Umarex Steel Force 4.5mm Steel BB Modified Full Auto Fun


Only a few more Full Auto Fun Videos left to do for you, todays features the Umarex Steel Force which is basically an updated version of the Steel Storm but instead of having an H&K styled outer shell, the Steel Force is based around the popular AR 15 series and like many modern AR 15's, the Steel Force has an adjustable stock which really helps with target acquisition and accuracy.

Like my other Full Auto Fun Videos, I take out a bunch of clay pigeons from about 30 feet away. The Umarex Steel Force proves to be very accurate and CO2 efficient (got about 300 shots from the pair of 12 gram CO2's) but is a bit of a pain to reload the spring fed 30 rounds magazine when the 300 round BB hopper is full.

All in all if you'er looking for a low cost and super fun BB machine gun with a high rate of fire, good CO2 efficiency, awesome pinpoint accuracy and pretty decent power, then pick yourself up one of our Umarex Steel Force BB Guns!

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