Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph Field Test Review

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Recently I picked up my new Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph to replace my F-1 that has not been working so well for me in past videos... I wanted to get outside and give it a try shooting a few of the airguns that I was not able to test out properly. Now I know that under my patio deck, the lighting is not optimal even on sunny days and because of this I have never expected to get perfectly consistent fps recording but as many of you know, my old Chrony F-1 was pretty much not working at all near the end there.

I have ordered a light kit which will help out a lot especially when summer is over and the sky becomes more overcast. But for now I decided to test my Chrony Beta Chronograph under my deck roof as I have been testing all along and see if I can get better results with this newer Beta version.

So makes sure to watch my YouTube video testing of my Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph shooting a selection of airguns.

4.5mm / .177 cal, 6mm, Airsoft, BB, Blowback, CO2, Field Test, GBB, Pellet, Pistol, Rifle, Semi Auto, YouTube Video Chronograph, Chrony Beta