John Wayne Lil Duke Giveaway Announcement and Comparison

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First off I want to announce this years First Giveaway, as promised I have a couple of John Wayne Lil Duke Lever Action BB Rifles to give back to our Replica Airguns viewers and customers. To take part in this Giveaway you do not have to be a previous customer, checkout the Giveaway entry at the bottom of this post for detail about this Giveaway and how you can get involved.

Not only do I announce this awesome John Wayne Lil Duke Giveaway in this video but I also do a head to head comparison of the John Wayne Lil Duke Lever Action BB Rifle and compare it to the Crosman Marline Cowboy and classic Red Ryder BB Rifle.

As per my usual Indoor Sea Can Field Test Shooting Videos, I test out all of these spring powered BB rifles shooting them through my Chrony Chronograph to find out their real world feet per second velocity and then I place several shots on a paper target setup 30 feet downrange to determine how accurate each Lever action spring powered BB rifle is. I'm not going to share these result in this post so you're going to just have to watch my YouTube video to find out for yourself :)