SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: Blank front firing pistol.

Manufacturer: SM.

Model: Mod 110 8mm.

Materials: Mostly metal with plastic grips.

Weight: 11.75 Ounces (332 grams) Unloaded.

Barrel: Front firing.

Propulsion: Gun powder.

Action: Semi auto, single action only

Ammunition Type: 8mm P.A.K. blanks.

Ammunition Capacity: 5 rounds.


Trigger Pull: The trigger on the SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol is single action only so you will need to rack the slide to not only chamber a round but also cock the internal hammer / striker, follow up shots will case the slide to cycle on it own allowing for single action shooting. The trigger is rather nice with just a slight bit of take-up followed by a light release.

Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: The SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol was made in West Germany sometime back in the Mid 70's so this pistol is 30-40 years old and still looks great. Mine does have some slight pitting on the right side I am assuming from sitting in the box up against the manual which more than likely may have an acidic property to it. Even so this pitting is minor and the gun is in good condition overall. Like most blank pistols much of the gun is made out of pot metal (a zinc alloy) but it does have hardened steel parts where they need to be (Barrel, ejector, hammer, pins, screws and magazine).

Realism: The SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol is not a true replica as far as I can tell is not an actual replica of any real steel semi-auto pistol in production but it does look a bit like the American Derringer LM5. In terms of looking like a gun it looks like what you would expect a small caliber sub compact pistol should look like and all operation is exactly like a semi auto pistol with the exception that the SM Mod 110 only shoots blanks since the barrel is obstructed with a metal rod.

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  • German made with high quality materials.
  • Very small and compact.
  • Front firing.
  • Nice light and short single action trigger. 


  • Hard to find one in North America.
  • Only holds 5 rounds.
  • Slide does not stay back when empty.


I really like unique blank guns since they are so hard to locate here in Canada. When I saw this sitting on the table at my local gun show I kind of wondered if someone had accidentally left out a prohibited firearm but once I inspected it I quickly realized it was a blank shooter and decided right there and then I had to have it. I did pay close to $200 for it but to me it is worth it simply because this little blank shooter is a rare find and it was also in really good condition and even came with the original 8mm self defence pepper blanks. The SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol is for sure a blank shooter I will be holding onto for some time...

My YouTube Table Top Review for the SM Mod 110 8mm Blank Pistol:

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