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This may be "News" to some of my regular visitor but if this is your first time here, (perhaps after reading one of the CBC News article related to the imported BB shooting AK-47 airguns). I  would like to welcome you to the Replica Airguns website.

First off, Canada is still a somewhat free country and this gives us all the right to freely peruse our legal hobbies and passions even if they are not fully understood by others. For those of you that do not understand what this website is about, I respect that but I also want you to know that your opinion is not all that important to me and most of the people like me that enjoy collecting and shooting replica airguns and blanks guns.

Owning guns in Canada is still our legal right and with this right comes great reasonability, just like driving a car or even drinking alcohol within ones limits. Yes people have died from gun related accidents, just like people have died from vehicles, alcohol, sports and many other mishaps that can happen to any one at any time each and every day. Life is precious and valuable and so are our rights.

The guns sold on ReplicaAirguns.com, although they may look to some to be scary and dangerous, in reality they have a very small bite. In other words, the consequences of being shot with an air gun pail in comparison to being shot by a real gun and although people have died from airguns (usually thigh powered licensed versions not sold on this website), these instances are rare. Airguns must always be taken seriously and treated like any other gun, with respect!

Air guns are one of the best ways to introduce a young person to gun safety. For the most part, it's not the educated gun people who cause the accidents, it's ignorance and stupidity and hiding your head in the sand that causes these accidents and deaths unnecessarily! My children are very young but I have already started to teach them how to respect all types of guns because one day when I am not around to tell them what to do, I know they are going to do the right thing and perhaps save the life of one of their "gun curious" friends who was "Sheltered" from guns and in so was never given the tools to treat them in a safe and respectful manor.

Anyways, this is not a debate, this is my opinion and you don't have to like it! I don't really care and I don't have to like your opionion either ;)

So what brought us to this point? I am not going to say all that much because there is an ongoing investigation and I do not want to interfere with the RCMP investigation in any way.

Here are some facts:

  • This incident has not effected the Replica Airguns Store operation as the warehouse that ships the products is still fully functioning and operating at 100%.
  • All items sold at ReplciaAirguns.com are legal within Canada and are imported and sold legally at the time of their sale. Everything available in the Replica Airguns Store can be sold to an adult in Canada without the need for a special licence.
  • Replica Airguns is not an import company. (We purchase from other importers)
  • Yes we perviously sold a legally imported BB shooting AK47 styled air gun that is now being investigated by the RCMP, as they have concerns about it being converted to a real firearm.
  • If you have questions or concerns about the BB gun in question then you need to contact the RCMP and ask them your questions as I can not provide you with the answers.
  • Was I raided? Yes I was, it was not fun. The police took all my stuff and it disrupted my life and my family, pretty much what you would expect from a police raid… At this time most of my personal airguns and blank guns have been returned to me. I am still waiting for my computer related items and registered firearms to be returned to me.
  • I have not been charged with anything at this time and I do not believe I will be charged based on the findings and information provided to me by the police and the fact that I have not done anything wrong.
  • Do I still support the police in their efforts? Yes I do! I still feel that their intensions where good even if some of their information may not have been accurate. It is unfortunate that this happened to law abiding people like me across Canada but sometimes good people get caught in the middle and all we can hope for is that in the end it all gets sorted out…

Michael Kaye

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