Two New Blank Guns Added To The Collection - Zoraki M917 & Umarex SW1911


Photo of ZORAKI 917 Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

All references, photos and video claiming that any item in this Review/Video looks like a Glock or is a Replica of a Glock in any way shape or form have been removed from this post as requested by Glock"Renzulli Law Firm"

When ever I can get my hands on some blank guns at a realistic price or perhaps a trade that works for both parties, I generally try to make it happen. And if they are guns that I don't have in my collection, well they go directly into my collection so please no offers from fellow Canadians as I tend to hold onto my more rare or hard to acquire Canadian replica guns pretty firmly! .

Both of these 9mm P.A.K. Blank shooting guns are not brand new but they are in very good condition and it's hard to even say it they have been shot or not? My new Zoraki Mod. 917 as you can see, is styled very closely after the NAME REMOVED and so much so that all new version sold in North America must have "This is not a Glock" engraved on the right side frame of the receiver in order to be sold. Mine however was purchased before this requirement :) UPDATE: NO LONGER BEING SOLD IN NORTH AMERICA.

Photo of ZORAKI 917 Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

My Umarex SW1911 S is licensed by Smith & Wesson which makes it pretty hard to get in Canada becasue for a very long time we have not been allowed to import any replica guns and since it is licensed it makes it a true replica and would normally be stopped at the boarder. You may own replicas in Canada without a said license but you need to make sure they are stored and handled as defined by the requirements outlined in the Canada Firearms Act.

The S&W 1911 S is for sale in my US Replica Airguns Store for my US customers.

I will be reviewing the Umarex SW1911 but not the Zoraki M917 as I have already reviewed a Chrome Slide version of it.

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