One Hundred Thousand Subscribers YouTube Silver Creator YouTube Award

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Wow! 100,000 Subscribers, and that was almost two years ago now. It took a while for YouTube to send me out my One Hundred Thousand Subscriber Silver Creator Award but they did come through in the end :)

The Replica Airguns YouTube Channel is now at around 200,000 subscribers and growing, not sure when the next YouTube Milestone award happens? Perhaps at One Million Subscribers? That may take a while...

It has taken a lot of hard work and this all goes back to around 12 years ago when I uploaded my first Youtube Video "Worlds Smallest Full Auto BB Gun" and discovered that people are really interested in airguns. Skip ahead to today and the Replica Airguns YouTube Channel has uploaded almost 800 videos with close to 100,000,00 video views! Of course without my subscribers and viewers I would be making videos for nothing so a big thank you to everyone that has supported the Replica Airguns Channel on this journey!

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