Update Video - What Happened to all the Videos this Week?


Sorry guys, no videos this week! I made a management decision to skip making videos this week since my brain is not working so well right now and I'm pretty sure any attempts I would have made to make a shooting Field Test video would have been in vain...

The reason for my loss of brain function is lack of carbs in my diet. As it turns out, carbs are really important to the brain and its keeping all your day to day activities sorted out. I have cut all simple carbs from my diet for most of this week because I am preparing for a Mens Master Physique Fitness Contest that requires me to come in super lean and super dehydrated so that the muscle I have worked hard to get will look at its best.

My show is happening this weekend in New West Minister BC Canada, it's called the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic and there will be well over 400 competitors there in many different catagories.

If you are interested in following me along as I experience my first Mens Master Physique Fitness Contest, you can checkout my other YouTube Channel GetFitOver40 where I have a Vlog documenting this adventure.

Gun videos will commence again next week!

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