Where are those Retay Blank Guns I Ordered!!!


I have to start off by please asking everyone to take a deep breath and try and relax just a bit... I have been afraid to look at my email because so many of you are asking about when the Retay Blank guns are coming and if I was you I would probably be emailing me too!

This is what's happening. Remember the BB AK 47 incident, I know I'm trying to forget about it but it is now effecting how Air and Bank Guns are being handled in customs. The CBSA has been taking a fair bit of the heat with the whole "how did these so called (convertible) AK-47 BB guns get into Canada in the first place". And it looks like importers are now getting punished for the CBSA mistake by the CBSA holding onto flagged imported items for extended periods of time. Don't be fooled, this has turned into a money making opportunity for the CBSA as they have a $1000 per day warehouse storage fee on items being held for import. No this is not a typo, that's $30,000 per month so if you thought your 10x10 storage unit was costing you a boat load then think again!

Thank God I am not an importer or I would be shutting down and perhaps thinking about getting a government job as government employees don't seem to be accountable to anyone and now make even more money by doing even less to help legit Canadian business owners - sorry if I seem a bit miffed, but I was arrested a few weeks ago and hand cuffed in front of my family and then released without any charges or apologies, yet the police still held on to all my business related items for over a week that I need to run my business. And now the CBSA is making it very difficult to import legal products that are the foundation of my business.

And don't think this won't effect you! Because of these extraordinarily high CBSA storage fees, my importer/s will be forced to raise the cost of the items I purchase from them and in turn I will be forced into raising the price I sell these inflated items to my customers. And it has already started... I just raised the price of the Retay Blank Guns so for those of you that already "pre-ordered" you are now getting an even better deal. This of course is offset by the delay and I apologies for this but it is beyond my control.

I hope this all blows over but who knows for sure? My advice is to buy now while prices are still low and most items are still in stock;) 

If you already bought a "Pre-sale" Retay blank gun then congrats on saving even more money. If you don't want to take advantage of the savings and would perhaps prefer changing your order to a differnt item, then please contact me with your order number and the item/s you would like to change your order to and I will apply a full credit towards the new item/s.

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