Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Table Top Review


Type: Air Pistol.

Manufacturer: Daisy

Model:Powerline Model 400.

Materials: Plastic main body with some metal parts.

Weight: 1.6 pounds (708 grams).

Barrel: 5.5 inches - Metal none rifled.

Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.

Action: Blowback single action only.

Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 20 round top loading stick magazine.

FPS: 350+.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol is single action only and has about a medium pull to it, not the lightest single action trigger I have shot by far but not too heavy by any means. There is some initial take-up with a noticeable release point.

Accuracy: Make sure to watch my full Field Test Shooting video for th PHOTO4 Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol. When performing my usual 30 foot out paper target shooting performance test I was able to get about a 2 inch 10 shot grouping using a semi rested stance. This pistol did shoot rather on the high side so you will have to aim low as the sights are non-adjustable. In terms of velocity I was able to get fairly consistent 350fps performance using a brand new CO2, this is pretty good considering this is a 20 year old pistol and may have been one of the first blowback airguns to hit the market. The Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol was a bit of a CO2 hog only getting around 50 shots out of one 12 gram CO2.

Build Quality: The Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol is a mainly all metal airgun but it is solid and well built, The plastics used long ago in my opinion are superior in terms of longevity to today plastics. Being a Japan built gun is also a plus and you will find metal parts where they need to be as in the hammer, trigger, barrel, safety and many other internal parts. Keep my used pistol is over 20 years old and still looks and works like new.

Realism: The Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol is an obvious replica of a Desert Eagle Semi Auto Pistol, there are no licensed markings but there is no doubt what this gun is intended to look like. In terms of size and overall appearance it is a good copy of a real steel Desert Eagle but it does weigh in a lot lighter being made mostly from plastics. Some mechanical parts are moulded into the gun like the safety and slide catch but the blowback operation helps add back to the realism. Of course the top loading 20 round BB magazine is not at all what you would expect to find on the real Desert Eagle, that said it is practical for loading a BB gun.

Available in the: Replica Airguns Store


  • Pretty decent Desert Eagle replica.
  • True single action Blowback operation.
  • Metal parts where they need to be (Barrel, safety, hammer, trigger and other internal parts).
  • Top loading 20 round stick mag is removable.
  • Shot a bit high but proved to be fairly accurate.
  • Got decent fps for super early generation blowback pistol.
  • Very unique and hard to find airgun to add to ones collection.
  • Made in Japan


  • No longer in production.
  • Mostly plastic build.
  • None adjustable sights, shot kind of high.
  • Did not get a lot of shots per CO2, maybe 50-60 or so.


I like my Blowback airguns and I also like guns that are a bit unusual or you don't see very often. The Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol hits both of these point in my books and also turned out to be a fun gun to shoot! Good luck finding one in good condition but there are other options out there if you are wanting to pickup a Desert Eagle Replica Airgun, take a look at the Umarex CO2 .177 Caliber Pellet Shooting Blowback Desert Eagle or the KWC Full Blowback CO2 Airsoft Desert Eagle.

My YouTube Table Top  Review of the Daisy Powerline Model 400 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol:

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