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Today, my ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY and Dan Wesson 6 and 8 inch Revolvers arrived along with an Umarex Colt Special Combat. This is kind of a big deal because all of these guns virtually don't exist here in North America. I have been wanting these guns for some time but until now, I had no way to get them! I guess the best part of having a web-store is I have a say in what we are going to carry. And lucky for me I have a really resourceful product manager who was able to locate and import these fine guns not only for myself but also for anyone else here in North America wanting to place an order for one in our Replica Airguns Store.

Let's take a quick look - I won't get too detailed as I will be doing dedicated reviews for all of these guns shortly...

The ASG Dan Wesson's:  6 inch Silver and 8 inch Black

Right off the bat, both of these guns are just flawless. Their finish and quality control is top notch. They have a good solid weight to them and all the moving parts feel tight and responsive. They offer both double and single action and come with a speed loader and six brass shells where the 4.5mm BB's are located. You also have the option of using the included accessory rail for mounting a scope or Red Dot sight.


Again I was really impressed with the quality of this blowback 4.5mm BB shooter! Even though the CZ 75 P-07 DUTY has a polymer frame it has good weight to it, probably because of the metal slide and good usage of metal in other areas like its drop out 20 round metal magazine and metal even in the CO2 door. There is amazing detail and realism all over this gun, it even has the original 9x19 markings on the slide and ejection port, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this air gun version and the real steel without a very close inspection!

Umarex Colt Special Combat

OK, so the Colt Special Combat isn't a blowback BB pistol! Once you pick it up and take a close look at all the work that went into this gun, you will soon forget all about the blowback. The tradeoff here is more power and usable shots along with features like an all metal design, a working slide, a full size drop free metal magazine, adjustable sights and both a single and double action trigger. Having a classic 1911 that is as nice as this one in my airgun collection is a real treat!

Checkout my YouTube Video Preview for these awesome BB Airgun:

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