barrel, pins, screws and reenforcing parts, the rest of the gun is generally made out of a zinc metal with only the grips being plastic.

Realism: The ROHM RG-88 and ROHM RG-59 are not exact replicas of any given guns in production as this would make importing them into Canada even more difficult, but they do share similarities with some real guns in production. The RG-88 semi auto looks to be based around a Walther PPK design while the RG-59 has that Smith & Wesson Snub Nosed Revolver look to it. As for looking like and working like real guns, they do this very well, with the exception of the dangerous bullet coming out of the barrel!

Purchase from: The Replica Airguns Canada Store.


  • German made quality, materials fit and finish is all excellent.

  • Almost all metal with some reenforced steel parts.

  • Nice light single action triggers on both guns with double action ability wehn needed.

  • Both are front firing with semi plugged barrels.

  • Come with flare adaptors and cleaning rods.

  • Seem to be some of the only blank guns we can get here in Canada right now.


  • Not actual exact replicas of any specific guns in production.

  • The RG-59 only works with the .380 crimped, 9mm P.A.K. balnks are a bit too long.

  • Expensive due to them being harder to get and in high demand in Canada.


As with pretty much all blank guns, they are mostly for show so it all comes down to how do they look and do they go bang when they are supposed to! In both cases they get top marks. Both the RG-88 semi auto and RG-59 revolver feel solid and the mechanical parts are tight and smooth giving a confident feeling when holding them. I like the larger caliber blanks over the .22 crimped blanks as they have a bigger bang but they will set you back in the cost department a bit more as the price for 9mm P.A.K. and .380 blanks will be a lot more than .22 crimped so keep this in mind when choosing a blank gun. If you're looking for a well made and dependable blank pistol then you really can not go wrong with any of the ROHM blank guns we sell in the Canada Replica Airguns Store.

My YouTube Full Video Review for the ROHM RG-88 and RG59 Blank Pistols:

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ROHM RG-88 RG-59 Blank Guns & Umarex CP99 Pellet Pistol Update


As with most new items I pickup, I like to share them with everyone. I am checking into some more ROHM blank guns, an RG-59 and RG-88, the RG-59 is a lot like the ROHM RG-56 .22 caliber blank revolver I sell in the Canada Replica Airguns Store but in .380 caliber and the one I show off here is a 5 shot two-tone model. Other than that they use the same frame and mechanical parts throughout.

I also received a black/blued ROHM RG-88 which is kind of like a Walther PPK in design, it field strips the same, has a similar safety setup and even has a similar size and look to it although it is definitely not a replica of a Walther PPK. I am impressed with the overall quality of the ROHM blank guns, material used, fit and finish is very good.

Lastly, I acquired a pre-owned Umarex CP99 CO2 Pellet Pistol from a customer of mine. It is in pretty much in new condition and is one of the Umarex guns I was missing in my collection and have been looking to add. The Umarex CP99 is a pretty good replica of the Walther P99 and uses the standard Umarex metal 8 shot rotary magazines and shares the same CO2 grip fed magazine as the CPSport. The CP99 is German made so it's not one of the lower cost Umarex pistols out there but you do get what you pay for ;)

ROHM Blank gun.jpg
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