ME 8 General 1911 8mm PAK Blank Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: Blank Pistol.

Manufacturer: ME.

Model:ME 8 General 1911 (Colt 1911 A1 Replica).

Materials: Mostly Metal with some steel parts.

Weight: 2.9 pounds loaded. (1355 grams)

Barrel: Front firing. (No Red Tip)

Propulsion: Gun powder.

Action: Single action only.

Ammunition Type: 8mm P.A.K. Blanks.

Ammunition Capacity: 10+ rounds.


Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ME 8 General 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol is exactly what you would expect from a single action only 1911 styled semi auto pistol, short and light. But not super light, it's far from a hair trigger, perhaps more of a medium pull weight for a 1911 SAO.

Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: The overall build quality of the ME 8 General 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol is really very good, nothing fancy at all going on with this pistol and a lot less actual moving parts than you would find on a real steel 1911 so much less to go wrong but the metal quality and fit and finish are very good overall. You will not find a lot of actual steel in this gun other than the magazine, screws, pins and springs but again the metal is good quality and the ME 8 General 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol even sports real wood grips.

Realism: The ME 8 General 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol is a very realistic looking 1911in terms of overall looks and true to scale size and weight. As mentioned already, many of the parts are not operational but actually moulded into the gun. Like the Safety, side trigger mounted magazine release and back strap safety. You will find the actual magazine release on the bottom of the pistol grip and even thought the slide catch release is operational, there is no spring assist to lock it in the up and open position when the magazine is empty so if you want to lock the slide back you will need to manually do this.

Purchase from: Private collector.


  • Well made, materials fit and finish is all very good even though very little use of hardened steel.
  • 10+ round single stack magazine is very hi-capacity.
  • For a used gun it is in very good condition, not many rounds through it and well kept.
  • Front firing and came with flare adaptor.
  • Real wood grips.
  • Made in Italy.
  • It's a 1911!


  • Slide catch release, must be engaged manually.
  • Many working parts are simply moulded into the gun.
  • Not easily field strip-able.


So the ME 8 General 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol is not the most accurate replica of a 1911 in terms of all parts being operational but it hits the major ones for me like: It's front firing, the slide will lock back, it has a true 1911 SAO trigger and for the most parts it looks and works like a 1911. Finding 1911 blank guns here in Canada is super hard and I am a big fan of 1911's so when the opportunity to pickup this gun came around I was interested even if it was not cheap. Blank guns are getting harder and harder to find here in Canada and I guess that's what is making them so appealing. Don't forget we sell the ROHM Blank guns here in our Canada Online Store and they are very good quality guns so check them out if you are in the market for a blank shooter.

My YouTube Full Video Table Top Review for the ME 8 General 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol:

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