Blank Gun Canadian Laws


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I was kinda right about why the Zoraki Blank Guns are allowed in Canada. It's mainly because they do not closely resemble any existing model of Firearm making it a Non-Replica and a Non-Firearm. The issue with most blank shooters is that they are Replicas of existing guns. Here is the official statement I got from Vinzer Sports located in Chateauguay, Quebec Canada pertaining to what is a Firearm.

Q. What is considered to be a firearm for purposes of the Firearms Act and for offences related to the Firearms Act in the Criminal Code? 

As set out in the Firearms Act, "firearm" means: 

  • A barreled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharged and that is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death to a person, and includes.
  • Any frame or receiver of such a barreled weapon, as well as:
  • Anything that can be adapted for use as a firearm.

Following are some weapons and devices that meet the definition of a firearm but that are deemed not to be firearms for purposes of the Firearms Act and related offences in the Criminal Code. Some of these items are exempted from the definition only if they were designed exclusively for a specific purpose and are intended to be used exclusively for that purpose by the person who possesses it. However, all of the items listed below are considered to be firearms if used in a criminal or negligent manner. 

  • Antique firearms; 
  • Devices designed exclusively for signaling, for notifying of distress, for firing blank cartridges, or for firing stud cartridges, explosive-driven rivets, or other industrial projectiles.

 I hope this helps anyone else who is interested in legally purchasing and owning a Blank Gun in Canada.

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