Umarex HPP CO2 BB Chronograph Shooting & Slow-mo

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I reviewed this nice little compact Blowback CO2 BB pistol a while back , but I didn't have my Chrony Chronograph or my Casio High Speed Camera, so with all this new technology I thought it was time to revisit my Umarex HPP and see what it could do.

I shot 8 rounds through the Chrony and got an average of 385 FPS which is not too far off the manufacturers claimed 410 FPS. Keep in mind the weather could be a lot warmer!

I also put 8 more rounds into a target from 20 feet away in a free standing position and got a bit of a scattered grouping but I think it was partially my fault because I was a bit surprised at how smooth and light the trigger was. I didn't remember it being so nice and I just wanted to keep pulling it with not too much aiming going on :)

Lastly I shot 10 rounds while capturing the blowback action with my high speed video camera at 210 frames per second, so you can really see the heavy blowback of this snappy airgun.

Enjoy my YouTube Video of the Umarex HPP CO2 BB gun getting Chronographed, shooting at a target and slowed down a bit with my High Speed Camera.

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