Baikal Nickel Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol Silent Auction

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For all those people who keep emailing asking me to sell my prized Russian made Nickel Baikal MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol, now is your chance. No I'm not selling mine but I managed to acquire another exact same version, both are made in 2004 and are very closely made in production based on their serial numbers. To be honest the new one I just received is actually a bit nicer than mine, the polishing work on the Nickel is nicer! Perhaps I have grown attached to mine and it has sentimental value so I am keeping mine even though perhaps it is not as nice as the one up for action.

Either way, some lucky person is going to own a very rare Nickel Baikal Makarov MP-654K BB pistol very shortly!

To get in on the bidding, simply Email Me Here with your highest bid by no later than September 26th at midnight. At the conclusion of this Silent Auction I will notify the winner. 

This Airgun Silent Auction is open to both my Canada and US customers, Canadian Customers will pay an additional $17.99 for Shipping/Handling plus their local provincial sales Tax. US Customers will pay $29.99 International Canada to US Shipping & Handling but will not pay any sales tax. Good luck to everyone!

Below are some photos for you to drool over of the actual Nickel Makarov MP-654K up for bis and also make sure to watch all my video on this very fine and rare BB pistol.


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