RAP4 - RAP5 4.5mm BB MP5 Machine Gun Just Arrived


It has been a hell of a past week but I will continue my pursuit of my passion for airguns and blank guns. And to be honest, nobody has really tried to stop me. The events of the past week did dim my spirits a bit but I am feeling a bit more like myself these days partly do to the arrival of a new toy - The RAP4 - RAP5 4.5mm BB shooting semi and full auto PDW.

This RAP5 (made by Real Action Paintball) is a very well made MP5 replica that started life out as a .43 caliber paintball gun, I purchased mine already converted to the 4.5mm steel BB version. If you have the .43 caliber paintball version you can purchase a 4.5mm BB or a 6mm Airsoft barrel conversion kit separately from RAP4. The standard magazine works with either conversion kit but you will need to purchase the shell ejecting plastic adaptors that you place the BB's into and then into the magazine.

The RAP5 I ordered came with a refillable 60 gram CO2 tank that fits on the back and is perfectly concealed by the rear stock. You can also remove the stock and attach a larger HPA or CO2 bottle directly to the RAP5. I did just that today to try it out and the gun worked flawlessly in both semi and full auto mode using my HPA bottle.

I of course will be doing a full review of this very cool shell ejecting BB machine gun shortly and I will show you my custom made shell casing catcher!

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