Replica Blank Guns

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I know my website mainly covers Replica Airguns, but I also have a few non-replic airguns listed on the site and may plan to include others down the road. So the new rule is that if it's an Air Gun or if it is a Replica of a gun then I just might put some information about it here on the site. But for the most part I'm going to stick with "Replica Airguns".

One gun I have not mentioned is a 8mm Blank Replica gun that I own. I don't want to get into details about Canadian law, but in a nutshell we can own them but we can not buy or sell them if they fall into the classification of being a "Replica" and not being able to "cause bodily harm".

The reason we can get Replica Airguns in Canada is because Airguns have projectiles that can cause bodily harm, classifying them as a firearm but because most air guns do not shoot faster than 500 FPS, they fall into a grey area where you do not need a firearms license to purchase or own them. In theory they are classified as a firearm because they can cause bodily harm and shoot stuff out of the barrel. I know it's nuts!

Back to my point! I am going to do a side by side review of one of my Blank Replica guns whcih is a Lady K 8MM Starter Pistol or some would refer to as a Blank gun.

And the other gun which I don't have yet but should show up shortly is a Zoraki 914 Semi/Full Auto Blank Pistol in 9mm PAK. I'm not sure why this gun is available in Canada for purchase, but it may be because it can also be used as a flare gun or perhaps that it's not designed after an actual gun like in the case of the Lady K looking very much like a Walther PPK. I hope to know more about this later.

The timing is good for these reviews as Halloween is coming up soon and I can get away with making a bunch of noise. Even though I live in a farm area, these guns are as loud as a real gun and shooting a full auto blank gun might be alarming for my neighbors any other time of the year :)

Check back soon for more on these guns...

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