ASG Shipment Delay - We Will Have Them Soon!!!


We have been waiting a while here in Canada for some of our ASG products to come back in stock. ASG provides us with our Dan Wesson line and the Dan Wesson Revolvers have been a very popular airgun to say the least. We did  manage to get a few of them, mainly to fill some of the earlier back orders but this big order had to come by cargo ship and now it has arrived and has been with Canada customs for about a week so we should be close to having them for you!

The hold up on this shipment is because we have some ASG Airsoft guns in with the regular Airguns which is good news as we will soon be stocking some very nice ASG Airsoft Pistols and Rifles but the new Airsoft guns are the main reason that Canada Customs is taking their time giving their OK on this shipment.

My advice to anyone who has been waiting a long time for their Dan Wesson Revolver (Mostly the 2.5 & 4 inch versions) is to hold on a bit longer because the wait is almost over and we will sell out of these guns quickly so having your backorder in guarantees you will get yours.

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