Two New Airguns - Umarex PPK/S and Umarex Beretta Elite II


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My mailbox was full of goodies for me yesterday! I received two Air Guns: An Umarex PPK/S and an Umarex Beretta Elite II. The PPK/S is the solid black version and is an all metal CO2 blowback BB shooter. The Beretta Elite II is also a CO2 BB gun with a mostly plastic exterior but has the higher velocity of up to 480 FPS.

Both of them came in the traditional plastic shell packaging with no real accessories other than the manual.

The reason I purchased another PPK/S is because I really want to do a full review of the Umarex PPK. My nickel slide PPK/S is modified to shoot in full auto only and also has the CO2 screw modification so I didn't think it would be the best reviewing sample. I will use my new black PPK for the review but of course bring my nickel version in for comparison.

The Umarex Beretta Elite II was a bit of an afterthought, acquired after my Low Cost Gun Comparison Review. There is only so many guns you can review at one time, but the Beretta Elite II fits in perfectly with the other low cost CO2 BB guns. I will be reviewing the Beretta Elite II on its own but will most likely bring back some of the others to compare features.

I look forward to reviewing both of these BB guns in the near future!