Off Road Ridding with the Kids in the Yard


This is not gun related, just some good o'l fun with the kids involving motorized vehicles :)

The kids and I been getting out a bit and doing some ridding in the yard. My daughter Jordan has a kids GIO 110cc Quad she rides, my son Gabriel has a tricked out 50cc Honda CRF-50F clone that we got him  year ago and I have a 110cc Pit-bike that started life as a basic stock bike that I upgraded most of it by adding a rolling chassis kit to it.

These rather small bikes and quad are the perfect size for us for ridding around the acreage, I even cut a couple of trails in the tree'd area which ads to the fun and ridable terrain. I thought I would share a short video of us ridding around before the summer was over. Unfortunately I had everyone geared up with cameras but Gabriel's camera glasses did not want to record for us on this day :( I still got some awesome video of the kids and I having fun on our off road mini machines ;)

YouTube Video