Umarex SA177 CO2 BB Chronograph Shooting & Slow-mo


Another popular CO2 Blowback BB pistol is the Umarex SA177. It looks very much like a Glock but without the Glock licensing. I also reviewed this Umarex product a while back before I had my Chrony Chronograph and so as with many of my guns I put this well priced CO2 BB replica to the Chrony test to find out its real world feet per second rating.

The Umarex SA177 had a claimed FPS of 400 and when I shot an 8 shot test through my Chrony Chronograph I got a 392 FPS average reading! Very close to the manufacturers stated FPS, and my testing was not on the warmest of days so this CO2 air gun may even do better on a warm summer day.

I also took another 8 shots on a target from 20 feet back in a free standing position to see what kind of results I would get with the Umarex SA177 and it did surprisingly well, the first 7 shots got a nice tight 1.5 inch group but the last shot got away on me just a bit.

Near the end of the YouTube video I bring out my Casio High Speed camera and shot my Umarex SA177 in action at 210 frames per second, you can really see the blowback of the slide and realistic recoil effect a blowback gun offers.

Enjoy my YouTube Video of the Umarex SA177 CO2 BB gun getting Chronographed, shooting at a target and slowed down a bit with my High Speed Camera.



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