Ten Million Video Views Giveaway Plus CZ 75 - KSC 17 Airsoft - Gamo Combat Pellet Revolver


I already posted that I recently hit 10,000,00 YouTube video Views but I have been hinting about there being another Giveaway/Contest. After much thought I wanted to have a way that more than just one person could benefit from this. So I decided to list a bunch of my Canada Store products on sale. (Sorry US customers but I have a lot more restrictions in the US when it comes to what I can do with my pricing).

These Canadian sales will be in effect from now until October 10th and to make things even better, one lucky shopper during this time will get their entire order for free (This includes US Customers too).

So make sure to get in on the savings and the chance to get your order free!

In this "Update Video" I also show off some new previously owned guns added to my collection, an Airsoft ASG shell ejecting CZ 75, a no-name KSC Airsoft shooter and a Gamo Combat .177 caliber pellet revolver. And if you're into spring piston break barrel pistols, make sure to watch for my customized Exisco XSP180 .177 caliber Verminator!

Ten Million Video Views Giveaway Plus CZ 75 - Glock Airsoft - Gamo Combat Pellet Revolver

Here is a sample of some of the items on sale right now...

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