G&G ARP-556 and ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Table Top Review Review

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Type: Airsoft AR, M4, M16 Styled Rifle.
Manufacturer: G&G.
Model: ARP-556 and ARP-9.
Materials: Metal and plastic/polymer construction.
Weight: (ARP-9 4.4 pounds) (ARP-556 5.3 pounds).
Barrel: 6 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: AEG non-blowback.
Action: Semi & full auto SAO.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: (ARP-9 300) (ARP-556 450).
FPS: 400+.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the G&G ARP rifles is an electric mechanical trigger that simulates a single action only trigger. There is essentially a light spring internally which supplies the trigger pressure. Pressure is even and smooth.

Accuracy: I have already made my Field Test Shooting Video Review for the G&G ARP-556 and ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Rifles so make sure to watch that video for the results. Both G&G AEG Airsoft Rifles share similar internal components so I expect them to both shoot about the same in terms of power and accuracy. My testing of the G&G ARP-556 AEG Airsoft CQB found an average fps of about 400 using .20 gram plastic Airsoft BB's. Shooting at my paper target 30 feet down range, pretty much every shot hit the 1.5 inch bulls eye!

Build Quality: As with all of the G&G product line the G&G ARP-556 and ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Rifles are really well made. Fit and finish is flawless and I had no issues shooting these guns at all. Every engagement of the trigger resulted in an Airsoft BB downrange and in full auto mode BB's where literally streaming from the barrel :) You will find a little more metal specifically in the receiver for the G&G ARP-556 over the G&G ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Rifle which does make the ARP-556 a little bit heavier but not by much.

Realism: Both the G&G ARP-556 and ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Rifles are super realistic, they are based on the AR, M4, M16 Rifle design but are scaled down for tactical close quarters use with their compact barrels and adjustable stocks. Most parts work as you would find on a real steel M4 like the charging handle, dust cover, simulated forward assist and of course the magazine releases. There is however no blowback operation but I can attest that if you have an 11.2 volt battery and are shooting in full auto you will feel this gun a rock'n.

Purchased From: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • 2 lower and higher priced models with similar looks and performance to choose from. 
  • Super compact CQB rifles.
  • Fully adjustable pop-up iron sights front and back.
  • Crown flash hider acts as a sound amplifier if you’re into that sort of thing?
  • Great internals, Internally upgraded with an ETU and MOSFET system.
  • Skeltonized PDW stock perfect for close quarters combat.
  • Nice 400 feet per second velocity, good for close and even further out ranges.
  • Very accurate, one of the best Airsoft rifles tested to date.
  • ARP-526 has an ambidextrous selector / safety switch.
  • ARP-556 has full metal receiver.
  • ARP-9 is a bit lighter and less tiring to carry, great if you plan to add on a bunch of accessories.


  • No blowback operation.
  • ARP-9 has a plastic receiver.
  • You need some pretty compact batteries to fit into the short bumper tube.


I am going to go on the record and say that the G&G ARP-556 and ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Rifles would be my go to Airsoft battle rifle of choice. They have enough power for out door shooting and not too much for indoor shooting. Their compact and lightweight design will make them super easy to carry around all day and quick to place on any target in a hurry. Accuracy is not a concern since these AEG Airsoft Rifles can cut a bullseye out of a paper target no problem. Price for what you get, quality, looks. performance are all top notch with either choice of G&G ARP-556 or ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Rifle you decide to go with.

My YouTube Video Review for the G&G ARP-556 and ARP-9 AEG Airsoft CQB Rifles:

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