ARAL Model 1453 and 622K 9mm PAK Blank Gun Shooting Video

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This was the first time shooting a blank gun in the new Sea Can and I can tell you it was pretty loud inside but of course I was wearing ear protection! In this Blank Gun Shooting video I test out the ARAL Model 1453 and 622K 9mm PAK Blank Guns and put 3 rounds through each of them.

Not everything went as planned. First off my high speed slow motion camera decided to not work :( and secondly I had some technical issues with both guns, well sort of...

Since the manual for the ARAL Model 1453 does not cover what I believed to be a safety on the back of the slide, I had no idea and was surprised to find out that rather than a safety, this selector switch is actually a semi and full auto selector which is kind cool but not so much when you're not expecting your blank gun to be shooting in semi auto :) Keep in mind this semi-full auto switch is only on the all black ARAL Model 1453 and not the two tone version.

Moving on to the ARAL Model 622K 9mm PAK Blank, I have a feeling that perhaps a different brand of ammo may have worked better in it. The 9mm PAK Blanks I used worked OK but I did get a failure to eject and the last round seemed to also not eject properly probably because there was no bullet in the mag too help direct it out of the breach area.

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