Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway


It seems like we just had a Replica Airguns Giveaway Contest... Oh - that's right we did! So why on earth is there another giveaway contest so soon? What can I say - I'm just that kind of guy and why not get into the Halloween mood by making it a costume based contest this time.

And in keeping with the theme around here, the costumes must be weapons based so basically any costume that is accompanied by a weapon of some sort is what you will need to take part in this contest. And you will have to make a short video of you in your costume and send me a video response to this Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway YouTube Video.

Here are some ideas: Police, SWAT, Military, Navy Seal, Rebel Force, Ninja, Viking... Even Cave Men had spears...

You get the idea!

The winner (Ultimately picked by me) will receive a Retay Baron HK 9mm P.A.K. Blank pistol styled after the Sig Sauer P228.

And here are the official rules...

  • You need to make a video and send me a video response of you in your "Weapons Related Costume": Can be Military, Police, Rebel Force, Special Ops, Ninja, Viking, Caveman with a Spear… as long as you are in character and have a weapon of some sort!
  • You need to be Subscribed to my YouTube Channel.
  • You need to Favorite this video.
  • You must be an adult or have your parent/s or guardians permission to accept the prize.
  • Contest ends at midnight on November 15th and the winner will be announced shortly there after.
  • Anyone located outside of North America will be compensated to their PayPal account the approximate value of the giveaway prize.

May the best Cop, Soldier, Rebel, Ninja, Mercenary, Viking, Cave "Person" win!

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