Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2014 Voting

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Sorry to drag this on but I could not decide on a winner all on my own so I picked my top five favorites that where chosen not only based on the costumes themselves but also on the quality and creativeness of the videos.

Thanks to everyone that entered, all the costumes where great and made it really hard for me to narrow the list down to my top five costume entries!

I ask that you help me out by watching the top five Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway video entries and then using the voting form at the bottom of the page, pick your favorite Halloween Costume video.

I have included the videos below that made it into the top five selection:

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Cosplay Costume

Fallout Costume

Fear Me Costume

German Soldier 23 SS Reg. Costume

Skeleton Soldier Costume


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