Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver Field Test Review


In this Field Test Shooting Review I put the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver through my Chronograph and Target Tests to see how powerful and accurate the Webley MKVI really is!

Starting off with the the velocity Chronograph test, I shot 6 rounds through my Chrony using a brand new CO2 and RWS 5.1 grain zinc coated steel BB's in my Webley MKVI .455. My 6 shot string averaged just under 400 fps right at 397. Pretty decent for a shell loading BB revolver, not to mention very consistent shot to shot!

Next up was the accuracy component for this Field Test and as per usual, I setup my sand bag 30 feet away from my paper target and unloaded a full 6 round cylinder in to my ammo trap. I use a semi rested position, standing in the back resting my hands on a sand bag up front. This has proven to be a fairly stable shooting platform for me but there is some human factor involved. I was impressed with my 1.5 inch 6 shot grouping (right in the bulls eye) that could as easily been a 1 inch group if the one flyer had stayed a bit tighter but still really good performance for a none rifled BB shooter!

The hammer and trigger on the Webley MKVI .455 CO2 Shell Loading BB Revolver are very smooth in both single and double action with single action shooting being the shortest and lightest for best accuracy. It is still nice that this old school revolver offers double action shooting when you want to unload on your target quickly.

I also like the top break loading design which makes loading fast and easy on this 2.4 pounds all metal CO2 BB Revolver.

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