My Umarex Walther PPQ CO2 Pellet Pistol Adventure


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I had a little adventure today. I needed to pick up an Umarex PPQ CO2 Pellet Pistol sent to me for review purposes by Umarex USA. The reason it was such an adventure was because Umarex USA was only able to send the PPQ Pellet Shooter to an address in the US and I live in Canada! No problem as I am very used to this No-Canada ship-to policy with many businesses. My work around is to ship to a warehouse in the US that specializes in shipping and receiving products for Canadians just like me.

I recently picked myself up a little 250cc Kawasaki KLX250SF Super Motard for doing my running around and today the weather was actually pretty good so I called up a riding buddy and out we went to pick up my Umarex Walther PPQ. The hardest part is actually getting into the US, if you say anything about business or picking "going to get something", you open yourself up to a hailstorm of questioning so you're always better off to go with the standard "I'm going shopping at the mall" or something like that. I have tried to be honest and every time it ends up being a three hour interrogation... 

So I made it across into the US and picked up my PPQ, stuffed it in my backpack, grabbed some Mexican food for lunch (it's always way better in the US), went for a joy ride, and then we headed back to Canada with my airgun tucked away securely in my backpack.

I know my airgun laws so I was not worried about crossing back into Canada, the worst that could happen at the boarder was getting pulled aside and asked to pay some duty and/or taxes. It was actually kind of funny because the boarder guard asked me to pull the gun out and hand it to him so he could check it out and make sure it wasn't a real gun or "Replica" non-shooting gun.

As I put my hand in the bag I said "do you want me to hand it to you", I wanted to makes sure I had not misheard him, that would have been an uncomfortable situation all around! I was thinking the whole time "I wonder what the people behind me are thinking" as we pass back and forth what looks like a real hand gun and then I just drive off like nothing happened.

Anyways, I have to say the Canadian boarder guards are generally really good about this kind of thing as long as you are honest with them and stay within the law of course.

So now I have this rather nice little pellet shooting Walther PPQ Replica to review for you all tomorrow! Make sure to check out my review! I plan on doing a full review complete with Chronograph fps and an accuracy shooting tests.

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