The Social Side of Replica Airguns: YouTube - Facebook - Twitter

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I have obviously been exploring the YouTube side of the whole social networking thing and if anything, my YouTube Channel really started things off for me. I had one Full Auto PPK Video I made a several years ago and it slowly accumulated a ton of views so I thought, why not make some more videos and see how they do... jump ahead a little less then a year later and here we are!

I guess you could say that YouTube is what drives Replica Airguns, without it I don't think there would be a Replica Airguns Website? Guns & Videos are an obvious fit and so it all makes sense to me but what about Facebook and Twitter? I have been putting them off for a while as I just didn't feel I needed the distraction but I have recently caved into the social pressures and started up Facebook and Twitter accounts. So please "like" me "Follow" me, and "Subscribe" me, if you don't I will be a social outcast...

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