Pocket Shot Slingshot Table Top Review

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This is not a BB Gun Review or an Airsoft Gun review or a Pellet Gun review or a Blank Gun review or even an Accessory review? Heck it's not even a Nerf Gun review and I have even done that on this channel :)

What we have here is my first ever Sling Shot based review and even that is not the best description for the Pocket Shot but it's about as close as I can get and really the only product I can compare to the Pocket Shot is a Slingshot. Spoiler alert I think the Pocket Shot kicks but on most traditional Slingshot designs.

I did want to thank the team over at Pocket Shot for supplying me with their Pocket Shot and Pocket Hammer Grip for review, hopefully we can even bring this updated Slingshot design to our Replica Airguns Online Store.

What makes the Pocket Shot different than a standard Slingshot. Mainly the Pocket Shot utilizes a rubber stretchy cup or pouch rather than standard rubber tubes used on Slingshots. The benefit to the Power Shot design is that it is way more compact and much easier and quicker to load since you simply drop your ammo into the cup, pull back and release. So no having to place your ammo into a small pouch with each shot. The Pocket Shot is also more powerful than most Slingshots on the market, you can expect to get up to 350 fps using a Pocket Shot as compared to apron 200 fps from a Slingshot.

Pocket Shot also sent me out there Pocket Hammer Handle that allows the regular Pocket Shot to convert into a more traditional Slingshot grip system. This setup adds a little bit more bulk to the Pocket Shot but allows for a much easier draw.

Another huge advantage to the Pocket Shot is the ability to even shoot arrows by simply adding on their Whisker Biscuit Cap. Make sure to checkout the Pocket Shot website for more info and of course watch my Table Top Review for the Pocket Shot Slingshot. I will be making a Shooting video in the near future.


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