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Type: BB air Pistols.

Manufacturer: Umarex.

Models: Colt Defender - H&K USP - S&W M&P - Makarov.


Colt Defender - Mostly metal with plastic grips.

H&K USP - Mostly plastic with an all metal magazine.

S&W M&P - Mostly plastic with an all metal magazine.

Makarov - Mostly metal.


Colt Defender - 1.6 pounds.

H&K USP - 1.8 Punds.

S&W M&P - 1 pound.

Makarov - 1.5 pounds.


Colt Defender - Non-rifled Metal - 4.3 inches.

H&K USP - Non-rifled Metal - 4 inches.

S&W M&P - Non-rifled Metal - 4.25 inches.

Makarov - Non-rifled Metal - 2.8 inches.

Propulsion: CO2 x1.

Action: Semi auto.

Ammunition Type: Steel BBs 4.5mm.

Ammunition Capacity:

Colt Defender - 16

H&K USP - 22

S&W M&P - 19

Makarov - 16


Colt Defender - 440

H&K USP - 400

S&W M&P - 480

Makarov - 380

Trigger Pull: On all these guns the trigger pull is about medium with a bit of a break near the end. Only the Makarov has Single Action capability which gives it a much nicer and lighter trigger pull when desired.


Colt Defender - At 20 feet in standing unrested position I got about a 2 inch group from 10 rounds.

H&K USP - At 20 feet in standing unrested position I got about a 2 inch group from 10 rounds.

S&W M&P - At 20 feet in standing unrested position I got about a 1.5 inch group from 10 rounds.

Makarov - At 20 feet in standing unrested position I got about a 1 inch group from 10 rounds.

Build Quality:

Colt Defender - Mostly metal with plastic grips, the gun had good finishing and a hefty weight to it.

H&K USP - Mostly good quality plastic with a full metal, full size magazine that gave the gun a solid feel

S&W M&P - Almost entirely plastic, it felt more like a toy then a gun because of it's light weight and shinny finish.

Makarov - Mostly metal with plastic grips and safety. This gun has good weight, feel and finishings.


Colt Defender - Even though this BB gun is mostly metal, there are not a lot of moving parts, most parts where moulded into the gun and un-operational with the exception of the trigger and magazine release button.

H&K USP - I found it easy to forget about all the plastic in this air gun because of the excellent detail, everything is exactly right where it's supposed to be!

S&W M&P - On paper this gun is the right size and shape and pretty much looks like the real S&W M&P. You just don't want to get too close or pick it up or the illusion is lost.

Makarov -  An overal good replica with a moving slide that's even filed strip-able. The paint is a bit shinny but it makes for a nice looking gun overall.

Purchased thes guns at: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • Colt Defender - Mostly metal, high FPS.
  • H&K USP - Very realistic, full metal full size drop out magazine.
  • S&W M&P - Surprisingly good accuracy, high FPS, drop out metal magazine.
  • Makarov - Mostly metal, moving slide, double and single action, drop out metal slide.


  • Colt Defender - Most moving part are non-functional, no drop out magazine.
  • H&K USP - More metal and a moving slide would have been a nice touch.
  • S&W M&P - Lots of cheap plastic, no real weigh to it, parts mostly moulded into the air pistol.
  • Makarov - No blowback, no slide catch, paint is a bit shinny.


I had very low expectations for most of these guns based on their low price point. But in the end, I was impressed with at least a couple things about them each of them! I can honestly recommend all of them but just make sure you buy them for the right reasons... If you want a high FPS and accurate target BB pistol then take a look at the Umarex S&W M&P. If you want an all metal gun with lots of moving parts then the Umarex Makarov is probably for you. If you're looking for a very close replica that's got a full size drop out magazine then you probably want the Umarex H&K M&P. If you want something that is super solid and almost indestructible then get then the Umarex Colt Defender juts might fit that bill.

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