Three New Blank Guns - EKOL - Jackal Dual - Dicle - Volga

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As I mentioned with my two new BB guns, my mailbox yesterday was teaming with goodies! I also received three new EKOL (Voltran) Blank Guns. The EKOL Jackal Dual, Dicle and the Volga. The Jackal is basically a Beretta 92 FS Replica while the EKOL Dicle and EKOL Volga do not look super close to any one particular pistol. They are all 9mm P.A.K. front shooters, I decided to purchase mine in a variety of different finishes: Gloss black, Satin, and Fume.

I have not had a chance to shoot these guns but initially I am very pleased with the overall quality and finish, like my Zoraki Blank Guns, they are also made in Turkey.

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The Beretta look alike Jackal Dual is both semi and full auto selectable, and is really a very solid gun with a beautiful glossy back finish. Probably the nicest finish out of the three.

The EKOL Dicle (not sure who named this gun) kind of looks like a gun that a Sig Suaer and Beretta PX4 gave birth to! It really looks in many ways like a bit of both of them. Again I was impressed with how solid this gun was. I really like the two-tone satin look of this blank shooter.

My EKOL Volga looks a bit like a Titan E27 .25 Automatic in some ways and again has a two-tone look but not as drastic as the Satin finish on my EKOL Dicle. This blank gun is even smaller than my Zoraki M906 yet still chambers six 9mm P.A.K. blank rounds in the magazine.

Of course I will follow this post up with some reviews of these fine 9mm P.A.K. blank guns...

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