Umarex Walther PPQ CO2 Pellet & BB Pistol Review


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Type: Pellet & BB air pistol.

Manufacturer: UmarexUSA.

Model: Walther PPQ.

Materials: Plastic (polymer) and metal construction.

Weight: 1.37 pounds.

Barrel: 3.9 inches, metal rifled.

Propulsion: CO2 x 1.

Action: Semi auto, double action only.

Ammunition Type: .177 caliber Pellets and 4.5mm BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 8 shot rotary magazine.

FPS: 360.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex Walther PPQ is a bit on the heavy side with most of the effort at the beginning and middle stages, right near the release point it does seem to lighten up a great deal making it easy to put pellets on the target. Just don't expect the PPQ to be the quickest rapid fire gun on the block because of this.

Accuracy: I shot this air pistol at a target from 20 feet away in a free standing position, and it performed well getting an impressive 1.5 inch grouping very close to the center of the target. The sights can be adjusted for windage if your aim is off to one side or the other. My Chrony Chronograph testing using 6.9 grain lead pellets fluctuated between 300 and 360 fps.

Build Quality: This is an almost all external polymer air gun with a good deal of metal components on the inside giving the Walther PPQ a decent overall weight and heft. Some of the external metal parts worth noting are the safety switch, slide release, and trigger. The fit and finish is very good on the PPQ and the plastic is the good stuff - there is a difference!

Realism: The Umarex Walther PPQ is a licensed replica of the real Walther PPQ semi auto pistol. It is a very close looking copy with the exception of some of the trade marks (P99 Q instead of PPQ). There is a lot of attention to detail that helps make this gun very believable!

Provided by: UmarexUSA.


  • Very reasonable price for a well made full featured airgun.
  • Excellent reproduction of the real Walther PPQ semi auto pistol.
  • Shoots both pellets and BB's.
  • Rifled barrel.
  • Easy to use yellow dot sights adjustable for windage.
  • Slide catch and safety are realistic and functional.
  • Well designed CO2 access both hides the CO2 and makes it easy to install.
  • Good combination of power, accuracy and CO2 efficiency (I got 80+ shots)!
  • Even though there is a lot of plastic on the outside, there is a lot of metal on the inside giving this airgun some weight and heft.


  • The plastic exterior may put off some customers looking for metal guns.
  • The trigger is a might bit heavy making rapid fire something you have to work for!
  • The small .177 caliber viewable barrel port is a bit of a giveaway in terms of realism but may help a bit with fps.


The Umarex Walther PPQ Pellet and BB CO2 air pistol took me a bit by surprise. Because the PPQ resides in the lower end price range, I was not expecting it to be as nice of an airgun as it turned out to be! The PPQ has a lot going for it: Shoots both Pellets or BB's, a rifled barrel, adjustable sights, good accuracy, decent power, efficient CO2 usage and good looks. These qualities make it very easy to overlook the mostly plastic exterior!

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