Umarex EBOS 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Fun

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Perhaps the last of my 4.5mm Steel BB Dull Auto Fun Video? We'll see? Today I take out my Umarex EBOS (Electric Burst of Steel) 8 Round Burst BB Machine Gun and again take aim at a bunch of clay pigeons I set up 30 feet away. Even thought the EBOS does not have the highest rate of fire with only 500 rounds per minute, it does get the job done because it stays true on target and really proved to be very accurate allowing me to even trim off the smallest bits of clay pigeon stuck in the edges of the holders.

The rate of fire on the Umarex E.B.O.S. almost reminds me of what you would hear or expect from an AK 47 type machine gun.

Near the end of this video I try my luck at shooting some of the clay pigeons out of the air shotgun style but failed horribly :( Perhaps I should give by modified 1200 rounds per minute Drozd Blackbird a go at it :)

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