ARAL Model 1453 and 622K 9mm PAK Blank Gun Table Top Review

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What do yo know, a new Blank Gun Review! It's been a while since I actually saw some new Blank Guns other than our ROHM selection that made it past our wonderful Canada Customs.

So how do the ARAL Model 1453 and ARAL 622K compare to our ROHM Blank Guns? Well to be honest they don't. Our ROHM Blank Guns are much better quality and made in Germany rather than Turkey.

But still it's nice to hold a new Blank Gun in my hands even if it's not the best quality. The two ARAL blank guns I take a look at in this Table Top Video Review are the ARAL Model 1453 and ARAL 622K 9mm PAK versions. Both are front venting and both have double stack 14 round magazines. They also have threaded inner barrels however no flare adaptor came with either on of them and I only got an included manual with the ARAL Model 1453.

In terms of what exactly real steel guns do they look like or resemble? The ARAL Model 1453 is kind of like a big chunky and somewhat ugly looking Glock. I have nick named mine the RoboGlock :)

The ARAL 622K resembles a CZ 75 but it's a fair bit smaller in size and much shorter. The finish on my ARAL 622K is really bad, it looks like someone took a can of spray paint and painted it themselves. But still they are working blank guns, well let's hope so when I test them out in my upcoming Field Test Shooting video... Fingers crossed!

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